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Thu, Jul 24 2008 50 Ariel Aloni
Ariel Aloni
Ariel Aloni


Thank you for you pseudo-kind phone call of
presumed concern to my well being tonite,
in the end of which you hung up on me as usual.

1. You asked me why I believe you owe me $50,000:

In your attempts to assainate me starting September 30th
of 2005, lasting at least the 81 days following,
with dimishing success on your part,
you have managed to confiscate from me forever my forteen
year old adopted daughter, thereby causing me much grief,
while in passing also ruining her life - and nearly - also mine.

I also lost some $50,000 in my eventually-successful
attempts to save my life from you at the time.

As my ex brother, I hold you personally responsible for my
My ex (and your) mother was trying her best to assist you in
your assassination attempts, using much force with over a
million dollars of finacial backing in her posession.

I therefore hold her independently responsible for the damage
caused during the dusk of 2005.

2. You also asked me to remove these following
jaccuse pages from my public web site:

Your repeated presumed ignorance of the above facts
regarding your actions, is the reason for which,
these pages detailing the events of the dusk
of 2005, to this day reside in these pages of my web site.

Such actions can not be taken lightly, nor forgiven,
nor can they be undone, mostly.
I will not rest at least until my finacial losses are regained.

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