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Wed, Sep 30 2015 100 Angel's Honor Far, far, far,
far away way,
people heard him say, say,
I will find a way, way,
there will come a day, day,
something will be done.
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Fri, Sep 30 2005 600 A Cat Visit By now it is past midnight, more than two hours in,
as of the time of the knock on the door.

I call Boaz, explaining to him that there was an order
written and open to bring me in, and ask his advice
on how safe it is to make a brief visit to my cat, Nekko
being that he understands the system so much better than I do

I wanted to verify that having completely
disappeared for sufficiently long,
they would not have the manpower to guard my apartment
in case I showed up,
at least not in the middle of the night.

He assures me nothing can happen at least until 9AM
tomorrow morning.
I go over, get some clothes as well, and go to spend
the night at Boaz's.

In the morning he assures me I can just go home,
while he will go to 244 to see what was going on.
I do just that.

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Tue, Jan 23 2007 100 Night of January the 23rd Ariel,

You are now holding my bank account at Chase hostage
to your power of attorney wishes for more than a year now.
This is illegal, and can place you in jail if you are not cautious.

The other day,
For almost a whole hour over the phone I asked you
to just send the credit card,
Like I have done in all our conversations
since January of 2006,
And you insisted that you wouldn't until such time that
I tell you where I live.

Time and again I re-iterated that you do not need to know,
and "Just send the credit card, you son of a bitch!"

Don't you think the lies deceit and trickery had been
going on long enough?
I called you a murderer, a thief, a robber and son-of-a-bitch
About a 100 times in less than an hour,
And you tell me its good to hear my voice?

How happy did it make you hearing my voice calling you a murderer and a liar?

You lying son of a bitch, you do not need any address of mine nor are there Any banking rules for this.

YOU INSISTED ON HAVING MY ADDRESS so you can send your assassins there, nothing else.

Now you still re-offer to practically close this account,
eliminating the purpose for which it was opened
in the first place:
So that my brother and confidante can see over the account,
and possibly go to the branch, fill forms, and do whatever
powers of attorney's do
In such cases to avoid the need of my presence for certain banking activities

I do not wish to follow any of your creative financial
recommendations which so unsurprisingly require
that I give you my current living address.

You showed up UNINVITED and obviously against my will, several times, at my place of living.

This is called stalking, is illegal,
and the fact that you did this also classifies you as
a psychopath In the psychiatric profession.

Having showed up there some 3 weeks
after I had already been gone,
not even knowing that I had left a good several weeks ago,
only shows the degree to which you allow your
psychopathic activities be let loose.

All the while you have been conversing with me on the phone,
While I am repeatedly saying to you I do not wish
to hear from you nor see you.

Much like I have done on numerous occasions from January to September of 2005,
that you get some immediate serious medicinal help.

By the way, my total collected financial damage
since October 2005,
Which relates to your activities to damage my life,
and for which you will be required to answer to
in court after your mother is dead,
Comes to $50,000 thus far in a rough estimate.

I hope you are preparing well for a lifetime in the courtroom.


-------Original Message-------

From: Ariel Aloni
Date: 1/28/2007 6:30:47 PM
To: Ohad
Cc: Ima
Subject: RE: Your account

Hi Ohad,

It was good to hear your voice a few days ago.

We need to follow up on the banking card and your account.

Ima will have the banking card soon and you can get it from her.

I again suggest that I will wire you most of the money from the account but I need an email from you confirming that this is what you want.

I also need the details of your account in Israel, including an address as it is registered at the bank, not necessarily your living address.

Those details are required for international transfers as part of identifying the two parties involved in a transfer.

The latest balance, as of January 16th is $4,692.74 in the combined accounts.

Let me know what you want to do



From: Ariel Aloni [mailto:ariel-aloni@nyc.rr.com]
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 5:07 PM
To: Ohad (nekko@engine.com)
Subject: Your account

Hi Ohad,

Ima tells me that you discussed the money in the NY accounts.

As of the last statement from mid-august the balance is $4,442.58 in the combined two accounts.

I can wire you the money but you need to send/verify your bank account and address, as this is required for international transfers.

I also have the banking card, I think we discussed it on the phone a few months ago, not sure. I can send that and the statements to your mail box but you need to tell me the details for mail delivery: box number, where, zip etc.

Remember that it costs about $10/month to maintain the account, so if you decide to transfer you need to leave some money to keep it going or you might want to close it. Let me know what you want to do.


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Fri, Sep 30 2005 700 The Trial Ariel landed at 244 sometime early in the morning,
straight from the airport.

"injection needles, immediately", Ariel said.

"I will cancel the order" said Boaz

"You can't do that, nobody can"
"Sure I can"
"Ani ekkaness becha if you try"

"Watch me" said Boaz in English with a smile.

Boaz left for the other room, called Roney,
and came back to report:
"It is done"

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