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Thu, Jun 22 2006 200 So Ya, Thought ya, Might Like To, Go to the Show Not sure if this was a threat or a plea for mercy.

In October of 2005 I have suffered a tremendous
amount of distress,
caused by mental pressure with threats and violence.

You, presumably my mother, Yael Aloni, and your son, Ariel Aloni,
have kidnapped $40,000 of my money and were holding it ransom,
trying with threats to persuade me to check in voluntarily to a
mental institution that would not otherwise receive me.

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You have been exerting this pressure for a period of eighty one days.

Such is the loving family that you claim to be.
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You have recruited for this project your younger brother,
Uri Sharon,
who himself stole more than $800,000 from his own
children not eight years before,
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by confiscating the inheritance money from his mother,
Haya Sharon, exerting similar kind of mental pressure
on his very young children.
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You have also tried to recruit to this project any past
girlfriend of mine you have chanced to make contact with,
and long life friends of both Ariel and myself.

I will not participate in any denial conversation where these
events are regarded as not having ever occured.

I have suffered loss of much money,
all the family I used to have,
and the city of choice to live in.

I will not rest, nor talk to you or Ariel on any subject matter
until this minor issue is resolved.

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