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Thu, Sep 29 2005 300 The Bushes Just around two corners, walking in Ben Gurion Ave,
towards the beach, I call Yoella.

"I am in the bushes, and I can talk now" - I say.
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"What bushes, where are you, I'll come over, don't worry"
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I never thought the woman had any brains.
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"where you can't find me."
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"Do you still want to talk?"
"Of course"
"Is Roney still by your side?"
"Yes. He is right here"
"Will you give him the phone. right away!"
(panicking) "I don't know how to find your number in the phone"
"Are you holding the phone?"
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"Stretch your hand and hand it over to him!"

"Hi, this is Roney"
(Thank you, God)
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"You wanted to talk to me?"