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Fri, Sep 30 2005 600 A Cat Visit By now it is past midnight, more than two hours in,
as of the time of the knock on the door.

I call Boaz, explaining to him that there was an order
written and open to bring me in, and ask his advice
on how safe it is to make a brief visit to my cat, Nekko
being that he understands the system so much better than I do

I wanted to verify that having completely
disappeared for sufficiently long,
they would not have the manpower to guard my apartment
in case I showed up,
at least not in the middle of the night.

He assures me nothing can happen at least until 9AM
tomorrow morning.
I go over, get some clothes as well, and go to spend
the night at Boaz's.

In the morning he assures me I can just go home,
while he will go to 244 to see what was going on.
I do just that.

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