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Fri, Sep 30 2005 750 Hotel California Ariel had already called a friend who is
second in command at Abbarbannel.
In preparation of the trial,
he tried to make sure I can check in anytime I like,
but I can never leave.
He was told I am not even invited,
and how on earth did anyone manage to write
the order in the first place,
given his stories of my recent activities.
He had not seen me at all for almost a year,
since Roy's Bar Mitzvah,
and did not realize this makes his credibility questionable.

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Mon, May 07 2007 100 Blow it Out Your Ears Ariel came home one day and showed me a new trick.
At fourteen, he was already smoking for some time.
That day he asked if I wanted to see him
blow smoke out of his ears.
At eleven, I could not resist such a
wild temptation from an older brother.

"Place your right hand here, on my heart", he said.
With his left, he held my hand firmly atop his heart.
"Now watch my ears closely", he said.
With his right, he raised the cigarette to his mouth
and inhaled.
While I was watching his ears intensely with anticipation,
the cigarette was burning a hole in my right hand,
held in place, where his heart was supposed to have been.

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Mon, May 07 2007 300 Doctor Robert When Ariel was about 42, he was living in Israel
and had a disk rupture.
Living is a very gross overstatement.
Due to intolerable pain,
he was screaming continuously at high volume,
waking up all the neighbors,
let alone his own family.
he completely refused eating, so that
he doesn't have to go to the bathroom,
thereby preventing more pain.
He was on hunger strike against reality.
After eight such days I tried to reason with him.

"lets do some logic here.
It is only a matter of time until I take charge
and completely ignore your painful screams,
and bring some very physically strong people that
will take you to the hospital.
How much time, if you were me, and I were you, will you have waited,
and what is a reasonable time frame for me, in your opinion,
before I ignore you and do my thing."

We agreed on forty eight hours.

After twenty four he asked to be taken to the hospital.

Three ordinary guys came from the ambulance
to help him out of the bed to the stretcher.
He chased them away with shear volume,
requesting a crane that will carry him through the window
thereby evading the painful elevator while destroying the surrounding
yard and plantation.

Turns out there is a special army unit for just such cases.
They are strong, big, agile, impatient and probably deaf.
He was in the ambulance in about two minutes, elevator and everything.

At the emergency room, the nurses and doctors were
mostly trying to ignore him most of the time.
With a continuous volume impossible to raise,
it rose every time somebody entered his compartment.
So they tried not to.

Instead they all approached Me, taking turns.
The noise was in the way of saving other lives
and was quite bothersome.
They took turns, politely asking questions at first, slowly graduating towards
open anger and threats:
"Is he otherwise a normal person"
"Is he seeing a therapist"
"Is he mentally healthy"
"I suggest we bring in a mental professional"
"Maybe we better move him to a place
where such people can be better treated"

Thinking silently and quickly, now this just became a real emergency.
This is my brother you are talking about, and so what if he is seeing a shrink
for the past ten years. This is an emergency room, and you can sedate him
as much as you care to, and people don't scream when they are asleep.
You are not doctors, just people expressing anger at a person who doesn't let you
do your work, so you try to save on sedatives, of anger, nothing else.

Confidently I lied through my teeth with a straight poker face,
saying he has never seen a shrink in his life,
is the most sane person I know, and if they make his pain go away
I can guarantee he is wearing a tie tomorrow morning and goes to work
as usual, albeit he was also unemployed at the time.
Given enough time and enough sedatives, the pain went away,
he stopped screaming, and I was easily resting my case
to everybody with told-you-so's.

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Thu, Jun 22 2006 200 So Ya, Thought ya, Might Like To, Go to the Show Not sure if this was a threat or a plea for mercy.

In October of 2005 I have suffered a tremendous
amount of distress,
caused by mental pressure with threats and violence.

You, presumably my mother, Yael Aloni, and your son, Ariel Aloni,
have kidnapped $40,000 of my money and were holding it ransom,
trying with threats to persuade me to check in voluntarily to a
mental institution that would not otherwise receive me.

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You have been exerting this pressure for a period of eighty one days.

Such is the loving family that you claim to be.
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You have recruited for this project your younger brother,
Uri Sharon,
who himself stole more than $800,000 from his own
children not eight years before,
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by confiscating the inheritance money from his mother,
Haya Sharon, exerting similar kind of mental pressure
on his very young children.
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You have also tried to recruit to this project any past
girlfriend of mine you have chanced to make contact with,
and long life friends of both Ariel and myself.

I will not participate in any denial conversation where these
events are regarded as not having ever occured.

I have suffered loss of much money,
all the family I used to have,
and the city of choice to live in.

I will not rest, nor talk to you or Ariel on any subject matter
until this minor issue is resolved.

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