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Thu, Sep 29 2005 550 Five Minute Bum Love All alone.
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Nobody can be trusted.
I must convince myself I am relatively sane
and not plain paranoid.
Strangers are the most trustworthy at this point,
on a relative scale.
But it is night and there are no strangers
on the beach by Manta Ray,
near Yaffo,
where the boat is soon to anchor at my command.
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Just ones that are in moving cars.
Walking barefoot through the grasses by the beach,
I saw this guy sitting on the stone wall.
I immediately sat next to him and started conversing,
slowly, like sane people do.
Listening to what he has to say.
Watchful with paranoia to make sure
I am not endangering myself further.
In a few minutes I decide he is on (or not-on)
chemicals beyond my scope
and I had better be on my way.
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He is thin and fragile, as if shaking his hand
would make him shrivel and collapse.
To be safe, I want to give him some bribe money,
but I have way too much getaway money in my
wallet for him to see.
The conversation goes like this:
Listen, I really have to go now,
and I really want to give you some money.
I will be turning around now,
and as I turn back I will give you some money.
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Safely behind my own back,
I was calculating old Ninjitsu tactics in case I am not really safe.
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I even calculated how after he falls down
and I am fearful for his life,
I can stop a car at Herbert Samuel
and tell them to take care of him,
by which time I will disappear the other end
of the one way highway.
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I turn back around,
after my wallet was safe back in my pocket
gave him a 100 NIS bill and disappeared.
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