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Sat, Sep 30 2006 100 Code of Silence 333,333.33
Wed, Sep 30 2015 100 Angel's Honor Far, far, far,
far away way,
people heard him say, say,
I will find a way, way,
there will come a day, day,
something will be done.
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Mon, May 07 2007 100 Blow it Out Your Ears Ariel came home one day and showed me a new trick.
At fourteen, he was already smoking for some time.
That day he asked if I wanted to see him
blow smoke out of his ears.
At eleven, I could not resist such a
wild temptation from an older brother.

"Place your right hand here, on my heart", he said.
With his left, he held my hand firmly atop his heart.
"Now watch my ears closely", he said.
With his right, he raised the cigarette to his mouth
and inhaled.
While I was watching his ears intensely with anticipation,
the cigarette was burning a hole in my right hand,
held in place, where his heart was supposed to have been.

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Thu, Oct 13 2005 100 Vikki Yom Kippur - Vikki Shows.

I am still very much out there.

returning from Eilat, he is claiming I promised to
murder both my mother and my brother.
I wonder why he didn't go to the police.

I later discovered his Hebrew is very deficient,
and he concludes things with very false intuition,
translating forceful words into force threats.
I did say I would have Ariel fired if he came back
again to hunt me down.

In a conversation on 11/29 when I mentioned I only said 'Lefatter Otto'
he sounded very confused.

Vikki kept calling afterwards,
trying to help me surrender myself.
In the last call, I got very agitated and made him swear
he will not call back until he got a signal from me.
I had to go out of my way humiliating him,
explicitly promising him such will also be the case
in any future conversations.

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