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Thu, Jun 22 2006 100 Threat Plea Full Size
Mon, Oct 02 2006 100 Shana Tova Thank you kindly for the the gift of
1000 NIS for Rosh Ha Shana.

May I remind you in this context that the last time
you were not living off of your parents' money
was when you had a job at Yachin
as a secretary when you were about half my age.

I am happy to hear that your elder son is beginning
to notice you now that he is so close to arriving
at your money.

This is quite gentle as compared to jumping on an airplane
at the sight of the chance to harm his younger brother to
achieve the same goal.

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Mon, Dec 25 2006 100 1000NIS You also paid exactly 1000NIS to a psychiatrist last year
to have your son murdered.
I wish you buried with all your money.

Full Size Full Size
Mon, Jan 01 2007 100 Happy New Year, Bro. You know, when you call you younger brother
to wish him happy new year and ask to see him,
after having made an attempt on his life a year earlier,
it raises some thoughts:

I can understand your state of denial to this sorrowful fact.

But, its like they say:

What on earth were you thinking?

Am I also to be in a state of denial,
thereby re-endangering my life?

You need HELP!

Get It!

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