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(excerpts) ---------------------------------------------------------------- "Did you prove [[[etfk|Evolution Theory]]]?" "What do you mean by that" "Did you say you have proven the Theory of Evolution?" "I did not" "What do you think of Evolution Theory" "I think it is correct" [[[[[images/amoeba.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Reptile.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/orangutan2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wildlife.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] ------------------------------------------------------------------ "Did you claim that you are an [[Angel|Angel]]?" "Yes I did" "And what did you mean by that?" "That I am good natured, at heart, more than most people" [[[[[images/Angel.jpg]]]]] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Did you say that you will jump into Shira's grave" "Yes, I did" "Do you want Shira [[Death|dead]]?" [[[[[images/Death.jpg]]]]] I was in shock. It had not occurred to me until this very second that this is what this statement means to the unfamiliar ear: A murder-suicide combo. Luckily, I wasn't panicking just yet. My mind was racing with associative memories and I found out I had some kudos points on my side: 1. It has yet to be documented in human history that such fatherly extremety will be expressed by a non-biological with no past history of events remotely similar. 2. The official other side does indeed have such a history, at least to a degree. then again, this is knowledge worth protecting at high cost. 3. I have the upper hand to a Bargouti safety level, and have yet to answer. The phone will not be let go as long as I don't, and more so if I fail this test. 4. I can easily pretend not being aware of my having the upper hand. 5. My mind is racing at uncontrollable speed, immeasurably faster than ever before, with a good reason: my smarts and knowledge are amplified by my mental state in the past 12 hours, the adrenaline rush of the past 20 minutes, and the much bigger rush this last fear provoking question created. I am confident that my judgment is unaffected, except that I am well aware of the fact that my speaking in un-understood metaphors scares everybody shitless, placing me in extreme danger. My speech, as well as selection of means of expression, are totally out of control. It is imperative that this is as unnoticeable as possible in this conversation and especially in the answer to this last question, which is now due - it has already been about a second and a half to process all these new thoughts: [[[[[images/time.jpg]]]]] "In about 80 years, sure, is there a problem with that?" 1
333,333.33 1
All alone. [[[[[images/alone.jpg]]]]] Nobody can be trusted. I must convince myself I am relatively sane and not plain paranoid. Strangers are the most trustworthy at this point, on a relative scale. But it is night and there are no strangers on the beach by [[Manta Ray|Manta Ray]], near [[Jaffa|Yaffo]], where the boat is soon to anchor at my command. [[[[[images/MantaRay.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/MantaRayYaffo.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/MantaRayYaffoSunset.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fishingBoat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Yaffo.jpg]]]]] Just ones that are in moving cars. Walking barefoot through the grasses by the beach, I saw this guy sitting on the stone wall. I immediately sat next to him and started conversing, slowly, like sane people do. Listening to what he has to say. Watchful with paranoia to make sure I am not endangering myself further. In a few minutes I decide he is on (or not-on) chemicals beyond my scope and I had better be on my way. [[[[[images/cocaine.jpg]]]]] He is thin and fragile, as if shaking his hand would make him shrivel and collapse. To be safe, I want to give him some bribe money, but I have way too much getaway money in my wallet for him to see. The conversation goes like this: Listen, I really have to go now, and I really want to give you some money. I will be turning around now, and as I turn back I will give you some money. [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] Safely behind my own back, I was calculating old [[Ninjitsu|Ninjitsu]] tactics in case I am not really safe. [[[[[images/shurikens.jpg]]]]] I even calculated how after he falls down and I am fearful for his life, I can stop a car at Herbert Samuel and tell them to take care of him, by which time I will disappear the other end of the one way highway. [[[[[images/HerbertSamuel.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/HerbertSamuelPrommenade.jpg]]]]] I turn back around, after my wallet was safe back in my pocket gave him a 100 NIS bill and disappeared. [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/LoveHeart.jpg]]]]] 1
Ariel called before passover. He is as nice as he always is since December 19th. I decide its time to pick up the phone and see what he has to say. He starts with his usual pretended niceties. He will be in Israel for passover. He goes on detailing his schedule, slowly realizing I am not getting any of this down. I am mostly silent throughout. He slows down to a halt and closes by saying "Its OK, I'll catch you later" We hang up. Me and [[Freudian slip|Freud]] had a good laugh. [[[[[images/Freud.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/catch_me_if_you_can.jpg]]]]] 1
Ariel calls me up. He is nice like he has only been with me during the short few pre-shrink years at the onset of the [[Paul Tudor Jones|Tudor]] wars. It has been an exhausting 81 days for me never knowing what the next conversation will be like, and with whom, and how my future probably depends on its outcome. During the better latter part of these 81 days, I have been mostly concerned with re-obtaining the $40,000 that were kidnapped from me. I don't see the money just yet on the Internet. I force myself to be cautious, even though his sudden overniceness clearly tells me he is not lying this time, and he transferred the money like he says. [[[[[images/smily.gif]]]]] 1
Ariel came home one day and showed me a new trick. At fourteen, he was already smoking for some time. That day he asked if I wanted to see him blow smoke out of his ears. At eleven, I could not resist such a wild temptation from an older brother. "Place your right hand here, on my heart", he said. With his left, he held my hand firmly atop his heart. "Now watch my ears closely", he said. With his right, he raised the cigarette to his mouth and inhaled. While I was watching his ears intensely with anticipation, the cigarette was burning a hole in my right hand, held in place, where his heart was supposed to have been. [[[[[images/cigaretteSmoke.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/meddle.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CigaretteEgg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cigaretteBurn.jpg]]]]] 1
Ariel decides that the last resort is to try and convince me to volunteer. He calls me and asks to come visit. I yield, not yet knowing of the change of events having just transpired, but well aware that Boaz is now in the picture and I have yet to hear his report. Ariel arrives, we start chatting. I don't let go of any incriminating information. In a few minutes Boaz calls. He has only one thing to say: "Mark your brother as an enemy" "[[Gotcha! (1985 film)|Gotcha!]]" and we hang up. The call was so short there wasn't even a break in the chat in the living room. We continued chatting. Having gotten up for the phone I am now walking around gently, collecting clothes, while Ariel is upset by my calm ignoring of the points he is trying to make. As he looses his temper only so slightly I start screaming, explaining to him that if he goes on like this, very soon all he will have in the apartment left with to talk is [[Air|Air]].. I had to raise my voice even louder for the word air, as it had to be heard over my gently slamming the door behind me as I was walking out. Given yesterday's rush first experience in such Ninja driven speedy disappearance, and the long cold night I suffered for my lack of training, I was now well equipped, well dressed, and calm, to the extent this term can be used in this context: I am just calm enough to know that no emergency is present, and that Ariel, in a state of shock, is frozen solid for some long seconds to come. It would be silly to rush out running, or with the scooter without a helmet on. Besides, he has never seen the scooter, and probably doesn't know it is my means of transport. Walking out the back door is thus less expected anyway, if he were to chase me going out, and once on the scooter with the helmet on, he wouldn't recognize me. I go down the stairs, not rushing there either. Only the blood rushes through my veins, carrying extra loads of Adrenaline. [[[[[images/adrenaline.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/motorbike.jpg]]]]] 1
Ariel had already called a friend who is second in command at [[[[www.fresh.co.il/dcforum/Scoops/12778.html|Abbarbannel]]]]. In preparation of the trial, he tried to make sure I can check in anytime I like, but I can never leave. He was told I am not even invited, and how on earth did anyone manage to write the order in the first place, given his stories of my recent activities. He had not seen me at all for almost a year, since Roy's Bar Mitzvah, and did not realize this makes his credibility questionable. [[[[[images/HotelCalifornia.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mentalInstitution.jpg]]]]] 1
Ariel landed at 244 sometime early in the morning, straight from the airport. "injection needles, immediately", Ariel said. "I will cancel the order" said Boaz "You can't do that, nobody can" "Sure I can" "Ani ekkaness becha if you try" "Watch me" said Boaz in English with a smile. Boaz left for the other room, called Roney, and came back to report: "It is done" [[[[[images/injectionNeedles.jpg]]]]] 1
Ariel, You are now holding my bank account at Chase hostage to your power of attorney wishes for more than a year now. This is illegal, and can place you in jail if you are not cautious. The other day, For almost a whole hour over the phone I asked you to just send the credit card, Like I have done in all our conversations since January of 2006, And you insisted that you wouldn't until such time that I tell you where I live. Time and again I re-iterated that you do not need to know, and "Just send the credit card, you son of a bitch!" Don't you think the lies deceit and trickery had been going on long enough? I called you a murderer, a thief, a robber and son-of-a-bitch About a 100 times in less than an hour, And you tell me its good to hear my voice? How happy did it make you hearing my voice calling you a murderer and a liar? I NEVER ASKED YOU TO SEND ME ANYTHING BUT THE CREDIT CARD You lying son of a bitch, you do not need any address of mine nor are there Any banking rules for this. YOU INSISTED ON HAVING MY ADDRESS so you can send your assassins there, nothing else. Now you still re-offer to practically close this account, eliminating the purpose for which it was opened in the first place: So that my brother and confidante can see over the account, and possibly go to the branch, fill forms, and do whatever powers of attorney's do In such cases to avoid the need of my presence for certain banking activities I do not wish to follow any of your creative financial recommendations which so unsurprisingly require that I give you my current living address. You showed up UNINVITED and obviously against my will, several times, at my place of living. This is called stalking, is illegal, and the fact that you did this also classifies you as a psychopath In the psychiatric profession. Having showed up there some 3 weeks after I had already been gone, not even knowing that I had left a good several weeks ago, only shows the degree to which you allow your psychopathic activities be let loose. All the while you have been conversing with me on the phone, While I am repeatedly saying to you I do not wish to hear from you nor see you. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND, Much like I have done on numerous occasions from January to September of 2005, that you get some immediate serious medicinal help. By the way, my total collected financial damage since October 2005, Which relates to your activities to damage my life, and for which you will be required to answer to in court after your mother is dead, Comes to $50,000 thus far in a rough estimate. I hope you are preparing well for a lifetime in the courtroom. Ohad -------Original Message------- From: Ariel Aloni Date: 1/28/2007 6:30:47 PM To: Ohad Cc: Ima Subject: RE: Your account Hi Ohad, It was good to hear your voice a few days ago. We need to follow up on the banking card and your account. Ima will have the banking card soon and you can get it from her. I again suggest that I will wire you most of the money from the account but I need an email from you confirming that this is what you want. I also need the details of your account in Israel, including an address as it is registered at the bank, not necessarily your living address. Those details are required for international transfers as part of identifying the two parties involved in a transfer. The latest balance, as of January 16th is $4,692.74 in the combined accounts. Let me know what you want to do Ariel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Ariel Aloni [mailto:ariel-aloni@nyc.rr.com] Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 5:07 PM To: Ohad (nekko@engine.com) Subject: Your account Hi Ohad, Ima tells me that you discussed the money in the NY accounts. As of the last statement from mid-august the balance is $4,442.58 in the combined two accounts. I can wire you the money but you need to send/verify your bank account and address, as this is required for international transfers. I also have the banking card, I think we discussed it on the phone a few months ago, not sure. I can send that and the statements to your mail box but you need to tell me the details for mail delivery: box number, where, zip etc. Remember that it costs about $10/month to maintain the account, so if you decide to transfer you need to leave some money to keep it going or you might want to close it. Let me know what you want to do. Ariel [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] 1
By now it is past midnight, more than two hours in, as of the time of the knock on the door. I call Boaz, explaining to him that there was an order written and open to bring me in, and ask his advice on how safe it is to make a brief visit to my cat, [[[Nekko|Nekko]]] being that he understands the system so much better than I do I wanted to verify that having completely disappeared for sufficiently long, they would not have the manpower to guard my apartment in case I showed up, at least not in the middle of the night. He assures me nothing can happen at least until 9AM tomorrow morning. I go over, get some clothes as well, and go to spend the night at Boaz's. In the morning he assures me I can just go home, while he will go to 244 to see what was going on. I do just that. [[[[[images/Nekko1.jpg]]]]] 1
Far, far, far, far away way, people heard him say, say, I will find a way, way, there will come a day, day, something will be [[[[theora.com/Audio/LetThereBeMoreLight.mp3|done]]]]. [[[[[images/lightning.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/aSaucerfulOfSecrets.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheGatesOfHeaven.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheGatesOfHell.jpg]]]]] 1
Free at last. Nobody knows where I am. I can live like this. So I started right away. I immediately set up the bedroom with [[[Nekko|Nekko]]]'s food and bathroom, a couch for the both of us to sleep on, a computer and a stereo attached. [[The Who|The Who]] were playing [[Tommy (rock opera)|Tommy's]] [[I'm Free (The Who song)|I'm Free]] for starters. [[[[[images/Tommy.jpg]]]]] 1
I rode a few blocks and stopped to call Boaz and asked to come over to his place. Later, at his home: "It was I who initiated the warrant" [[[[[images/injectionNeedles.jpg]]]]] 1
In August of 1997 Ariel took me for a tour of the red light district in Amsterdam, to teach his younger brother, age thirty seven, how life is supposed to be. It was my first time with inanimated objects. I indeed learned an awful lot which I will carry with me to the end of days. One recent result is the fact that I am alive today. Another is [[[airJuice|Air Juice]]]. The next time we were in Amsterdam together while he was working for me at theora.com, he went alone. [[[[[images/Amsterdam.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/redLightDistrict1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/love.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sex.jpg]]]]] 1
In January of 2005 Roy had a Bar Mitzvah in New York. [[[[[images/Roy Aloni.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Ansche Chesed.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Ansche Chesed NYC.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/manhattan.jpg]]]]] Some fourteen years earlier his mother made a near successful [[suicide|suicide]] attempt, after the two parents to be have openly declared over the past five years they don't want any kids. Two months after the suicided attempt, she was pregnant with Roy. [[[[[images/fetus.jpg]]]]] Three years later his parents finally took him to the doctor to see about his ear, and it was discovered he has a year old infection, which was then cured within a moth of antibiotics, and until then left him deaf for one year in one ear. [[[[[images/meddle.jpg]]]]] So his parents became instantaneously joyful both for having finally cured him from his now understandable pain, as well as for having understood why he is not listening to them, even though they might be shouting and he is just a baby. Yael broke off the news to me with joy mixed with distress. He started talking fluently shortly after the year infection was over. At his Bar Mitzvah, each of the friends and family present, have independently begged me to talk to Ariel about his mental condition, and have him change something, especially his weight. I have been trying to convince him to see a psychiatrist and start taking anti depressant pills throughout 2005. [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] In October of 2005 he talked to his psychiatrist friend, No. 2 at Abbarbannel, to make sure he never lets me leave once I show up there. He was told I am not even invited. [[[[[images/mentalInstitution.jpg]]]]] 1
Just around two corners, walking in Ben Gurion Ave, towards the beach, I call Yoella. "I am in the bushes, and I can talk now" - I say. [[[[[images/bushes.jpg]]]]] "What bushes, [[[[theora.com/Video/OceanWarriors.avi|where are you]]]], I'll come over, don't worry" [[[[[images/OceanWarriors.jpg]]]]] I never thought the woman had any brains. [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Yoella Sharon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] "where you can't find me." [[[[[images/catch_me_if_you_can.jpg]]]]] "Do you still want to talk?" "Of course" "Is Roney still by your side?" "Yes. He is right here" "Will you give him the phone. right away!" (panicking) "I don't know how to find your number in the phone" "Are you holding the phone?" [[[[[images/cellphone.gif]]]]] "Yes" "Stretch your hand and hand it over to him!" "Hi, this is Roney" (Thank you, God) [[[[[images/God.jpg]]]]] "You wanted to talk to me?" 1
My protective reflexes for [[[shira|Shira]]], still told me there is a slight chance she might [[[RI/msdbSearchText/story/come back home|come back home]]], well to my place that is, after school. [[[[[images/lassalStudio.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Studio.jpg]]]]] Maybe it was just hope that I still exist in Shira's perception. So I went to Yoella's to make sure Shira comes to her place after school. She told me it has already been taken care of, and I should think of myself, not of Shira. This was the first hint that there is more going on than I am being told. I remember it was 2:30 sharp when I fled away home from there, saying Shira might come home after all, and we agreed I will go to sleep there. Having been awake for the past four days, only to be compensated by a few hours within the past ten, sleep was more than an emergency of its own in my state of mind. Several hours later, while I was fast asleep she called me some seven times, as she would later claim when I returned her call, waking up. She said she was at my door, and wants to come back. I made her swear she was alone. not with a WH question, but by asking her many times many different ways and have her re-answer. "Yes, totally alone". When I opened the door I immediately noticed unfamiliar aggression. She wouldn't come in, but kept the door open with her foot when I tried to close it. She reminded me of the [[[[theora.com/Video/spurs.avi|Ugly]]]], from the Good, and [[[[theora.com/Video/UglyDoubleCross.avi|Bad]]]], a film loved by both myself and her entire family. [[[[[images/spurs.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Ugly.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/gbu.jpg]]]]] I became agitated and she grabbed me forcefully by the right arm, atypical to her body language. I deliberately raised my voice to extreme to scare her off without force and released from the hold when I saw Roney appearing from the stair case behind [[[[[images/Yoella Sharon.jpg|Yoella Sharon]]]]] 1
Not sure if this was a threat or a plea for mercy. In October of 2005 I have suffered a tremendous amount of distress, caused by mental pressure with threats and violence. You, presumably my mother, Yael Aloni, and your son, Ariel Aloni, have kidnapped $40,000 of my money and were holding it ransom, trying with threats to persuade me to check in voluntarily to a mental institution that would not otherwise receive me. [[[[[images/mom.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/myGunta.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mentalInstitution.jpg]]]]] You have been exerting this pressure for a period of eighty one days. Such is the loving family that you claim to be. [[[[[images/family.jpg]]]]] You have recruited for this project your younger brother, [[[sharonKids|Uri Sharon]]], who himself stole more than $800,000 from his own children not eight years before, [[[[[images/family.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/thief.gif]]]]] by confiscating the inheritance money from his mother, Haya Sharon, exerting similar kind of mental pressure on his very young children. [[[[[misc/sharon/haya will page 1.jpg]]]]] You have also tried to recruit to this project any past girlfriend of mine you have chanced to make contact with, and long life friends of both Ariel and myself. I will not participate in any denial conversation where these events are regarded as not having ever occured. I have suffered loss of much money, all the family I used to have, and the city of choice to live in. I will not rest, nor talk to you or Ariel on any subject matter until this minor issue is resolved. [[[[[images/TheGatesOfHell.jpg]]]]] 1
On October 15 2005, my mother, [[[[yaelaloni.com|Yael Aloni]]]], told me that she is the one who had instructed my brother, [[[[arielaloni.com|Ariel Aloni]]]], to kidnap the $50,000 he had kidnapped from my bank account in New York, and that the money will be returned to me, once I stated that I had stopped thinking about [[[[shiradottan.com|Shira Dottan]]]]. [[[[[images/mom.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/CainAndAbel.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/jaccuse.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg|Ariel Aloni]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] 1
Paranoia can save one's life, and I can say this from a very precise single experience. A paranoid hunch had better be followed, even if it is absolutely false in its paranoid delusionary predictions. Following the events of Black October of 2005, I have decided that for sure the next legal attempt on my life must sometime in the future again occur. It will occur, so I decided, in the form of a policeman knocking on my door in the middle of the night. Regardless of what he was told to look for, he is likely to find some traces of illegal drugs in my apartment, and arrest me. My deer family will take it from there, if they ever find out. If this visit was cooked by the family, then they will surely find out sooner rather than later. Without self sovereignty in such a position, I am as good as dead. At two AM he knocked on my door, demanding that I open it. His voice was very violent. I asked what it was all about and he at first said he will not tell. Later he said, there is something criminal happening in my apartment which he can not disclose, and he will break in if I do not open the door. He followed to say that the law demands that I open the door at his command as he is a policemen. I told him I will call the police to see if he is at all a policeman. Please do, he said. I then started towards my first attempt at a Marijuana plant, and started trashing it, trembling with fear, with caution not to use the toilet, as he could hear me, and try immediately to break in like he promised. Little did I know at the time, that cops aren't really allowed to do that, even if they operate under emergency no-court-order-needed event, which to his knowledge, he was. And so I dragged him with bla-blas for about four hours as I was washing the entire apartment floor with concentrated bleach, to have the fumes combat the smell of TLC in the air, when they do break in eventually. They - because by then there were eight policemen with two cars, a social worker who at first stayed in the first car, a fire truck, and some heavy duty break in equipment attached to my door. This merry group by now was having a pizza and cigarettes party outside my door, while I keep fearing [[Anna Frank|Anna Frank]] would not envy me. So I let them in. The police chief, by then long there, took a five second look at the [[[guitar|guitars]]] and the disassembled piano by the door, which I took apart so that I can prevent the fire department's heavy duty break-in equipment from any success without having completely destroyed a [[Piano|Piano]] He then quickly apologized and had all the entourage leave in another ten seconds. During those ten seconds, I dared ask one of the juniors what this was all about. They received a complaint that a three year old child is crying, and were instructed to kidnap this infant from its abusive father. In later research I found this was a shear coincidence, and that the events of 2005, which have saved my life then, and again in 2007, had nothing to do with each other. The whole story was a simple mistake. A neighbor was crying for weeks with the voice of an infant. Yet another paranoid neighbor, a holocaust victim like me - made the false report without ill-intentions. The police just did some poor work. During those four hours I insistent I will not disclose my name, saying if I do they will write it down, and as things stand, they are not after me at all, and are re-proving it by calling me by a made up name they read off the door bell. Yet the police is employed by the city, where I am listed as an honest tax paying resident, with this address. They could have made one phone call and would never have to arrive in the first place. They were so unconvincing in their presentation and lies regarding legal issues, that even after I saw two police cars and many uniforms, I still insisted that I want to see more cops and TV, to convince me this is not some ploy of a group of policemen, not truly acting on behalf of the police. Oddly, the fire truck was so big in this small street, the torrent nearly hit my porch by mistake. If it were manned, the person would already almost be inside my apartment, having fallen off the truck. A friend had reminded me it takes two seconds to get into the apartment through the terrace. All you have to do is stop being official for a few seconds. For Netanya policemen, this was a bit too tough. 1
Sunday morning, on Disengof street, outside the pharmacy. Standing there with Boaz, we had just convinced my pharmacist that a fax from Roney with the prescription and later physical delivery is OK under the circumstances. Tally calls in panic. Having marked her off for having fed Roney with slanted incriminating information, it was surprising that she called me just then. She was supposed to have been furious and on the enemy side. "Ariel interrogated me about who has signature rights at your bank account, and is now calling friends at the bank to find out, after I told him nobody does. I tell Boaz. "He is cutting your means of supply. A classic war tactic." [[[[[images/war.jpg]]]]] So he is still at war, I'd better relax out of my self centered concentration, start thinking about myself instead, and raise up my fists. I am busy conversing with Boaz about the Amsterdam [[Joker (playing card)|Joker]] I can pull somehow probably, when opportunity knocks in the form of Yael calling from New York. Boaz has been my phone shield, mostly from Ariel, since Friday. He is already in possession of the phone and he picks up the call. "Its Yael", he says, "she would like to talk you, will you accept the call?" He doesn't have to use nearly as many words to say this. "Yael" and the rest is body language. My victorious smile of joy and the hand-it-over-right-away hand gesture makes him cautiously yank the phone backwards for a second, reflecting on the implications of what he already knows the subject content of my upcoming monolog with Yael will be. In the end of a long second or two he makes a OK-I-give-up-no-more-niceties face and hands over the cell phone. I start off screaming, not even waiting for the polite reciprocal hellos to go by: "Ariel F's only at the [[Red Light District|Red Light District]] in [[Amsterdam|Amsterdam]]. When was the last time you F'ed with him?" [[[[[images/redLightDistrict1.jpg]]]]] "Forget him for now" "Ariel F's only at the red lights district in Amsterdam. When was the last time you F'ed with him?" [[[[[images/redLightDistrict2.jpg]]]]] "I want to talk about you, not him, can we do that?" "OK, Me, I, have a brother who F's only at the red lights district in Amsterdam. When was the last time you F'ed with him?" [[[[[images/redLightDistrict3.jpg]]]]] She hung up the phone. Calmly, I turn to Boaz: "I bet you not 5 minutes will pass before someone calls and lets me know Ariel is on his way to New York." He made a you-call-this-a-bet face and smiled. [[[[[images/cards.jpg]]]]] It took less then one minute for Ariel to call. The caring, loving brother, who flew across the ocean to help, has other immediate problems at home, so help is no longer a priority. (Vikki will report in a few weeks time that Ariel's next appearance in [[The Netherlands|The Netherlands]] is personally greeted by him at the airport, from where he would drive him down to [[Heerlen|Heerlen]] straight away, without making a stop in Amsterdam. He went into great length squeezing into the conversation the minute details of an event as yet to happen) . Didn't you once [[family|belong]] in some [[New York City|U.S. city]]? [[Get Back|Have fun in New Amsterdam]]! [[[[[images/Amsterdam.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/manhattan.jpg]]]]] 1
Thank you kindly for the the gift of 1000 NIS for Rosh Ha Shana. May I remind you in this context that the last time you were not living off of your parents' money was when you had a job at Yachin as a secretary when you were about half my age. I am happy to hear that your elder son is beginning to notice you now that he is so close to arriving at your money. This is quite gentle as compared to jumping on an airplane at the sight of the chance to harm his younger brother to achieve the same goal. [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] 1
To Orith, if you happen to be reading this: There was no other way I could think of at the time. Nothing personal. [Times are Verona time - 02:36 in Verona is 1:36 in Tel Aviv] 20051123-02.36.her.txt ----------- I'm not sure but it seems to me that it's been a long time since we've chat, isn't it? Would you like to do so? Orith. 20051123-03.49.me.txt ----------- Absolutely. Where are you? 20051123-04.19.her.txt ----------- in Italy, Verona for the last 2 years! 20051123-04.58.me.txt ----------- 0544 804-122 have a number? 20051123-05.18.her.txt ----------- where are you? What are you doing with your life now? Tell me a little bit, please. 20051123-05.17.me.txt ----------- I live alone in an ap-artment in Tel Aviv o. 20051123-05.20.her.txt ----------- and? 20051123-05.32.me.txt ----------- busy surviving 20051123-05.39.her.txt ----------- what kind of internel hour does your computer have? when did you come back to Isra묿 Besides "surviving" which doesn't mean being happy, are you ok? 20051123-05.45.me.txt ----------- it is now 4:45 pm according to my computer, it is is now 3:45 in Israel, where I am at for about 7 years now I am OK. o. 20051123-05.49.1.her.txt ----------- "where I am at for about 7 years now" ????????????????????????????????? 20051123-05.49.2.her.txt ----------- got it! I become slow ! 20051123-06.17.her.txt ----------- do you work for yourself as a freelance or in a compagny? How come you came back to Isra묿 20051123-06.20.me.txt ----------- I work freelance on and off the Internet. I came back to IL after a crisis while in the US that made me decide I want to live here. 20051123-06.29.her.txt ----------- You're quit laconic : just answering the questions without details or whatever. It's rather difficult to communicate like that. 20051123-06.32.me.txt ----------- Orit, try to re-read from the beginning of our conversation today. The answers are all there. If it doesn't help, see if this one does: Elohim, Rak Shmor Otti Me Ohavai, U-mi-son-ai E-sha-mer be-atzmi. I still love you, you know. Ohad 20051123-06.41.her.txt ----------- Dear Ohad, I didn't say you do not answer; but I have to ask all the time questions to have details on you. I suppose it would be easier if you just tell your story without waiting for questions. You know I'm not complicated and as time passes I look for less complicated stuff. Have you become a believer (maamine ) ? And I do not want you any harm and if you believe that I am a danger for you let us quit now. 20051123-06.42.her.txt ----------- P.S. Mayby you still love the memory of me but certainely not me for you don't really know me today. 20051123-06.48.me.txt ----------- I do not believe in God, nor is this line from the bible. it is from a song. In my last e-mail I said I might be a danger to you, and that I don't think you know that, and you should beware. I am sorry my metaphors escaped you. I believe you might also be a danger to me, but given this last one maybe it is better for me not to try and find out. I gave you a phone number and asked for yours. You do not really want to talk to me, and I have no intention of giving you reports about my life in any other way. Sorry, o. 20051123-07.07.me.txt [in reply to the P.S. above] ----------- And if you can guarantee this than why do we bother talking? 20051123-07.25.her.txt ----------- Listen I don't understand much from what you're trying to say!!! Why are you so complicated? I don't think it's good to talk for the time being; I prefer - as I always did - writing because writing and reading are nice : word just flee but what is written stays with you . I'm sorry for my English , I've forgot a lot of it. I would be better in french or even italian... Let's make things clear : I would like to communicate with you, to have news from you...to take and give like I do with all my good and dearest friends. Why on earth would you be harmfull to me or I to you? 20051123-07.29.me.txt ----------- Orit, Lets not be too clear then. I do not want to pursue this relationship. Thanks, Ohad 20051123-07.46.her.txt ----------- I sincerely regret your decision. But it has always been like that : I try to reach you and you turn away from me. What a pity. Farewell Ohad. Orith. 20051123-07.45.me.txt ----------- you did ask me to burn all the proof to the contrary. Farewell. 20051123-11.55.her.txt ----------- I'm stubborn : when I don't understand I ask clarifications until I understand. Why don't you accept my friendship simply as it is? Why is it so complicated from the very first lines? 20051124-02.50.me.txt ----------- I will try to think of the answers to these questions. I'll get back to you. 20051124-03.23.me.txt ----------- and here they come: You are stupid for not knowing to stay away from those who call you stupid in your face. Stay Away! [She did. My next e-mail a few minutes later returned with: "No such user"] [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/stratosfear2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/gbu.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/LoveHeart.jpg]]]]] 1
Watching [[Conspiracy Theory (film)|conspiracy theory]] movies and TV series paid off too. In one thesis, from [[The Prisoner |The Prisoner]], and [[Domino Principle|The Domino Principle]], everybody is the enemy. [[[[[images/prisoner.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheDominoPrinciple.jpg]]]]] It is a safe tactic as a base assumption. The other is that the border to the land of good exists, and need to be sought. Not much to go by as a theory. Boaz was in the bushes watching me as I walked out of the building. I hadn't noticed him, but did watch fearfully for the officials with the ambulance I expected waiting outside the building. Strangely, if they had been there, there would be nothing I could do, while Boaz would not have been able to follow without my noticing. And so the chase started: I was running, nobody was following, yet. I knew its just a matter of time until I am gotten to if I truely disappear. [[[[[images/EnemyOfTheState.jpg]]]]] Boaz had said later that he had relaxed about my mental state from my body language walking out of the building. "It is a walk of a person wanting to take care of himself" Boaz is not part of the system. Even if I knew, it would be no help. My take on this one was that it was paranoia fueled adrenaline that straightened out my brain and forced me to function relatively normally, yet at very high speeds. The cell phone is critical if there is another side. I can communicate, and be safe enough. After all, nobody will call upon [[Marwan_Barghouti|Barghouti]] tactics for this, but the thought had to cross my mind to verify this, correlating with [[Max Headroom (TV series)|Max Headroom]] and [[Israel_Defense_Forces|IDF]] tactics and budget considerations. [[[[[images/cellphone.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Barghouti.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/MaxHeadroom.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Theora Jones.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/IDF.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] By the time I was around the corner, visually safe and comfortably alone, the plan was carefully laid out: Stay on phone communications with everybody who will listen, while otherwise maintaining complete stealth. One small loophole: I must regularly visit [[[Nekko|Nekko]]], as she is in her worst FHS episode ever. I decide to give up Nekko for the sake of prioritizing, while marking every decision to be made pending this scary knowledge. I have only a few hours to be safe on this head, and better not pre-schedule anything, just be there as soon as I judge the place is safe to approach. [[[[[images/Nekko1.jpg]]]]] 1
We agreed that nothing can happen over the weekend anyway, and the warrent is no longer. We can sync back on sunday. [[[[[images/Nekko1.jpg]]]]] 1
When Ariel was about 42, he was living in Israel and had a disk rupture. Living is a very gross overstatement. Due to intolerable pain, he was screaming continuously at high volume, waking up all the neighbors, let alone his own family. he completely refused eating, so that he doesn't have to go to the bathroom, thereby preventing more pain. He was on hunger strike against reality. After eight such days I tried to reason with him. "lets do some logic here. It is only a matter of time until I take charge and completely ignore your painful screams, and bring some very physically strong people that will take you to the hospital. How much time, if you were me, and I were you, will you have waited, and what is a reasonable time frame for me, in your opinion, before I ignore you and do my thing." We agreed on forty eight hours. After twenty four he asked to be taken to the hospital. Three ordinary guys came from the ambulance to help him out of the bed to the stretcher. He chased them away with shear volume, requesting a crane that will carry him through the window thereby evading the painful elevator while destroying the surrounding yard and plantation. Turns out there is a special army unit for just such cases. They are strong, big, agile, impatient and probably deaf. He was in the ambulance in about two minutes, elevator and everything. At the emergency room, the nurses and doctors were mostly trying to ignore him most of the time. With a continuous volume impossible to raise, it rose every time somebody entered his compartment. So they tried not to. Instead they all approached Me, taking turns. The noise was in the way of saving other lives and was quite bothersome. They took turns, politely asking questions at first, slowly graduating towards open anger and threats: "Is he otherwise a normal person" "Is he seeing a therapist" "Is he mentally healthy" "I suggest we bring in a mental professional" "Maybe we better move him to a place where such people can be better treated" Thinking silently and quickly, now this just became a real emergency. This is my brother you are talking about, and so what if he is seeing a shrink for the past ten years. This is an emergency room, and you can sedate him as much as you care to, and people don't scream when they are asleep. You are not doctors, just people expressing anger at a person who doesn't let you do your work, so you try to save on sedatives, of anger, nothing else. Confidently I lied through my teeth with a straight poker face, saying he has never seen a shrink in his life, is the most sane person I know, and if they make his pain go away I can guarantee he is wearing a tie tomorrow morning and goes to work as usual, albeit he was also unemployed at the time. Given enough time and enough sedatives, the pain went away, he stopped screaming, and I was easily resting my case to everybody with told-you-so's. [[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sickBed.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Ichilov.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mentalInstitution.jpg]]]]] 1
With panic and fury, knowing I can not afford to stay stationary, freezing to death in a T-shirt on a cold night, walking barefoot on the beach, I looked out to the sea searching for ideas. [[[[[images/fisherMen.jpg]]]]] The [[[sharonKids|Boat]]] is not too far out, I allow a split second to pass fantasizing about a rescue operation, if only it was someone else, but who? I have to start immediately constructing a new safety net, much like the one I was working so hard to implant in Shira's brain as well as her surroundings. [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] In this safety net, "mishenet ha kane ha ratzutz" (Yeshayahu 36) is the caution level, implying [[Ossama Bin Laden|Ossama Bin Laden]] style spy cell knowledge classification. [[[[[images/Osama bin Laden.jpg]]]]] No one can be trusted, and anyone must be used to the full extent possible, without harming the innocent. In compliance with the [[[Reggy/msdbSearchText/context/life wish|Reggy]]] [[I, robot|I, Robot]] laws of humanhood life wish, only later to be put on paper. [[[[[images/I Robot.jpg]]]]] I call the Boat: "Was there an order written to bring me in, and who wrote it?" [[[[[images/cellphone.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/fishingBoat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mentalInstitution.jpg]]]]] "Yes there was, I did not ask it written, and I cancelled it as soon as I found out it was written. It no longer exists" This was a blatant and obvious lie. [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] How can you possibly cancel an order you yourself claim you had no part in bringing about, by making phone calls from a Boat, claiming to be someone's relative? Of course I was just listening silently. Hopefully he would shed some light on how it was brought about. Anger and fear made me curious, with no logical reason for this to be important at this stage. He didn't, and I did not stress the issue. But the safety net is beginning to form, and the fisherman as always, is caught in the [[Sir_Walter_Scott|tangled web he weaves, when first he practices to deceive]]. [[[[[images/fisherMen.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/SirWalterScott.jpg]]]]] Nevertheless, he can not be Xed out just yet, of a net yet to be formed: I need his pretended support to disseminate from his subconsciousness outward to his sister. I am being as nice as I can control, which is quite limited. 81 days of maintaining this policy with great caution, it will pay off in the form of the punch line of the 81 day chase: He would be the authority approving the handing over of the kidnapped ransom money. [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] 1
Yael Aloni Stolzl Stadler Sharon: Ariel is too thirsty for money to be able to think straight. He made an attempt on my life for a mere $40,000, $10,000 of which he shortly thereafter collected from the New York Unemplyment Agnecy, while you gaurds your millions in a [[Swiss Bank|swiss bank]]. He will not stop chasing me, until you are dead. He is after money which is not mine until that happens. He is Addicted to Whores and Gambling. He lies for a living for many years now, selecting jobs where this is the only requirement, bragging about it to me and friends. He only knows two liars greater them him, according to his own bragging: His son Tal, and the best Poker player he knows, whom Tal cleaned out in a poker game. He has entangled his life in a web of pretense fueled by money which he is uncertain he can continue to obtain. [[[[[images/ArielAndTal.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/war.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Death.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheGatesOfHell.jpg]]]]] 1
Years of environment forced self training of paranoia paid off. I immediately knew I was totally alone. It took yet another split second to realize I wasn't safe at my home, and started calculating the amount of fear building up, including the fact that my cat might die in the process of my fleeing. Verifying my wallet keys and cell phone are on me, I walked barefoot with a T shirt and pants on into the night, straight past [[Psychiatrist|Roney]]. [[[[[images/darkness.jpg]]]]] 1
Yom Kippur - Vikki Shows. I am still very much out there. returning from Eilat, he is claiming I promised to murder both my mother and my brother. I wonder why he didn't go to the police. I later discovered his Hebrew is very deficient, and he concludes things with very false intuition, translating forceful words into force threats. I did say I would have Ariel fired if he came back again to hunt me down. In a conversation on 11/29 when I mentioned I only said 'Lefatter Otto' he sounded very confused. Vikki kept calling afterwards, trying to help me surrender myself. In the last call, I got very agitated and made him swear he will not call back until he got a signal from me. I had to go out of my way humiliating him, explicitly promising him such will also be the case in any future conversations. [[[[[images/Sportec.jpg]]]]] 1
You also paid exactly 1000NIS to a psychiatrist last year to have your son murdered. I wish you buried with all your money. [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheGatesOfHell.jpg]]]]] 1
You know, when you call you younger brother to wish him happy new year and ask to see him, after having made an attempt on his life a year earlier, it raises some thoughts: I can understand your state of denial to this sorrowful fact. But, its like they say: What on earth were you thinking? Am I also to be in a state of denial, thereby re-endangering my life? You need HELP! Get It! [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg|Ariel Aloni]]]]] [[[[arielaloni.com|Ariel]]]], Thank you for you pseudo-kind phone call of presumed concern to my well being tonite, in the end of which you hung up on me as usual. 1. You asked me why I believe you owe me $50,000: In your attempts to assainate me starting September 30th of 2005, lasting at least the 81 days following, with dimishing success on your part, you have managed to confiscate from me forever my forteen year old adopted [[[[shiradottan.com|daughter]]]], thereby causing me much grief, while in passing also ruining her life - and nearly - also mine. I also lost some $50,000 in my eventually-successful attempts to save my life from you at the time. As my ex [[[jaccuse/msdbSearchText/context/bro|bro]]]ther, I hold you personally responsible for my losses. My ex (and your) [[[[yaelaloni.com|mother]]]] was trying her best to assist you in your assassination attempts, using much force with over a million dollars of finacial backing in her posession. I therefore hold her independently responsible for the damage caused during the dusk of 2005. 2. You also asked me to remove these following [[[jaccuse|jaccuse]]] pages from my public web site: Your repeated presumed ignorance of the above facts regarding your actions, is the reason for which, these pages detailing the events of the dusk of 2005, to this day reside in these pages of my web site. Such actions can not be taken lightly, nor forgiven, nor can they be undone, mostly. I will not rest at least until my finacial losses are regained. [[[[[images/jaccuse.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Tally3.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[[images/CainAndAbel.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/jaccuse.jpg]]]]] This is the story of the [[[jaccuse/msdbCat/context/The Trial|attempt on my life]]] by my brother Ariel Aloni, starting the night of September 29 of 2005, lasting an intense period of 81 days, ending with partial success on my part, after which I fled with life still in my posession. Ariel Aloni is in deep financial trouble. He has been obtaining jobs via lies, deceit and trickery since his first management job with Tudor Investment Corporation. Ariel Aloni's job - by his own proud accord - is to bulshit people into hiring him for the next job. Then he would bullshit the company about the future technology of the company for the next year or so, until he is exposed and fired, yet again. Ariel Aloni had six (6) jobs in Israel in his brief three year attemt to live in the country, starting 1999, and exausted the Israeli market with his bullshit. He then fled back to New York to continue getting hired and fired there every other year. [[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg|Ariel Aloni]]]]] tried to assasinate me legally by taking advantage of a family crisis, trying to eliminate with much violence my financial resources and family ties. This was done for the purpose of obtaining $40,000 given to me by our mother, Yael Aloni, and sitting idle in my bank account in New York, for which my confidante brother had power of attorney signature rights. He was about to be fired at the time, and shortly after collected about $10,000 from New York Unemplyment instead. All the while, his annual salary is over $100,000 and our mother also keeps about a million dollars in a swiss bank account, for fear the state of Israel will confiscate it if it arrives in the country. This for no good reason whatsoever. She has never made a penny in her life, and the state of Israel is free of all inheritance taxes. [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] Ariel is not terribly [[sanity|sane]] either. In 2001 he had send our mother by e-mail a realy cool picture, [[[[[images/Roy Aloni.jpg]]]]], or so HE at least thought. It is his elder son, Roy, age 11 at the time, holding his penis in his hand, in the living room, while his father is holding a camera. [[[[[images/penis.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/camera1.jpg]]]]] For lack of advance knowledge, my mother has shown this picture, to her own surprise and shock, also to Shira and her mother, as she was receiving the e-mail with new cool pictures from the son in New York. [[[[[images/Shira1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Roy Aloni.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/camera1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/manhattan.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[[images/threatPlea.jpg]]]]] 1