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Thu, Sep 29 2005 300 The Plan Watching conspiracy theory movies and TV series paid off too.

In one thesis, from The Prisoner, and The Domino Principle,
everybody is the enemy.
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It is a safe tactic as a base assumption.
The other is that the border to the land of good exists,
and need to be sought.
Not much to go by as a theory.

Boaz was in the bushes watching me
as I walked out of the building.
I hadn't noticed him, but did watch fearfully for the officials
with the ambulance I expected waiting outside the building.
Strangely, if they had been there,
there would be nothing I could do,
while Boaz would not have been able
to follow without my noticing.

And so the chase started:
I was running, nobody was following, yet.

I knew its just a matter of time until I am gotten to if I truely disappear.
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Boaz had said later that he had relaxed about my mental
state from my body language walking out of the building.
"It is a walk of a person wanting to take care of himself"
Boaz is not part of the system.
Even if I knew, it would be no help.
My take on this one was that it was paranoia fueled
adrenaline that straightened out my brain and forced me
to function relatively normally, yet at very high speeds.

The cell phone is critical if there is another side.
I can communicate, and be safe enough.
After all, nobody will call upon Barghouti tactics for this,
but the thought had to cross my mind to verify this,
correlating with Max Headroom and IDF tactics and budget considerations.

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By the time I was around the corner, visually safe and
comfortably alone, the plan was carefully laid out:
Stay on phone communications with everybody who will
listen, while otherwise maintaining complete stealth.

One small loophole: I must regularly visit Nekko,
as she is in her worst FHS episode ever.
I decide to give up Nekko for the sake of prioritizing,
while marking every decision to be made pending this
scary knowledge.
I have only a few hours to be safe on this head,
and better not pre-schedule anything, just be there
as soon as I judge the place is safe to approach.

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