M Database Inspector (cheetah)
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Wed, Jun 20 2007 55 Variation Varaiations are the differences between the individual cheetahs.
Since all cheetahs are perfect, they also all look alike.

It is difficult to tell them apart,
because all their qualities are perfect for the territory,
and so they are all almost the same,
among the individual cheetahs.

But they are not exactly the same, ever.

Lets us take an example.

The cheetah is known as the only cat in nature not to be able
to retract its claws. (Nails).

Since we know the cheetahs are nearly perfect in all respects,
they must have all nails of much the same length.
The perfect length nail.

If tomorrow a cheetah is born with a nail slighly longer,
or shorter for that matter,
than this cheetah is not fit to survive in the territory
as well as all the other cheetahs.

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