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Thu, Oct 13 2005 100 Vikki Yom Kippur - Vikki Shows.

I am still very much out there.

returning from Eilat, he is claiming I promised to
murder both my mother and my brother.
I wonder why he didn't go to the police.

I later discovered his Hebrew is very deficient,
and he concludes things with very false intuition,
translating forceful words into force threats.
I did say I would have Ariel fired if he came back
again to hunt me down.

In a conversation on 11/29 when I mentioned I only said 'Lefatter Otto'
he sounded very confused.

Vikki kept calling afterwards,
trying to help me surrender myself.
In the last call, I got very agitated and made him swear
he will not call back until he got a signal from me.
I had to go out of my way humiliating him,
explicitly promising him such will also be the case
in any future conversations.

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