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Fri, Sep 30 2005 900 A Rest at a Friend's I rode a few blocks and stopped to call Boaz and asked
to come over to his place.

Later, at his home:

"It was I who initiated the warrant"

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Fri, Sep 30 2005 1000 A Rest with a Cat We agreed that nothing can happen
over the weekend anyway,
and the warrent is no longer.
We can sync back on sunday.

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Sun, Oct 02 2005 100 Get Back Sunday morning, on Disengof street,
outside the pharmacy.
Standing there with Boaz,
we had just convinced my pharmacist
that a fax from Roney with the prescription
and later physical delivery is OK under the circumstances.

Tally calls in panic.
Having marked her off for having fed Roney with
slanted incriminating information,
it was surprising that she called me just then.
She was supposed to have been furious
and on the enemy side.

"Ariel interrogated me about
who has signature rights at your bank account,
and is now calling friends at the bank to find out,
after I told him nobody does.

I tell Boaz.
"He is cutting your means of supply. A classic war tactic."
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So he is still at war,
I'd better relax out of my self centered concentration,
start thinking about myself instead,
and raise up my fists.

I am busy conversing with Boaz about the Amsterdam
Joker I can pull somehow probably,
when opportunity knocks in the form of
Yael calling from New York.

Boaz has been my phone shield,
mostly from Ariel, since Friday.
He is already in possession of the phone and he picks
up the call.

"Its Yael", he says,
"she would like to talk you, will you accept the call?"

He doesn't have to use nearly as many words to say this.
"Yael" and the rest is body language.
My victorious smile of joy and the hand-it-over-right-away
hand gesture makes him cautiously yank the phone
backwards for a second, reflecting on the implications
of what he already knows the subject content of my
upcoming monolog with Yael will be.
In the end of a long second or two he makes a
OK-I-give-up-no-more-niceties face
and hands over the cell phone.

I start off screaming, not even waiting for the polite
reciprocal hellos to go by:

"Ariel F's only at the Red Light District
in Amsterdam.
When was the last time you F'ed with him?"
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"Forget him for now"

"Ariel F's only at the red lights district in Amsterdam.
When was the last time you F'ed with him?"
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"I want to talk about you, not him, can we do that?"

"OK, Me, I, have a brother who F's only
at the red lights district in Amsterdam.
When was the last time you F'ed with him?"
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She hung up the phone.

Calmly, I turn to Boaz:
"I bet you not 5 minutes will pass before someone
calls and lets me know Ariel is on his way to New York."
He made a you-call-this-a-bet face and smiled.
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It took less then one minute for Ariel to call.

The caring, loving brother,
who flew across the ocean to help,
has other immediate problems at home,
so help is no longer a priority.

(Vikki will report in a few weeks time that Ariel's
next appearance in The Netherlands
is personally greeted by him at the airport,
from where he would drive him down to Heerlen straight away,
without making a stop in Amsterdam.

He went into great length squeezing into the conversation
the minute details of an event as yet to happen) .

Didn't you once belong in some U.S. city?
Have fun in New Amsterdam!

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Mon, Oct 03 2005 200 Roy In January of 2005 Roy had
a Bar Mitzvah in New York.
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Some fourteen years earlier his mother made a
near successful suicide attempt,
after the two parents to be have openly declared
over the past five years they don't want any kids.

Two months after the suicided attempt,
she was pregnant with Roy.
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Three years later his parents finally took him to the doctor
to see about his ear,
and it was discovered he has a year old infection,
which was then cured within a moth of antibiotics,
and until then left him deaf for one year in one ear.
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So his parents became instantaneously joyful both
for having finally cured him from his now understandable pain,
as well as for having understood why he is not listening to them,
even though they might be shouting and he is just a baby.
Yael broke off the news to me with joy mixed with distress.
He started talking fluently shortly after the year infection was over.

At his Bar Mitzvah, each of the friends and family present,
have independently begged me to talk to
Ariel about his mental condition,
and have him change something, especially his weight.

I have been trying to convince him to see a psychiatrist
and start taking anti depressant pills throughout 2005.
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In October of 2005 he talked to his psychiatrist friend,
No. 2 at Abbarbannel,
to make sure he never lets me leave once I show up there.
He was told I am not even invited.
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