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Mon, Dec 25 2006 100 1000NIS You also paid exactly 1000NIS to a psychiatrist last year
to have your son murdered.
I wish you buried with all your money.

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Thu, Sep 29 2005 500 A Call Out to the Sea With panic and fury,
knowing I can not afford to stay stationary,
freezing to death in a T-shirt on a cold night,
walking barefoot on the beach,
I looked out to the sea searching for ideas.
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The Boat is not too far out, I allow a split
second to pass fantasizing about a rescue operation,
if only it was someone else, but who?
I have to start immediately constructing a new safety net,
much like the one I was working so hard to implant
in Shira's brain as well as her surroundings.
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In this safety net,
"mishenet ha kane ha ratzutz" (Yeshayahu 36)
is the caution level,
implying Ossama Bin Laden style
spy cell knowledge classification.
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No one can be trusted, and anyone must be used
to the full extent possible, without harming the innocent.
In compliance with the Reggy I, Robot
laws of humanhood life wish,
only later to be put on paper.
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I call the Boat:
"Was there an order written to bring me in,
and who wrote it?"
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"Yes there was, I did not ask it written, and I cancelled
it as soon as I found out it was written. It no longer exists"

This was a blatant and obvious lie.
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How can you possibly cancel an order you yourself
claim you had no part in bringing about,
by making phone calls from a Boat,
claiming to be someone's relative?

Of course I was just listening silently.
Hopefully he would shed some light on
how it was brought about. Anger and fear made me curious,
with no logical reason for this to be important at this stage.
He didn't, and I did not stress the issue.

But the safety net is beginning to form,
and the fisherman as always, is caught in the
tangled web he weaves, when first he practices to deceive.
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Nevertheless, he can not be Xed out just yet,
of a net yet to be formed:
I need his pretended support to disseminate from
his subconsciousness outward to his sister.
I am being as nice as I can control, which is quite limited.
81 days of maintaining this policy with great caution,
it will pay off in the form of the punch line of the 81 day chase:
He would be the authority approving the handing over of the
kidnapped ransom money.
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Fri, Sep 30 2005 600 A Cat Visit By now it is past midnight, more than two hours in,
as of the time of the knock on the door.

I call Boaz, explaining to him that there was an order
written and open to bring me in, and ask his advice
on how safe it is to make a brief visit to my cat, Nekko
being that he understands the system so much better than I do

I wanted to verify that having completely
disappeared for sufficiently long,
they would not have the manpower to guard my apartment
in case I showed up,
at least not in the middle of the night.

He assures me nothing can happen at least until 9AM
tomorrow morning.
I go over, get some clothes as well, and go to spend
the night at Boaz's.

In the morning he assures me I can just go home,
while he will go to 244 to see what was going on.
I do just that.

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Fri, Sep 30 2005 900 A Rest at a Friend's I rode a few blocks and stopped to call Boaz and asked
to come over to his place.

Later, at his home:

"It was I who initiated the warrant"

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