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Mon, Oct 03 2005 100 Learning What to Do In August of 1997 Ariel took me for a tour of
the red light district in Amsterdam,
to teach his younger brother,
age thirty seven, how life is supposed to be.

It was my first time with inanimated objects.

I indeed learned an awful lot which I will carry
with me to the end of days.

One recent result is the fact that I am alive today.
Another is Air Juice.

The next time we were in Amsterdam together
while he was working for me at theora.com,
he went alone.

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Thu, Oct 13 2005 100 Vikki Yom Kippur - Vikki Shows.

I am still very much out there.

returning from Eilat, he is claiming I promised to
murder both my mother and my brother.
I wonder why he didn't go to the police.

I later discovered his Hebrew is very deficient,
and he concludes things with very false intuition,
translating forceful words into force threats.
I did say I would have Ariel fired if he came back
again to hunt me down.

In a conversation on 11/29 when I mentioned I only said 'Lefatter Otto'
he sounded very confused.

Vikki kept calling afterwards,
trying to help me surrender myself.
In the last call, I got very agitated and made him swear
he will not call back until he got a signal from me.
I had to go out of my way humiliating him,
explicitly promising him such will also be the case
in any future conversations.

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Sat, Oct 15 2005 100 life On October 15 2005,
my mother, Yael Aloni,
told me that she is the one who had instructed my brother,
Ariel Aloni, to kidnap the $50,000 he had kidnapped
from my bank account in New York,
and that the money will be returned to me,
once I stated that I had stopped thinking about Shira Dottan.
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Ariel Aloni
Ariel Aloni

Shira Dottan
Shira Dottan
Wed, Nov 23 2005 100 Orith To Orith, if you happen to be reading this:
There was no other way I could think of at the time.
Nothing personal.

[Times are Verona time - 02:36 in Verona is 1:36 in Tel Aviv]

I'm not sure but it seems to me that it's been a long time since we've
chat, isn't it?
Would you like to do so?

Absolutely. Where are you?

in Italy, Verona for the last 2 years!

0544 804-122
have a number?

where are you?
What are you doing with your life now?
Tell me a little bit, please.

I live alone in an ap-artment in Tel Aviv


busy surviving

what kind of internel hour does your computer have?
when did you come back to Isra묿
Besides "surviving" which doesn't mean being happy, are you ok?

it is now 4:45 pm according to my computer,
it is is now 3:45 in Israel, where I am at for about 7 years now
I am OK.

"where I am at for about 7 years now" ?????????????????????????????????

got it! I become slow !

do you work for yourself as a freelance or in a compagny?
How come you came back to Isra묿

I work freelance on and off the Internet.
I came back to IL after a crisis while in the US that made me decide I want to live here.

You're quit laconic : just answering the questions without details or whatever.
It's rather difficult to communicate like that.


try to re-read from the beginning of our conversation today.
The answers are all there.

If it doesn't help, see if this one does:
Elohim, Rak Shmor Otti Me Ohavai, U-mi-son-ai E-sha-mer be-atzmi.

I still love you, you know.


Dear Ohad,
I didn't say you do not answer;
but I have to ask all the time questions to have details on you.
I suppose it would be easier if you just tell your story without waiting for questions.
You know I'm not complicated and as time passes I look for less complicated stuff.
Have you become a believer (maamine ) ?
And I do not want you any harm and if you believe that I am a danger for you let us quit now.

P.S. Mayby you still love the memory of me but certainely not me
for you don't really know me today.

I do not believe in God, nor is this line from the bible. it is from a song.
In my last e-mail I said I might be a danger to you,
and that I don't think you know that, and you should beware.
I am sorry my metaphors escaped you.

I believe you might also be a danger to me,
but given this last one maybe it is better for me not to try and find out.
I gave you a phone number and asked for yours.
You do not really want to talk to me,
and I have no intention of giving you reports about my life in any other way.

20051123-07.07.me.txt [in reply to the P.S. above]
And if you can guarantee this than why do we bother talking?

Listen I don't understand much from what you're trying to say!!!
Why are you so complicated?
I don't think it's good to talk for the time being;
I prefer - as I always did - writing because writing and reading are nice :
word just flee but what is written stays with you . I'm sorry for my English ,
I've forgot a lot of it. I would be better in french or even italian...
Let's make things clear : I would like to communicate with you,
to have
news from you...to take and give like I do with all my good and dearest friends.
Why on earth would you be harmfull to me or I to you?

Lets not be too clear then.
I do not want to pursue this relationship.

I sincerely regret your decision. But it has always been like that : I
try to reach you and you turn away from me. What a pity.
Farewell Ohad.

you did ask me to burn all the proof to the contrary.

I'm stubborn : when I don't understand I ask clarifications until I understand.
Why don't you accept my friendship simply as it is?
Why is it so complicated from the very first lines?

I will try to think of the answers to these questions.
I'll get back to you.

and here they come:

You are stupid for not knowing to stay away from those who call you stupid in your face.

Stay Away!

[She did. My next e-mail a few minutes later returned with:
"No such user"]

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