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Sat, Apr 22 2006 100 Jaccuse Yael Aloni Stolzl Stadler Sharon:

Ariel is too thirsty for money to be able to think straight.
He made an attempt on my life for a mere $40,000,
$10,000 of which he shortly thereafter collected from
the New York Unemplyment Agnecy,
while you gaurds your millions in a swiss bank.

He will not stop chasing me, until you are dead.
He is after money which is not mine until that happens.
He is Addicted to Whores and Gambling.
He lies for a living for many years now,
selecting jobs where this is the only requirement,
bragging about it to me and friends.
He only knows two liars greater them him,
according to his own bragging:
His son Tal, and the best Poker player he knows,
whom Tal cleaned out in a poker game.
He has entangled his life in a web of pretense
fueled by money which he is uncertain he can
continue to obtain.

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Thu, Sep 29 2005 200 Alone Years of environment forced self training of paranoia paid off.
I immediately knew I was totally alone.
It took yet another split second to realize I wasn't safe at my home,
and started calculating the amount of fear building up,
including the fact that my cat might die in the process of my fleeing.

Verifying my wallet keys and cell phone are on me,
I walked barefoot with a T shirt and pants on into the night,
straight past Roney.

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Thu, Oct 13 2005 100 Vikki Yom Kippur - Vikki Shows.

I am still very much out there.

returning from Eilat, he is claiming I promised to
murder both my mother and my brother.
I wonder why he didn't go to the police.

I later discovered his Hebrew is very deficient,
and he concludes things with very false intuition,
translating forceful words into force threats.
I did say I would have Ariel fired if he came back
again to hunt me down.

In a conversation on 11/29 when I mentioned I only said 'Lefatter Otto'
he sounded very confused.

Vikki kept calling afterwards,
trying to help me surrender myself.
In the last call, I got very agitated and made him swear
he will not call back until he got a signal from me.
I had to go out of my way humiliating him,
explicitly promising him such will also be the case
in any future conversations.

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Mon, Dec 25 2006 100 1000NIS You also paid exactly 1000NIS to a psychiatrist last year
to have your son murdered.
I wish you buried with all your money.

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