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Thu, Sep 29 2005 200 Yoella My protective reflexes for Shira,
still told me there is a slight chance she might
come back home, well to my place that is, after school.
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Maybe it was just hope that I still exist in Shira's perception.
So I went to Yoella's to make sure Shira comes to her place after school.
She told me it has already been taken care of,
and I should think of myself, not of Shira.
This was the first hint that there is more going on than
I am being told.
I remember it was 2:30 sharp when I fled away home from there,
saying Shira might come home after all,
and we agreed I will go to sleep there.

Having been awake for the past four days,
only to be compensated by a few hours within the past ten,
sleep was more than an emergency of its own
in my state of mind.

Several hours later, while I was fast asleep she called me some seven times,
as she would later claim when I returned her call, waking up.

She said she was at my door, and wants to come back.

I made her swear she was alone.
not with a WH question, but by asking her many times many
different ways and have her re-answer.

"Yes, totally alone".

When I opened the door I immediately noticed
unfamiliar aggression.
She wouldn't come in, but kept the door open
with her foot when I tried to close it.

She reminded me of the Ugly, from the Good, and Bad,
a film loved by both myself and her entire family.
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I became agitated and she grabbed me forcefully
by the right arm, atypical to her body language.
I deliberately raised my voice to extreme to scare her off
without force and released from the hold when
I saw Roney appearing from the stair case behind
Yoella Sharon
Yoella Sharon