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Thu, Sep 29 2005 400 The Interview (excerpts)
"Did you prove Evolution Theory?"
"What do you mean by that"
"Did you say you have proven the Theory of Evolution?"
"I did not"
"What do you think of Evolution Theory"
"I think it is correct"

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"Did you claim that you are an Angel?"
"Yes I did"
"And what did you mean by that?"
"That I am good natured, at heart, more than most people"

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"Did you say that you will jump into Shira's grave"
"Yes, I did"
"Do you want Shira dead?"
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I was in shock.
It had not occurred to me until this very
second that this is what this statement means
to the unfamiliar ear: A murder-suicide combo.
Luckily, I wasn't panicking just yet.
My mind was racing with associative memories
and I found out I had some kudos points on my side:
1. It has yet to be documented in human history
that such fatherly extremety will be expressed
by a non-biological with no past history
of events remotely similar.
2. The official other side does indeed have such a history,
at least to a degree. then again, this is knowledge
worth protecting at high cost.
3. I have the upper hand to a Bargouti safety level,
and have yet to answer.
The phone will not be let go as long as I don't,
and more so if I fail this test.
4. I can easily pretend not being aware of my having the upper hand.
5. My mind is racing at uncontrollable speed,
immeasurably faster than ever before, with a good reason:
my smarts and knowledge are amplified by
my mental state in the past 12 hours,
the adrenaline rush of the past 20 minutes,
and the much bigger rush this last
fear provoking question created.

I am confident that my judgment is unaffected,
except that I am well aware of the fact that my
speaking in un-understood metaphors scares
everybody shitless, placing me in extreme danger.
My speech, as well as selection of means of expression,
are totally out of control.
It is imperative that this is as unnoticeable as possible
in this conversation
and especially in the answer to this last question,
which is now due - it has already been about a second
and a half to process all these new thoughts:
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"In about 80 years, sure, is there a problem with that?"
Sat, Sep 30 2006 100 Code of Silence 333,333.33
Thu, Sep 29 2005 550 Five Minute Bum Love All alone.
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Nobody can be trusted.
I must convince myself I am relatively sane
and not plain paranoid.
Strangers are the most trustworthy at this point,
on a relative scale.
But it is night and there are no strangers
on the beach by Manta Ray,
near Yaffo,
where the boat is soon to anchor at my command.
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Just ones that are in moving cars.
Walking barefoot through the grasses by the beach,
I saw this guy sitting on the stone wall.
I immediately sat next to him and started conversing,
slowly, like sane people do.
Listening to what he has to say.
Watchful with paranoia to make sure
I am not endangering myself further.
In a few minutes I decide he is on (or not-on)
chemicals beyond my scope
and I had better be on my way.
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He is thin and fragile, as if shaking his hand
would make him shrivel and collapse.
To be safe, I want to give him some bribe money,
but I have way too much getaway money in my
wallet for him to see.
The conversation goes like this:
Listen, I really have to go now,
and I really want to give you some money.
I will be turning around now,
and as I turn back I will give you some money.
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Safely behind my own back,
I was calculating old Ninjitsu tactics in case I am not really safe.
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I even calculated how after he falls down
and I am fearful for his life,
I can stop a car at Herbert Samuel
and tell them to take care of him,
by which time I will disappear the other end
of the one way highway.
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I turn back around,
after my wallet was safe back in my pocket
gave him a 100 NIS bill and disappeared.
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Mon, Apr 10 2006 100 Catch You Later Ariel called before passover.
He is as nice as he always is since December 19th.

I decide its time to pick up the phone and
see what he has to say.

He starts with his usual pretended niceties.
He will be in Israel for passover.
He goes on detailing his schedule,
slowly realizing I am not getting any of this down.

I am mostly silent throughout.

He slows down to a halt and closes by saying
"Its OK, I'll catch you later"

We hang up.

Me and Freud had a good laugh.

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