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Mon, Oct 03 2005 200 Roy In January of 2005 Roy had
a Bar Mitzvah in New York.
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Some fourteen years earlier his mother made a
near successful suicide attempt,
after the two parents to be have openly declared
over the past five years they don't want any kids.

Two months after the suicided attempt,
she was pregnant with Roy.
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Three years later his parents finally took him to the doctor
to see about his ear,
and it was discovered he has a year old infection,
which was then cured within a moth of antibiotics,
and until then left him deaf for one year in one ear.
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So his parents became instantaneously joyful both
for having finally cured him from his now understandable pain,
as well as for having understood why he is not listening to them,
even though they might be shouting and he is just a baby.
Yael broke off the news to me with joy mixed with distress.
He started talking fluently shortly after the year infection was over.

At his Bar Mitzvah, each of the friends and family present,
have independently begged me to talk to
Ariel about his mental condition,
and have him change something, especially his weight.

I have been trying to convince him to see a psychiatrist
and start taking anti depressant pills throughout 2005.
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In October of 2005 he talked to his psychiatrist friend,
No. 2 at Abbarbannel,
to make sure he never lets me leave once I show up there.
He was told I am not even invited.
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Thu, Sep 29 2005 200 Yoella My protective reflexes for Shira,
still told me there is a slight chance she might
come back home, well to my place that is, after school.
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Maybe it was just hope that I still exist in Shira's perception.
So I went to Yoella's to make sure Shira comes to her place after school.
She told me it has already been taken care of,
and I should think of myself, not of Shira.
This was the first hint that there is more going on than
I am being told.
I remember it was 2:30 sharp when I fled away home from there,
saying Shira might come home after all,
and we agreed I will go to sleep there.

Having been awake for the past four days,
only to be compensated by a few hours within the past ten,
sleep was more than an emergency of its own
in my state of mind.

Several hours later, while I was fast asleep she called me some seven times,
as she would later claim when I returned her call, waking up.

She said she was at my door, and wants to come back.

I made her swear she was alone.
not with a WH question, but by asking her many times many
different ways and have her re-answer.

"Yes, totally alone".

When I opened the door I immediately noticed
unfamiliar aggression.
She wouldn't come in, but kept the door open
with her foot when I tried to close it.

She reminded me of the Ugly, from the Good, and Bad,
a film loved by both myself and her entire family.
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I became agitated and she grabbed me forcefully
by the right arm, atypical to her body language.
I deliberately raised my voice to extreme to scare her off
without force and released from the hold when
I saw Roney appearing from the stair case behind
Yoella Sharon
Yoella Sharon
Thu, Sep 29 2005 200 Alone Years of environment forced self training of paranoia paid off.
I immediately knew I was totally alone.
It took yet another split second to realize I wasn't safe at my home,
and started calculating the amount of fear building up,
including the fact that my cat might die in the process of my fleeing.

Verifying my wallet keys and cell phone are on me,
I walked barefoot with a T shirt and pants on into the night,
straight past Roney.

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Thu, Jun 22 2006 200 So Ya, Thought ya, Might Like To, Go to the Show Not sure if this was a threat or a plea for mercy.

In October of 2005 I have suffered a tremendous
amount of distress,
caused by mental pressure with threats and violence.

You, presumably my mother, Yael Aloni, and your son, Ariel Aloni,
have kidnapped $40,000 of my money and were holding it ransom,
trying with threats to persuade me to check in voluntarily to a
mental institution that would not otherwise receive me.

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You have been exerting this pressure for a period of eighty one days.

Such is the loving family that you claim to be.
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You have recruited for this project your younger brother,
Uri Sharon,
who himself stole more than $800,000 from his own
children not eight years before,
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by confiscating the inheritance money from his mother,
Haya Sharon, exerting similar kind of mental pressure
on his very young children.
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You have also tried to recruit to this project any past
girlfriend of mine you have chanced to make contact with,
and long life friends of both Ariel and myself.

I will not participate in any denial conversation where these
events are regarded as not having ever occured.

I have suffered loss of much money,
all the family I used to have,
and the city of choice to live in.

I will not rest, nor talk to you or Ariel on any subject matter
until this minor issue is resolved.

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