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guitar - Values for story (29)
Value #
[[[[theora.com/guitar/BluesGuitarBand/20080607-bluesScale.mp3|left]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/BluesGuitarBand/20080607-bluesScaleOctaves.mp3|octaves]]]] [[[[[images/Johnny Mayer.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Stanley Jordan.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/bolero/20080206-solero.mp3|Solero]]]] [[[[[images/Solero.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Bolero.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/crickets3.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheHunger.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cortX1.gif]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/hunger/20080311-hunger.mp3|Hunger]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/fear/20080329-fear.mp3|Fear]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/20080308-shootTheGlass.mp3|Shoot The Glass]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/theGroove/20080425-theGroove.mp3|The Groove]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080424-wawi.mp3|Wawi]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dittle/20080425-dittle.mp3|Dittle]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dottle/20080424-dottle.mp3|Dottle]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dweeble/20080424-dweeble.mp3|Dweeble]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/bolero/20080206-solero.mp3|Solero]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wobble/20090215-1-wobble.mp3|Wobble]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/20080319-U2.mp3|U2]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/theGroove/20080305-wiwa3-gtr-theGroove.mp3|Wiwa3]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/jelly/20080407-jelly.mp3|Jelly]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20080503-barvazzim.mp3|Barvazzim]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/20080302-U2.mp3|U2]]]] [[[[[images/theDisk.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/jelly/20080407-jelly.mp3|Jelly]]]] [[[[[images/jam.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/KDsessions.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/band.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/shootTheGlass.mp3|Two Minds, One Single Memory]]]]! [[[[[images/koyaanisqatsi.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/21 - TwoHandSeparationExcersizes-lowRes.avi|But keep that one going]]]], no matter what, cause thats [[[[theora.com/guitar/theGroove/theGroove.mp3|your groove]]]]. [[[[[images/StanleyJordan2Hands.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cortX1.gif]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/tadram/tadram.mp3|tadram]]]] [[[[[images/tangram.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/tubbles/20080422-tubbles.mp3|Tubbles]]]]! [[[[[images/tubularBells.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/U2.mp3|U2]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/U2.mp3|U2]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi2/20091226-wawi2.mp3|20091226]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/wobble/20080422-wobble.mp3|Wobble]]]] [[[[[images/wobble.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/twoMindsOneSingleMemory.avi|Two Minds]]]]. [[[[theora.com/guitar/|One Single Memory]]]]! They are begining to separate and wonder somewhat apart about the neck, still strongly correlated. [[[[[images/MaxHeadroom.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cortX1.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/StanleyJordan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] 1
A list of [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ohadOnGuitar.mp3|Guitar]]]] Exercises: [[[[[images/cortX1.gif|guitar]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/kaskassim/|Scales]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/kaskassim/20080304-kaskassim.mp3|20080304]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/kaskassim/20080304-wiwaScales.mp3|Wiwa (20080304)]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/kaskassim/20080311-scales.mp3|20080311]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080319-wawiScales.mp3|Wawi (20080319)]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/3-24-5/20080324-3-24-5.mp3|3-24-5 (20080324-5)]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/BluesGuitarBand/20080607-bluesScale.mp3|blues]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/BluesGuitarBand/20090225-bluesScaleOctaves.mp3|octaves]]]] [[[[[images/dandruffShampoo.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/scales.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/scale.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IRobot/|I, Robot]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IRobot/20080307-IRobot.mp3|20080307]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IRobot/20080308-IRobot.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/Irobot.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dottle/|Do Tell?]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dottle/20080322-dottle.mp3|20080322]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dottle/20080324-dottle.mp3|20080324]]]] [[[[[images/Q2.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/GBU/|The Good, the Bad and the Ugly]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/GBU/20080306-gbu.mp3|20080306]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/GBU/20080308-gbu2.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/gbu.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/peerGynt/|Peer Gynt]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/peerGynt/20080324-peerGynt.mp3|20080324]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/peerGynt/20090225-peerGynt.mp3|20090225]]]] [[[[[images/peerGynt.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/letItGrow|Let It Grow]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/letItGrow/20080221-letItGrow.mp3|20080221]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/letItGrow/20080308-letItGrow.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/oceanBoulevard.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/punkadiddle|Punkadiddle]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/punkadiddle/20080229-punkadiddle.mp3|20080229]]]] [[[[[images/Platinum.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tadram|Tadram]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tadram/20080214-tadram.mp3|20080214]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tadram/20080308-tadram.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/tangram.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IWantYou|I Want You]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IWantYou/20080311-IWantYou.mp3|20080311]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IWantYou/20090225-IwantYou.mp3|20090225]]]] [[[[[images/AbbeyRoad.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/hunger/|The Hunger]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/hunger/20070528-hungerX4-take1mix1.mp3|20070528]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/hunger/20080311-hunger.mp3|20080311]]]] [[[[[images/TheHunger.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/bolero/|Bolero]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/bolero/20080206-solero.mp3|solero(20080206)]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/bolero/20080221-bolero.mp3|20080221]]]] [[[[[images/Bolero.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheHunger.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/funkyTown/|Funky Town]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/funkyTown/20080308-funkyTown.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/funkyTown.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingers|Little Fingers]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingers/20071201-littleFingers-32kbps.mp3|20071201]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingers/20080422-littleFingers.mp3|20080422]]]] [[[[[images/littleFingers.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingerBlues/|Little Finger Blues]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingerBlues/20071205-littleFingerBlues-32kbps.mp3|20071205]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingerBlues/20080422-littleFingerBlues.mp3|20080422]]]] [[[[[images/BluesBrothers.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tubbles/|Tubbles]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tubbles/20080229-tubbles.mp3|20080229]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tubbles/20080422-tubbles.mp3|20080422]]]] [[[[[images/tubularBells.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/|Shoot The Glass]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/20070925-shootTheGlass-32kbps.mp3|20070925]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/20080308-shootTheGlass.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/koyaanisqatsi.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/|U2]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/20070926-U2-32kbps.mp3|20070926]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/20080220-wawi4-U2-(more).mp3|20080220]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/20080302-U2.mp3|20080302]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/20080319-U2.mp3|20080319]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dweeble/|Dweeble]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dweeble/20080220-wawi-take3.mp3|20080220]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dweeble/20080304-dweeble.mp3|20080304]]]] [[[[[images/TwoHandsOnTheNeckToo.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/|wawi]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080218-wawi.mp3|20080218]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20090326-2-wawi.mp3|20090326]]]] [[[[[images/TwoHandsOnTheNeck.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/theGroove/|The Groove]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/theGroove/20071108-theGroove-32kbps.mp3|20071108]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/theGroove/20080305-wiwa3-gtr-theGroove.mp3|20080305]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]][[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/|Barvazzim]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20070626-barvasimMix1-(wiwas-mixB1234567)-32kbps.mp3|20070626]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20080307-ducks.mp3|20080307]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20080312-ducks.mp3|20080312]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20080312-ducklings.mp3|ducklings(rightHand, 20080312)]]]] [[[[[images/ducks.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wobble/|Wobble]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wobble/20080301-wobble.mp3|20080301]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wobble/20090215-2-wobble.mp3|20090215-2]]]] [[[[[images/wobble.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/fear/|fear]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/fear/20080329-fear.mp3|20080329]]]] [[[[[images/Studio.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3|Wiwa3]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/aLetterForShira.mp3|20070410]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/20080305-wiwa3-mix2.mp3|20080305]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] 1
After many fights with, computer noisy sound cards I decided I must have a computerless recording device. Like the old tape recorders. It is in fact a full recording studio, with loading files, and mixing, and effect and drums, I just used it for this [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/20071107-wiwa3-1stBR-32kbps.mp3|one track]]]]. Bit it also has a slowdown training feature I know I will be using alot. [[[[[images/MicroBR.jpg]]]]] 1
Barvazzim was actually quite exhilirating, in a frustrating sort of way. I recorded eight very boring tracks, sweating all over the guitar like a [[Monsoon|monsoon]], while I am well aware that effects boxes would have kept me dry. [[[[[images/monsoon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/desert.jpg]]]]] The next day I was scouting the music stores for a loop box, and ended up getting the last [[[[www.korg.com/gear/info.asp?a_prod_no=AX1500G|AX1500G]]]] at [[[[www.marom-music.com/|Marom]]]]. It has a sixteen second loop, and I only need one or two seconds tops. All I wanted to do is have two tracks recorded at once, by prerecording a boring track with the loop effect in just a few seconds. They call it phrase trainer mode. It took me a while to get to the manual pages and fully understand what this term actually means. I always train with some music on, or at least a drum rythm. Traning is now independant in this respect. Setting up a repeating phrase is quick and easy and learning new things is [[[[theora.com/guitar/1stSolo/20070718.1stSolo.mp3|easy]]]]. [[[[[images/KorgToneWorksAX1500G.jpg]]]]] 1
Eight notes, five of which are [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingers/20080422-littleFingers.mp3|little]]]]. 1
Glass makes you tough. A super [[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/shootTheGlass.mp3|excersize]]]]. [[[[[images/Snape.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ShootTheGlass.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/koyaanisqatsi.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheHunger.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/crickets3.jpg]]]]] 1
I know how to dabble a bit, and I must record something. Some others know something though, so lets record them. I can add whatever I know, and we got something. Trying to fly high without even wax wings is great. So I set the controls for the heart of the sun, and what ground control had to say even Major Tom couldn't hear. With all this space going on, I thought Astronomy Dominee will blend in nicely. I blended these and quadroupled it, to play along with some variation. Of course I had to add the personal touch with the birds and U2s. Looks like the sun will rise tomorrow [[[[theora.com/guitar/AstronomyControls/20070524-AstronomyControlsTake2Mix1-32kbps.mp3|afterall]]]]. [[[[[images/icarus.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ThePiperAtTheGatesOfDawn.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/spaceOddity.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/LoveHeart.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sunrise.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/David Bowie.jpg|David Bowie]]]]] 1
I was hungry for creativity, now that I can play. Not that I can or anything, but my [[Spinnaker|Spinnaker]] is fully inflated and I simply can not stop. [[[[[images/Spinnaker.jpg]]]]] I must do something original, and yet again without a single note truly new. When [[Catherine Deneuve|Catherine Deneuve]] protects [[Susan Sarandon|Susan Sarandon]] from being run over by a truck, using shear magic, bacuase [[David Bowie|David Bowie]] had just [[The Hunger (film)|eaten]] her forteen year old future mate for life, and so she must protect her new aquisition, then surely those several minutes of a mystic sequence desrved good music. [[[[[images/CatherineDeneuve.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/SusanSarandon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/truck.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/gandalf.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/David Bowie.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CheetahHuntingGazelle.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/littleGirl.jpg]]]]] So I chased down the scene with [[virtualdub|virtualdub]]. Since I have watched the movie many times in the past, it is easy to scan through, only later to listen. [[[[[images/virtualDub.jpg]]]]] But the truck is very low in pitch, lower than the guitar. The director and musician made sure it makes a perfectly pitched tone, and in the proper scale. Its a great rythm for me. Its based on the few notes from A minor that Shira uses all the time, so it automatically rings pleasant in my ears. It is very simple and I can follow Stanley Jordan's instructions easily and build the rythm as if from two or three independent much simpler rythms, just like in the instructional video. Like many other parts of the video, I didn't dare touch this one for some time, but have watched it several times over, so by the time I got to actually do something, I didn't need to rewatch it at all - I just worked off of memory. Slight problem though, the truck is low at the far left end of the neck, even when a few octaves higher than the original, while all other notes are on the far high side by the bridge. I have yet to raise my right hand past the volume control for some months now - ever since I stopped picking the strings atop the [[pickup (music)|pickups]]. Well, it was about [[[[www.theora.com/guitar/hunger/20070528-hungerX4-take1mix1.mp3|time]]]]. [[[[[images/StanleyJordan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/HandShake.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheHunger.jpg]]]]] 1
It had to be retried. It was easier to do this time, but not necesserily [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20071010-ducks2-mix2-32kbps.mp3|better]]]]. [[[[[images/ducks.jpg]]]]] 1
Just for [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080424-wawi.mp3|pace]]]]. [[[[[images/HammerHead.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/hammer.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/drums.jpg]]]]] 1
Still stuck on [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/20071011-wiwa3-mix2-32kbps.mp3|wiwa3]]]]. Shooting the Glass made the [[[life/msdbCat/title/Degree Absolute|devil feline]]] come visit. I took a short break, never inteding to listen to the [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/20071011-wiwa3-guitarTrack-32kbps.mp3|single track]]]]. [[[[[images/koyaanisqatsi.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/devilCat.jpg]]]]] 1
Thanks! [[[[theora.com/guitar/BluesGuitarBand/20080605-pentatonicScales.mp3|it works]]]]. [[[[[images/BluesGuitarBand.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Johnny Mayer.jpg]]]]] 1
The [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa/20071201-wiwaOctaves-32kbps.mp3|octaves]]]] version of wiwa3 is almost ready to start making recordings again. I'm probably no more than a month away. There's a lot of two hands going on, mostly together, an octave apart, or alternating at high speeds. I also still miss a few fingers here and there, especially with the little ones, even with the left hand. So I developed a little exercise for the little fingers. [[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/07 - Octaves.avi|Stanley]]]] was [[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/21 - TwoHandSeparationExcersizes.avi|right]]]] yet [[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/09 - combining-lowRes.avi|again]]]]. Once each hand separately knows an exercise to a reasonable basic slow level, playing octaves is easy and I get to practice both hands as well as coordination, all at the same time. With alternating octaves the focus is more on rythm and coordination, at a relatively slower pace, as it sounds double the pace. Alternating octaves are great for practicing at low speed while the outcome is a pleasant high paced rythmic melody. The [[[[theora.com/guitar/1stSolo/20070718.1stSolo.mp3|first wiwa2 solo]]]] has a little fingers 1/8 sequence that has given me a hard time for quite a while now. Combined with the original little fingers exercise I put together a sequence I can better relate to, and so make it a part of the list of regular [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingers/20080422-littleFingers.mp3|exercises]]]]. [[[[[images/littleFingers.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/littleFinger.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/HandShake3.jpg]]]]] 1
The Hunger was nice but its just a silly rythm. It is [[Freud|funny]] how success automatically sprays arrogance liquids over the brain, clouding it with [[Star Wars|delusions of grandeur]]. [[[[[images/Spinnaker.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StarWars.jpg]]]]] I have yet to create my first true original piece of music, and yet I can not create anything, as I am not truly a musician yet, so I must copy someone else's work still, or else it will be beyond my skills. But I am a professional listner of 70s rock music since teenhood, and would not compromise on low quality or very few tracks, having followed [[Beatles|The Beatles]] track expansion history in my teens. [[[[[images/Beatles.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/PinkFloyd.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TangerineDream.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Yes.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/LedZeppelin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/JethroTull.jpg]]]]] Nor will I degrade myself to a short piece, now that I am so damn arrogant. Damn, I want at least twenty minutes, and even with copying, I must tell you, playing the guitar is not like pressing a button on a xerox machine. Copying takes time too - lots. So I can't copy if I want to die a musician, It will take too long, and I am young and agile and arrogant, and want things right now. So I made an experiment. I took three of the Crickets III rythms my fingers know so well by now, and recorded them one on top of the other. I forgot to mention this is several weeks after I changed my guitar to Stanley Jordan's fourth tuning, after long and painful hesitation. [[[[[images/P4.jpg]]]]] The last two strings are now named after Camel and Frank Zappa [[[[[images/Keith Emerson.jpg|Keith Emerson]]]]] [[[[[images/Alan Parsons.jpg|Alan Parsons]]]]] [[[[[images/David Bowie.jpg|David Bowie]]]]] [[[[[images/George Harrison.jpg|George Harrison]]]]] [[[[[images/Camel.jpg|Camel]]]]] [[[[[images/Frank Zappa.jpg|Frank Zappa]]]]] rather than [[[life/msdbCat/title/Fretboard Memories|Bob Marley and Keith Emerson]]] [[[[[images/Bob Marley.jpg|Bob Marley]]]]] [[[[[images/Keith Emerson.jpg|Keith Emerson]]]]] I had to re-learn all the chords, and instead decided to skip the usual chords I had previously known, and only learn new chords with the touch technique, one at the time as I need them. This was very time conserving. It is always like that when you avoid doing rather than do. [[[[[images/clock.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] I did a bit more inspection on the net regarding [[voicing (music)|voicing]] - a concept I had just recently heard for the first time, after watching Stanley Jordan's video for the seventh time. [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] With the new forth tuning it was almost too easy to find new and simple voicings on the higher side of the neck. Back to the ducks, the experiment was a shear wow. It sounded like chords, marching. [[[[[images/MarchingHammers.gif]]]]] The rest was easy. I took from the Hammerhead Rythm Station Software a Basic Rock beat at 240, which I later discarded, and created a [[Metronome|metronome]]-like [[Multitrack recording|track]] with the A note on the one. [[[[[images/HammerHead.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Metronome.jpg]]]]] This was quite boring, so I only did five minutes, and I doubled it with [[Audacity|Audacity]]. And again, ending with twenty minutes. [[[[[images/Audacity.jpg]]]]] The A track reminded me of the chaos in [[Strawberry Fields Forever|Strawberry Fields Forever]], especially with the semi chaos I had just heard in my experiment. So I tagged this piece up front, only to discover its a B, and that [[Audacity|Audacity]] nicely brings it down to an A, with a menu button. [[[[[images/strawberry.jpg]]]]] I also tagged one in the back, to make sure my lack of confidence is not lost by anyone, as if someone is actually listening to my music. [[[[[images/StrawberryFields.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/meddle.jpg]]]]] My fingers only knew six separate sequences from Crickets III, so I recorded six tracks. [[[[[images/prisoner.jpg]]]]] Given I had just recorded about all I know how to play, save The Hunger rythm, I thought it might be good for the general chaos to throw this one in as well. Chaos must be a good way to start something or else God would have started somewhere else. [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/chaos.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/fractal.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/EvoLife.gif]]]]] The result was awesome, and only later I came up with the name. I can picture a scene from [[Fantasia (film)|Fantasia]]. At first there is a chaos of ducks, trying to find the better way to be obidient to the rest of the ducks. It takes them about forty seconds to all start tilting together, except that one little duckling is always begging for help. This was when in the high pitch sequence I decided to reverse the one and the three, so that the A falls together with more other As from the other sequences. [[The_Magnificent_Seven|It seemed like a good idea at the time]], and the result was hilarious, though not remotely resembling goals or expectations. [[[[[images/Fantasia.jpg]]]]] The hunger was about the same. Only after I already had the Fantasia mental picture in place, and since I recorded the hunger track unevenly, mixing the base sequence on the same track alternately, from shear exaustion, by the way, it occured to me it is actually mother duck, making sure everyone is in line, which they hardly ever are all at once. After all, I don't quite know how to play yet. And so I raised a bit the volume of this track. [[Peter And The Wolf|And if you listen very carefully]], then towards the end there is one duck, perssitently yelling a bunch of U2s, for the benefit of the other [[[[www.theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20070626-barvasimMix1-(wiwas-mixB1234567)-32kbps.mp3|ducks]]]]. [[[[[images/PeterAndTheWolf.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ducks.jpg]]]]] 1
The very first single handed experience happened by accident, when the right was tired. I called it wawawiwa, a year earlier, when I was instrumentlessly voicing it. A year [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa/wiwa.mp3|later]]]]... [[[[[images/ducks.jpg]]]]] 1
Together we stand - divided we fall. There is safety in numbers. Even [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/death|gazelles]]] know this. Better safe than [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/20070921-wiwa3-1stTwoGuitars-32kbps.mp3|sorry]]]]. [[[[[images/MarchingHammers.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/CheetahHuntingGazelle.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/SheepClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CowClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DogClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RobotClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StarWarsCloneArmy.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CatClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2Guitars.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2guitars1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2guitars2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2guitars3.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2guitars4.jpg]]]]] 1
Wind surfing was easy enough. Helicopter flying took quite some practice before I got it right. With the drums, I got just up to basic rock, and like all musical instruments, it sort of got negleted and froze there. Piano I never did. [[[[[images/windsurfing.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/R22.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/drums.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/iceCold.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/piano.jpg]]]]] But the notion of separation of controls is not foreign. Some [[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/21 - TwoHandSeparationExcersizes-lowRes.avi|guidance]]]] doesn't hurt though, to say the least. Minor problem: My right hand doesn't know how to play at all, and there is not much to separate, so I shifted focus after this experiment. At least now, while the right hand learns how to play, the left is giving it rythm. Nevertheless, the [[[[theora.com/wiwa/20070911-1stTwoHands.mp3|two really bad guitar players]]]] are a joyful experiment. [[[[[images/TwoHandsOnTheNeck.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/HandShake.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/HandShake2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StanleyJordan.jpg]]]]] 1