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Mon, Oct 03 2005 200 Roy In January of 2005 Roy had
a Bar Mitzvah in New York.
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Some fourteen years earlier his mother made a
near successful suicide attempt,
after the two parents to be have openly declared
over the past five years they don't want any kids.

Two months after the suicided attempt,
she was pregnant with Roy.
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Three years later his parents finally took him to the doctor
to see about his ear,
and it was discovered he has a year old infection,
which was then cured within a moth of antibiotics,
and until then left him deaf for one year in one ear.
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So his parents became instantaneously joyful both
for having finally cured him from his now understandable pain,
as well as for having understood why he is not listening to them,
even though they might be shouting and he is just a baby.
Yael broke off the news to me with joy mixed with distress.
He started talking fluently shortly after the year infection was over.

At his Bar Mitzvah, each of the friends and family present,
have independently begged me to talk to
Ariel about his mental condition,
and have him change something, especially his weight.

I have been trying to convince him to see a psychiatrist
and start taking anti depressant pills throughout 2005.
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In October of 2005 he talked to his psychiatrist friend,
No. 2 at Abbarbannel,
to make sure he never lets me leave once I show up there.
He was told I am not even invited.
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Mon, Oct 03 2005 100 Learning What to Do In August of 1997 Ariel took me for a tour of
the red light district in Amsterdam,
to teach his younger brother,
age thirty seven, how life is supposed to be.

It was my first time with inanimated objects.

I indeed learned an awful lot which I will carry
with me to the end of days.

One recent result is the fact that I am alive today.
Another is Air Juice.

The next time we were in Amsterdam together
while he was working for me at theora.com,
he went alone.

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Fri, Sep 30 2005 900 A Rest at a Friend's I rode a few blocks and stopped to call Boaz and asked
to come over to his place.

Later, at his home:

"It was I who initiated the warrant"

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Mon, Jan 16 2006 100 Night of January the 16th Free at last.
Nobody knows where I am.
I can live like this.
So I started right away.
I immediately set up the bedroom
with Nekko's food and bathroom,
a couch for the both of us to sleep on,
a computer and a stereo attached.
The Who were playing Tommy's I'm Free for starters.

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