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Thu, Sep 29 2005 10 Introduction Full Size Full Size
This is the story of the attempt on my life
by my brother Ariel Aloni,
starting the night of September 29 of 2005,
lasting an intense period of 81 days,
ending with partial success on my part,
after which I fled with life still in my posession.

Ariel Aloni is in deep financial trouble.
He has been obtaining jobs via lies, deceit and trickery
since his first management job with Tudor Investment Corporation.

Ariel Aloni's job - by his own proud accord -
is to bulshit people into hiring him for the next job.
Then he would bullshit the company about the future
technology of the company for the next year or so,
until he is exposed and fired, yet again.

Ariel Aloni had six (6) jobs in Israel in his brief three year
attemt to live in the country, starting 1999,
and exausted the Israeli market with his bullshit.
He then fled back to New York to continue getting hired
and fired there every other year.

Ariel Aloni
Ariel Aloni

tried to assasinate me legally by taking
advantage of a family crisis,
trying to eliminate with much
violence my financial resources and family ties.

This was done for the purpose of obtaining
$40,000 given to me by our mother, Yael Aloni,
and sitting idle in my bank account in New York,
for which my confidante brother had power of attorney
signature rights.

He was about to be fired at the time,
and shortly after collected about
$10,000 from New York Unemplyment instead.

All the while, his annual salary is over $100,000
and our mother also keeps about a million dollars
in a swiss bank account,
for fear the state of Israel will confiscate it if it arrives
in the country.

This for no good reason whatsoever.
She has never made a penny in her life,
and the state of Israel is free of all inheritance taxes.
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Ariel is not terribly sane either.

In 2001 he had send our mother by e-mail a realy cool picture,
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or so HE at least thought.
It is his elder son, Roy, age 11 at the time,
holding his penis in his hand,
in the living room,
while his father is holding a camera.
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For lack of advance knowledge,
my mother has shown this picture,
to her own surprise and shock,
also to Shira and her mother,
as she was receiving the e-mail
with new cool pictures from the son in New York.
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