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Wed, Jun 20 2007 35 Replication A replicator is a creature that can make copies,
or replications of itself.

When a woman bears a child, he is similar in charachter
to his mother and father: he is human.

Humans are replicators.

When a replicator makes a copy of itself,
there are now two of them.

Next time, both will replicated and there will be 4.

Next time, there will be 8.

Next time 16.

At the tenth time, 1024.

At the 20th time, about a million.

At the 30th time, a billion.

If adam and eve bore four children, doubling
their quantity, and so on with each generation,
there would be a billion people on earth
in thirty generations.

The Cockroach female,
in her lifetime, will lay up to a million eggs,
in some cockroach species.

Try to imagine this:

One female cockroach would live and die in about one year,
leaving a million cockroches.

Each of the half a million females will do the same next year,
leaving 500 billion cockroaches around.

Next year there will be more.

In The Origin Of Species,
Charles Darwin gives a long and detailed
account of how quickly different animals in Nature would grow
to cover the earth.

Geometrical powers of increase
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