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Export to Excel select * from jaccuse where context = 'What a Nice Fella' order by id ( Row)
Mon, Dec 19 2005 100 What a Nice Fella Ariel calls me up.
He is nice like he has only been with me during the short
few pre-shrink years at the onset of the Tudor wars.

It has been an exhausting 81 days for me never knowing
what the next conversation will be like, and with whom,
and how my future probably depends on its outcome.

During the better latter part of these 81 days,
I have been mostly concerned with re-obtaining
the $40,000 that were kidnapped from me.

I don't see the money just yet on the Internet.
I force myself to be cautious,
even though his sudden overniceness
clearly tells me he is not lying this time,
and he transferred the money like he says.

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