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Fri, Sep 30 2005 750 Hotel California Ariel had already called a friend who is
second in command at Abbarbannel.
In preparation of the trial,
he tried to make sure I can check in anytime I like,
but I can never leave.
He was told I am not even invited,
and how on earth did anyone manage to write
the order in the first place,
given his stories of my recent activities.
He had not seen me at all for almost a year,
since Roy's Bar Mitzvah,
and did not realize this makes his credibility questionable.

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Fri, Sep 30 2005 800 The Fool On the Hill Ariel decides that the last resort is to try and
convince me to volunteer.
He calls me and asks to come visit.
I yield, not yet knowing of the change of events
having just transpired,
but well aware that Boaz is now in the picture
and I have yet to hear his report.

Ariel arrives, we start chatting.
I don't let go of any incriminating information.
In a few minutes Boaz calls.
He has only one thing to say:

"Mark your brother as an enemy"
and we hang up.

The call was so short there wasn't even a break in
the chat in the living room.
We continued chatting.
Having gotten up for the phone
I am now walking around gently,
collecting clothes, while Ariel is upset by my calm
ignoring of the points he is trying to make.

As he looses his temper only so slightly
I start screaming, explaining to him that if
he goes on like this, very soon all he will
have in the apartment left with to talk is Air..
I had to raise my voice even louder for the word air,
as it had to be heard over my gently slamming the door
behind me as I was walking out.

Given yesterday's rush first experience in such
Ninja driven speedy disappearance,
and the long cold night I suffered for my lack of training,
I was now well equipped, well dressed, and calm,
to the extent this term can be used in this context:
I am just calm enough to know that no emergency is present,
and that Ariel, in a state of shock, is frozen solid
for some long seconds to come.
It would be silly to rush out running,
or with the scooter without a helmet on.
Besides, he has never seen the scooter, and probably
doesn't know it is my means of transport.
Walking out the back door is thus less expected anyway,
if he were to chase me going out,
and once on the scooter with the helmet on, he wouldn't recognize me.
I go down the stairs, not rushing there either.
Only the blood rushes through my veins,
carrying extra loads of Adrenaline.

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Fri, Sep 30 2005 900 A Rest at a Friend's I rode a few blocks and stopped to call Boaz and asked
to come over to his place.

Later, at his home:

"It was I who initiated the warrant"

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Fri, Sep 30 2005 1000 A Rest with a Cat We agreed that nothing can happen
over the weekend anyway,
and the warrent is no longer.
We can sync back on sunday.

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