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guitar - 29 Rows
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date date 24 Column Stats
ordinal int(11) 4 Column Stats
title varchar(250) 29 Column Stats
story text 29 Column Stats

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Wed, Sep 26 2007 200 U2 U2
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Thu, Oct 11 2007 100 ducks2 It had to be retried. It was easier to do this time,
but not necesserily better.

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Thu, Oct 11 2007 200 Single Track Mind Still stuck on wiwa3.
Shooting the Glass made the devil feline come visit.
I took a short break, never inteding to listen to the single track.

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Wed, Nov 07 2007 100 Boss Roland Micro BR After many fights with, computer noisy sound cards
I decided I must have a computerless recording device.
Like the old tape recorders.
It is in fact a full recording studio, with loading files, and mixing, and effect and drums,
I just used it for this one track.
Bit it also has a slowdown training feature I know I will
be using alot.
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