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Tue, Jan 23 2007 100 Night of January the 23rd Ariel,

You are now holding my bank account at Chase hostage
to your power of attorney wishes for more than a year now.
This is illegal, and can place you in jail if you are not cautious.

The other day,
For almost a whole hour over the phone I asked you
to just send the credit card,
Like I have done in all our conversations
since January of 2006,
And you insisted that you wouldn't until such time that
I tell you where I live.

Time and again I re-iterated that you do not need to know,
and "Just send the credit card, you son of a bitch!"

Don't you think the lies deceit and trickery had been
going on long enough?
I called you a murderer, a thief, a robber and son-of-a-bitch
About a 100 times in less than an hour,
And you tell me its good to hear my voice?

How happy did it make you hearing my voice calling you a murderer and a liar?

You lying son of a bitch, you do not need any address of mine nor are there Any banking rules for this.

YOU INSISTED ON HAVING MY ADDRESS so you can send your assassins there, nothing else.

Now you still re-offer to practically close this account,
eliminating the purpose for which it was opened
in the first place:
So that my brother and confidante can see over the account,
and possibly go to the branch, fill forms, and do whatever
powers of attorney's do
In such cases to avoid the need of my presence for certain banking activities

I do not wish to follow any of your creative financial
recommendations which so unsurprisingly require
that I give you my current living address.

You showed up UNINVITED and obviously against my will, several times, at my place of living.

This is called stalking, is illegal,
and the fact that you did this also classifies you as
a psychopath In the psychiatric profession.

Having showed up there some 3 weeks
after I had already been gone,
not even knowing that I had left a good several weeks ago,
only shows the degree to which you allow your
psychopathic activities be let loose.

All the while you have been conversing with me on the phone,
While I am repeatedly saying to you I do not wish
to hear from you nor see you.

Much like I have done on numerous occasions from January to September of 2005,
that you get some immediate serious medicinal help.

By the way, my total collected financial damage
since October 2005,
Which relates to your activities to damage my life,
and for which you will be required to answer to
in court after your mother is dead,
Comes to $50,000 thus far in a rough estimate.

I hope you are preparing well for a lifetime in the courtroom.


-------Original Message-------

From: Ariel Aloni
Date: 1/28/2007 6:30:47 PM
To: Ohad
Cc: Ima
Subject: RE: Your account

Hi Ohad,

It was good to hear your voice a few days ago.

We need to follow up on the banking card and your account.

Ima will have the banking card soon and you can get it from her.

I again suggest that I will wire you most of the money from the account but I need an email from you confirming that this is what you want.

I also need the details of your account in Israel, including an address as it is registered at the bank, not necessarily your living address.

Those details are required for international transfers as part of identifying the two parties involved in a transfer.

The latest balance, as of January 16th is $4,692.74 in the combined accounts.

Let me know what you want to do



From: Ariel Aloni [mailto:ariel-aloni@nyc.rr.com]
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 5:07 PM
To: Ohad (nekko@engine.com)
Subject: Your account

Hi Ohad,

Ima tells me that you discussed the money in the NY accounts.

As of the last statement from mid-august the balance is $4,442.58 in the combined two accounts.

I can wire you the money but you need to send/verify your bank account and address, as this is required for international transfers.

I also have the banking card, I think we discussed it on the phone a few months ago, not sure. I can send that and the statements to your mail box but you need to tell me the details for mail delivery: box number, where, zip etc.

Remember that it costs about $10/month to maintain the account, so if you decide to transfer you need to leave some money to keep it going or you might want to close it. Let me know what you want to do.


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Thu, Jun 21 2007 100 Night Of January the 23rd Paranoia can save one's life,
and I can say this from a very precise single experience.

A paranoid hunch had better be followed,
even if it is absolutely false in its paranoid delusionary predictions.

Following the events of Black October of 2005,
I have decided that for sure the next legal
attempt on my life must sometime in the future again occur.

It will occur, so I decided, in the form of a policeman
knocking on my door in the middle of the night.
Regardless of what he was told to look for,
he is likely to find some traces of illegal
drugs in my apartment, and arrest me.

My deer family will take it from there,
if they ever find out.

If this visit was cooked by the family,
then they will surely find out sooner rather than later.

Without self sovereignty in such a position,
I am as good as dead.

At two AM he knocked on my door, demanding that I open it.

His voice was very violent.

I asked what it was all about and he at first said he will not tell.

Later he said,
there is something criminal happening in my apartment
which he can not disclose,
and he will break in if I do not open the door.

He followed to say that the law demands that I open
the door at his command as he is a policemen.

I told him I will call the police to see if he is at all a policeman.

Please do, he said.

I then started towards my first attempt at a Marijuana plant,
and started trashing it,
trembling with fear,
with caution not to use the toilet,
as he could hear me,
and try immediately to break in like he promised.

Little did I know at the time,
that cops aren't really allowed to do that,
even if they operate under
emergency no-court-order-needed event,
which to his knowledge, he was.

And so I dragged him with bla-blas for about four
hours as I was washing the entire apartment floor
with concentrated bleach,
to have the fumes combat the smell of TLC in the air,
when they do break in eventually.

They - because by then there were eight policemen with two cars,
a social worker who at first stayed in the first car,
a fire truck,
and some heavy duty break in equipment attached to my door.

This merry group by now was having a pizza and cigarettes
party outside my door,
while I keep fearing Anna Frank would not envy me.

So I let them in.
The police chief, by then long there, took a five second
look at the guitars and the disassembled piano by the door,
which I took apart so that I can prevent the fire department's
heavy duty break-in equipment from
any success without having completely destroyed a Piano

He then quickly apologized and had all the entourage leave
in another ten seconds.

During those ten seconds,
I dared ask one of the juniors what this was all about.

They received a complaint that a three year old child is crying,
and were instructed to kidnap this infant from its abusive father.

In later research I found this was a shear coincidence,
and that the events of 2005,
which have saved my life then, and again in 2007,
had nothing to do with each other.

The whole story was a simple mistake.

A neighbor was crying for weeks with the voice of an infant.

Yet another paranoid neighbor, a holocaust victim like me -
made the false report without ill-intentions.

The police just did some poor work.

During those four hours I insistent I will not disclose
my name, saying if I do they will write it down,
and as things stand, they are not after me at all,
and are re-proving it by calling me by a made up name
they read off the door bell.

Yet the police is employed by the city,
where I am listed as an honest tax paying resident,
with this address.
They could have made one phone call and would
never have to arrive in the first place.

They were so unconvincing in their presentation
and lies regarding legal issues, that even after I saw two police cars
and many uniforms, I still insisted that I want
to see more cops and TV,
to convince me this is not some ploy
of a group of policemen,
not truly acting on behalf of the police.

Oddly, the fire truck was so big in this small street,
the torrent nearly hit my porch by mistake.

If it were manned, the person would already almost
be inside my apartment, having fallen off the truck.

A friend had reminded me it takes two seconds
to get into the apartment through the terrace.

All you have to do is stop being official for a few seconds.

For Netanya policemen, this was a bit too tough.