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Fri, Feb 29 2008 200 Tubbles Tubbles!
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Thu, Feb 21 2008 200 And the same to you U2
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Thu, Feb 21 2008 200 Tadram tadram
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Thu, Oct 11 2007 200 Single Track Mind Still stuck on wiwa3.
Shooting the Glass made the devil feline come visit.
I took a short break, never inteding to listen to the single track.

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Wed, Sep 26 2007 200 U2 U2
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Tue, Sep 11 2007 200 Two Hands On the Neck Wind surfing was easy enough.
Helicopter flying took quite some practice before I got it right.
With the drums, I got just up to basic rock,
and like all musical instruments,
it sort of got negleted and froze there.
Piano I never did.
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But the notion of separation of controls is not foreign.
Some guidance doesn't hurt though, to say the least.

Minor problem: My right hand doesn't know how
to play at all, and there is not much to separate,
so I shifted focus after this experiment.

At least now, while the right hand learns how to play,
the left is giving it rythm.

Nevertheless, the two really bad guitar players are a joyful experiment.
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