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Mon, May 07 2007 300 Doctor Robert When Ariel was about 42, he was living in Israel
and had a disk rupture.
Living is a very gross overstatement.
Due to intolerable pain,
he was screaming continuously at high volume,
waking up all the neighbors,
let alone his own family.
he completely refused eating, so that
he doesn't have to go to the bathroom,
thereby preventing more pain.
He was on hunger strike against reality.
After eight such days I tried to reason with him.

"lets do some logic here.
It is only a matter of time until I take charge
and completely ignore your painful screams,
and bring some very physically strong people that
will take you to the hospital.
How much time, if you were me, and I were you, will you have waited,
and what is a reasonable time frame for me, in your opinion,
before I ignore you and do my thing."

We agreed on forty eight hours.

After twenty four he asked to be taken to the hospital.

Three ordinary guys came from the ambulance
to help him out of the bed to the stretcher.
He chased them away with shear volume,
requesting a crane that will carry him through the window
thereby evading the painful elevator while destroying the surrounding
yard and plantation.

Turns out there is a special army unit for just such cases.
They are strong, big, agile, impatient and probably deaf.
He was in the ambulance in about two minutes, elevator and everything.

At the emergency room, the nurses and doctors were
mostly trying to ignore him most of the time.
With a continuous volume impossible to raise,
it rose every time somebody entered his compartment.
So they tried not to.

Instead they all approached Me, taking turns.
The noise was in the way of saving other lives
and was quite bothersome.
They took turns, politely asking questions at first, slowly graduating towards
open anger and threats:
"Is he otherwise a normal person"
"Is he seeing a therapist"
"Is he mentally healthy"
"I suggest we bring in a mental professional"
"Maybe we better move him to a place
where such people can be better treated"

Thinking silently and quickly, now this just became a real emergency.
This is my brother you are talking about, and so what if he is seeing a shrink
for the past ten years. This is an emergency room, and you can sedate him
as much as you care to, and people don't scream when they are asleep.
You are not doctors, just people expressing anger at a person who doesn't let you
do your work, so you try to save on sedatives, of anger, nothing else.

Confidently I lied through my teeth with a straight poker face,
saying he has never seen a shrink in his life,
is the most sane person I know, and if they make his pain go away
I can guarantee he is wearing a tie tomorrow morning and goes to work
as usual, albeit he was also unemployed at the time.
Given enough time and enough sedatives, the pain went away,
he stopped screaming, and I was easily resting my case
to everybody with told-you-so's.

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Thu, Jun 21 2007 100 Night Of January the 23rd Paranoia can save one's life,
and I can say this from a very precise single experience.

A paranoid hunch had better be followed,
even if it is absolutely false in its paranoid delusionary predictions.

Following the events of Black October of 2005,
I have decided that for sure the next legal
attempt on my life must sometime in the future again occur.

It will occur, so I decided, in the form of a policeman
knocking on my door in the middle of the night.
Regardless of what he was told to look for,
he is likely to find some traces of illegal
drugs in my apartment, and arrest me.

My deer family will take it from there,
if they ever find out.

If this visit was cooked by the family,
then they will surely find out sooner rather than later.

Without self sovereignty in such a position,
I am as good as dead.

At two AM he knocked on my door, demanding that I open it.

His voice was very violent.

I asked what it was all about and he at first said he will not tell.

Later he said,
there is something criminal happening in my apartment
which he can not disclose,
and he will break in if I do not open the door.

He followed to say that the law demands that I open
the door at his command as he is a policemen.

I told him I will call the police to see if he is at all a policeman.

Please do, he said.

I then started towards my first attempt at a Marijuana plant,
and started trashing it,
trembling with fear,
with caution not to use the toilet,
as he could hear me,
and try immediately to break in like he promised.

Little did I know at the time,
that cops aren't really allowed to do that,
even if they operate under
emergency no-court-order-needed event,
which to his knowledge, he was.

And so I dragged him with bla-blas for about four
hours as I was washing the entire apartment floor
with concentrated bleach,
to have the fumes combat the smell of TLC in the air,
when they do break in eventually.

They - because by then there were eight policemen with two cars,
a social worker who at first stayed in the first car,
a fire truck,
and some heavy duty break in equipment attached to my door.

This merry group by now was having a pizza and cigarettes
party outside my door,
while I keep fearing Anna Frank would not envy me.

So I let them in.
The police chief, by then long there, took a five second
look at the guitars and the disassembled piano by the door,
which I took apart so that I can prevent the fire department's
heavy duty break-in equipment from
any success without having completely destroyed a Piano

He then quickly apologized and had all the entourage leave
in another ten seconds.

During those ten seconds,
I dared ask one of the juniors what this was all about.

They received a complaint that a three year old child is crying,
and were instructed to kidnap this infant from its abusive father.

In later research I found this was a shear coincidence,
and that the events of 2005,
which have saved my life then, and again in 2007,
had nothing to do with each other.

The whole story was a simple mistake.

A neighbor was crying for weeks with the voice of an infant.

Yet another paranoid neighbor, a holocaust victim like me -
made the false report without ill-intentions.

The police just did some poor work.

During those four hours I insistent I will not disclose
my name, saying if I do they will write it down,
and as things stand, they are not after me at all,
and are re-proving it by calling me by a made up name
they read off the door bell.

Yet the police is employed by the city,
where I am listed as an honest tax paying resident,
with this address.
They could have made one phone call and would
never have to arrive in the first place.

They were so unconvincing in their presentation
and lies regarding legal issues, that even after I saw two police cars
and many uniforms, I still insisted that I want
to see more cops and TV,
to convince me this is not some ploy
of a group of policemen,
not truly acting on behalf of the police.

Oddly, the fire truck was so big in this small street,
the torrent nearly hit my porch by mistake.

If it were manned, the person would already almost
be inside my apartment, having fallen off the truck.

A friend had reminded me it takes two seconds
to get into the apartment through the terrace.

All you have to do is stop being official for a few seconds.

For Netanya policemen, this was a bit too tough.
Thu, Jul 24 2008 50 Ariel Aloni
Ariel Aloni
Ariel Aloni


Thank you for you pseudo-kind phone call of
presumed concern to my well being tonite,
in the end of which you hung up on me as usual.

1. You asked me why I believe you owe me $50,000:

In your attempts to assainate me starting September 30th
of 2005, lasting at least the 81 days following,
with dimishing success on your part,
you have managed to confiscate from me forever my forteen
year old adopted daughter, thereby causing me much grief,
while in passing also ruining her life - and nearly - also mine.

I also lost some $50,000 in my eventually-successful
attempts to save my life from you at the time.

As my ex brother, I hold you personally responsible for my
My ex (and your) mother was trying her best to assist you in
your assassination attempts, using much force with over a
million dollars of finacial backing in her posession.

I therefore hold her independently responsible for the damage
caused during the dusk of 2005.

2. You also asked me to remove these following
jaccuse pages from my public web site:

Your repeated presumed ignorance of the above facts
regarding your actions, is the reason for which,
these pages detailing the events of the dusk
of 2005, to this day reside in these pages of my web site.

Such actions can not be taken lightly, nor forgiven,
nor can they be undone, mostly.
I will not rest at least until my finacial losses are regained.

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Wed, Sep 30 2015 100 Angel's Honor Far, far, far,
far away way,
people heard him say, say,
I will find a way, way,
there will come a day, day,
something will be done.
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