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more: 1. once the movie arrives, verify on the computer that you can watch it, hear the audio, and do the same with virtual dub. this is a 'codecs are ok' verification. It is important that you know you have all the common codecs on the computer before you start applying this test and trash movies for not being able to see them. it is especially important with rare movies, where getting another copy after you waited 4 months for this last one, might be impossible. In such cases it might be easier to search the Internet and download a codec to fit the movie. you do have the all--in-1 codec pack which is quite neat in this respect. 2. you will be using virtualdub mostly for two things: a. compressing the file to less than 700mb to fit on a single CD b. converting the codecs to divx/mp3 which makes it more compatible to standards and so will survive better through the ages of technology, presumably. so this last one is not that important, if you can burn it to a CD you can just do that and if your LG cab show it, good enough, all of this is way too time consuming to be idealistic about. In time you will learn what the LG can read, and later it will become unimportant because the LG is just a device, and after it dies, the next one will be better in all respects anyway. but it is still where you watch the movies so this is the focus of your work. If you throw away too many disc for not being able to see them on the LG, don't worry too much, throw them away, and experience will teach you to do it less often as time goes by. [[[[[images/virtualDub.jpg]]]]] 1
"In the distant future I see open fields for far more important [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Pavlov|researches]]]. [[[noSoul|Psychology]]] will be based on a new [[foundation series|foundation]]" - [[Charles Darwin|Charles Darwin]]. [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Pavlov.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Foundation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[[images/David Bowie.jpg|David Bowie]]]]] 1
[[[[[images/gbu.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Sandy.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[[images/google.jpg|Google]]]]] http://images.google.com/images?q=cheetah http://images.google.com/images?q=theora jones http://images.google.com/images?q=theora (oops, sorry!) http://images.google.com/images?q=max headroom http://images.google.com/images?q=shira dottan http://images.google.com/images?q=ariel aloni http://images.google.com/images?q=Nekko http://images.google.com/images?q=Reggy http://images.google.com/images?q=maria montessori http://images.google.com/images?q=%22evolution theory for kids%22 [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/Theora Jones.gif|Theora Jones]]]]] [[[[[images/OggTheora.jpg|Theora]]]]] [[[[[images/MaxHeadroom.jpg|Max Headroom]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg|Nekko]]]]] [[[[[images/MariaMontessori.jpg|Maria Montessori]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
[[[[[images/PythagoreanTheorem.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[[images/Theora Lubrica.jpg|Theora Lubrica]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Audio/CamelHair.mp3|Camel Hair]]]] [[[[[images/Camel.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Hair.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Audio/TheShowMustGoOn.mp3|Let there be]]]] More [[[[theora.com/Audio/LetThereBeMoreLight.mp3|Light]]]] [[[[[images/RayCharles.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/MantaRay.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DarkSideOfTheMoon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/aNicePair.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Audio/WhoAreYou.mp3|How]]]] do you know what you [[[[theora.com/Video/HowDoYouKnow.avi|know]]]]? How do you know math? How do you know English? How do you know [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/drum|Drum]]]s? Where does your name come from? How do you like your [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ohadOnGuitar.mp3|Music]]]]? How do you know about the swimming pool in the middle of the water at Gordon bay? [[[[[images/WhoAreYou.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20080503-barvazzim.mp3|Barvazzim]]]] [[[[[images/mole.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ducks.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/bolero/20080206-solero.mp3|Solero]]]] [[[[[images/Solero.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Bolero.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/crickets3.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheHunger.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif|guitar]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/jelly/20080407-jelly.mp3|Jelly]]]] [[[[[images/jam.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/band.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/KDsessions.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/21 - TwoHandSeparationExcersizes-lowRes.avi|But keep that one going]]]], no matter what, cause thats [[[[theora.com/guitar/theGroove/theGroove.mp3|your groove]]]]. [[[[[images/StanleyJordan2Hands.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif|guitar]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/U2.mp3|U2]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/guitar/wobble/20080422-wobble.mp3|Wobble]]]] [[[[[images/wobble.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/hanuka.mp3|Two candles]]]] [[[[[images/candle.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/candle.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/candle.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/cheers.avi|Hello]]]], [[[[theora.com/Audio/Louise.mp3|Louise]]]] [[[[[images/Louise.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/VincentVanGogh.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/dad.avi|never gives up]]]] In an insane world, it was the sanest [[[life/msdbCat/title/Soap Mom|choice]]]. [[[[[images/roboDad.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/fear0.avi|Fear]]]] leads to anger. [[[[theora.com/Video/fear1.avi|Anger]]]] leads to hate. Hate lead to suffering. I'm [[[[theora.com/guitar/fear/20080329-fear.mp3|not afraid]]]]. [[[[[images/Studio.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StarWars.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/fear1.avi|Yet]]]], it is hard to tell the thin [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|difference]]]. Seven years since a wish became truth. [[[[[Shira/lyrics/HaHvedelHaDak.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/GunsAndRoses.avi|Guns and Roses]]]] [[[[[images/SodaStream.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/boomer.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/boomerang.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/musicBox.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/HappyBirthday.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/mom.avi|And]]]] I [[[life/msdbCat/title/Robodad|Cried]]] with [[[shira|You]]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/soap|Soap]]] [[[[[images/SoapTV.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/rebus.avi|It]]]] is [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/rebus|night]]] and she is all alone, and you get on your white horse and pick up the flowers just like the book says, and you ride to the remote castle where your princess is waiting for the rescue, and she is entirely alone. no castle. So you take off the brick from the [[[[theora.com/Video/NightHorse.avi|mare]]]] and by the time the sun is up the [[[[theora.com/Video/realEstate.avi|corner stone]]]] is already in [[[[theora.com/Audio/AniOhevOtachHayom.mp3|place]]]]. It takes a lot of thought to understand what it means to [[[[theora.com/Video/love.avi|know]]]] your [[[noSoul|subconsciousness]]]. It is a kind of familiarity. [[[[[images/princess.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/alone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/buildingBlock.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/castle.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/crib.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/WoodyAllen.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/MaxHeadroom.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ArikAinstein.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/AniOhevOtachHayom.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Bible.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Freud.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/sex.avi|Sex]]]], [[[[theora.com/Video/love.avi|Love]]]], and Video Tapes [[[[[images/sex.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/love.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/SpiesLikeUs.avi|Its not your fault]]]] [[[[[images/SpiesLikeUs.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[[theora.com/Video/twoMindsOneSingleMemory.avi|Two Minds]]]]. [[[[theora.com//wawi6.mp3|One Single Memory]]]]! [[[[[images/MaxHeadroom.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StanleyJordan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif|guitar]]]]] 1
[[[brodetzkyPeople|Benno]]] is the most wonderful soul I have ever met who survived the haulacaust. He is about to die of cancer. Thirteen years ago the doctors discovered it and told him he has six months to live. It is now creaping in again, and three months ago they told him the same. And so he tells me this story and says that now it is serious and now he is truly dying, and I joke and say he can not possibly beleive them after such a long failure in experssing their vast knowledge, and yet I feel he feels already dead inside, and I feel my jokes are just for my own denial too, and not just to share his joking and to comfort him as he is dying while we talk. Make no [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]], he is very much alive today. After he told me all this, a month or so later, he visited me for some neighbor issue, and we hung out chatting by my doorstep as I was greeting him with a Shabbat Shalom for goodbye. Shabbat, he said, strong concept! If I last the next step in this staircase I will consider myself lucky, but thanks anyway for the grand hopes. We never got to analyse Shalom, and he went down the staircase and disappeared. [[[[[images/Benno.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[guitar/msdbSearchText/story/Stanley|Stanley]]] Jordan says if you make the same [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] several times in practice, it is bound to repeat on stage. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Pavlov|Pavlov]]] says if you ring the bell enough times, the dog will make the same [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] and drool on stage without any food. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Freud|Freud]]] says when the same conditions of a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/trauma|trauma]]]tic event occur on stage, we will respond the same way we did in practice. [[[[[images/StanleyJordan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Pavlov.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Freud.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[guitar|Music]]], [[[tbil/msdbSearchText/songs/Dear Prudence|Music]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif]]]]] [[[[[tbil/000.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StanleyJordan2Hands.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2guitars4.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Studio.jpg]]]]] [[[Nekko|Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS), ADHD and Epilepsy]]] [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] Nekko [[[etfk|E]]]v[[[TheOriginOfSpecies|o]]]l[[[OnTheOriginOfSpecies|u]]]t[[[DarwinCall|i]]]o[[[noSoul|n]]] [[[OriginOfSpecies|theory]]] [[[etfk|for Kids]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg]]]]] [[[OriginOfSpecies|The Origin of Species Illustrated]]] [[[[[images/toxodon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nautilus.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mastodon.jpg]]]]] [[[noSoul|Evolution Driven Human Psychology]]] [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Freud.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Pavlov.gif]]]]] In the distant future I see open fields for far more important researches. Psychology will be based on a new foundation, that of the necessary aquirement of each mental power and capacity by gradation - Charles Darwin. 1
[[[guitar|Scales]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/BluesGuitarBand/20080607-bluesScale.mp3|left]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/BluesGuitarBand/20080607-bluesScaleOctaves.mp3|octaves]]]] [[[[[images/Johnny Mayer.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/scales.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Stanley Jordan.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[life/msdbCat/title/degree Absolute|Degree Absolute]]] [[[[[images/degreeAbsoluteInHebrew.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ghosts.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/devil.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/devilCat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/prisoner.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cortX1.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/LeoMcKern-degreeAbsolute.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RoyalCanin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pastrama.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/LeChat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Valium5mg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/EscapeFromNewYork.jpg]]]]] [[[[[Nekko/20070926-DegreeAbsolute.jpg]]]]] [[[[[Nekko/pictures/20071007-degreeAbsolute.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[life/msdbCat/title/rebus|Keep]]] [[[jaccuse|them]]]! [[[[[images/OceanWarriors.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Qtips.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/donkey.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/popsicle.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[life/msdbCat/title/Unicycles|Encyclopedias]]], yes. [[[[[images/Wikipedia.jpg]]]]] And what about prophecies? Tomorrow, the sun will rise. So will you. And for a long time to come. It is not what we [[[noSoul|know]]] about the past that makes us [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/Mottar|different]]]. [[[[[images/sunrise.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/prince.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/prophet.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/darwin|He]]] was exchanging letters with the swiss ant expert about this ant, that is just like the British ant, but not exactly. [[[[[images/England.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/ant.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Switzerland.jpg]]]]] What does that mean? Could the british ant in ancient times somehow have migrated to England, and later evolved there to become slightly different? [[[[[images/water.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bull.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/island.jpg]]]]] During those times, most mail with Europe was carried by pigeons. [[[[[images/pigeon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/dove.gif]]]]] So fascinated was he with exchanging [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]ce ideas, that he started hanging out with the postal servicemen. The pigeon growers. He even raised [[[TheOriginOfSpecies/msdbSearchText/summary/pigeon|pigeon]]]s for six years just to see if he can produce a pigeon with a [[[TheOriginOfSpecies/msdbCat/chapter/Chapter 1|red tail]]]. [[[[[images/pigeon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/redTail.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RedTailBlackCocka.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/redTailHawk.jpg]]]]] But the letter from the swiss ant [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]tist is long overdue. So he walks over to the local post office and demands: [[[OriginOfSpecies/msdbSearchText/description/pigeon|Where is my pigeon]]]? [[[[[images/postalCarriers.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pigeonMail.jpg]]]]] Uhm, well, we've been having some problems with that lately. Along the coast there are hawks waiting for the exausted pigeons. Your pigeon may have been someone's dinner. [[[[[images/redTailHawk.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pigeon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/hawk.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/chickenBreastStrips.jpg]]]]] Furiously, he walks over to the beech, endlessly searching for his pigeon. With the eyes of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]tist that he is, he spots their wedding ring in a regurgitated pellet of a hawk. [[[[[images/weddingRing.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/owlPellet.jpg]]]]] All that is left of his pigeon are some seeds she picked up for the trip and never managed to digest. [[[[[images/pigeon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/stomach.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/seeds.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/wheatSeeds.jpg]]]]] So he takes the seeds, and lets them germinate, and he sees the most beautiful flowers - which he knows well from his back yard. [[[[[images/daisies.jpg]]]]] So that is how they migrated to England! [[[[[images/water.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bull.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/island.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/google|Google]]] http://www.google.com/m/x?site=images&source=gp&gl=us&q=Cheetah http://images.google.com/images?q=theora jones http://images.google.com/images?q=theora http://images.google.com/images?q=max headroom http://images.google.com/images?q=shira dottan http://www.google.com/search?q=shira dottan http://images.google.com/images?q=ariel aloni http://www.google.com/search?q=feline hyperesthesia video http://images.google.com/images?q=Reggy http://www.google.com/search?q=define nekko http://images.google.com/images?q=%22evolution theory for kids%22 http://www.google.com/search?q=%22evolution%20theory%20for%20kids%22 http://www.google.com/search?q=filetype%3Atxt phpinfo http://www.google.com/search?q=tadram [[[[[images/google.jpg|Google]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/Theora Jones.gif|Theora Jones]]]]] [[[[[images/OggTheora.jpg|Theora]]]]] [[[[[images/MaxHeadroom.jpg|Max Headroom]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg|Ariel Aloni]]]]] [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg|Nekko]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] [[[[[images/tangram.jpg|tangram]]]]] 1
[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/imagin|Imagin]]]ation is beleiving your [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]] is the same as everyone [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/Heisenberg|else]]]'s. [[[[[images/Heisenberg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/electrons.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/smily.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/eye.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Eye2.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/rebus|Rebus]]] [[[[[images/man.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/drill.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mandrill.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/egg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/plant.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/grape.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fruit.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pine.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apple1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/straw.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/straws.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/berries.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/eggplant.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/grapefruit.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pineapple.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/strawberry.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/rebus|Rebus]]] [[[[[images/man.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/drill.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mandrill.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/egg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/plant.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/eggplant.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/grape.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fruit.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/grapefruit.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pine.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apple.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pineapple.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/straw.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/straws.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/berries.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/strawberry.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pea.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cock.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/peacock.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Max Headroom.jpg|Max Headroom]]]]] [[[[[images/Theora Jones.jpg|Theora Jones]]]]] 1
[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/rebus|Rebus]]] [[[[[images/pea.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nut.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/peanut.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/under.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/stand.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/man.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/drill.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mandrill.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/egg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/plant.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/eggplant.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/grape.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fruit.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/grapefruit.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pine.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apple.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pineapple.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/straw.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/berries.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/strawberry.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pea.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cock.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/peacock.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[Nekko|Cats]]] and [[[shira/msdbCat/title/crickets|Crickets]]] -------------------------- Last night you told me that my dick is thinking for my otherwise empty skull content. It is true that [[hormone|hormonal]] activity of the human brain works. There has been much research on the subject and I have no reservations. If you have been one of [[human|us]], maybe you had been more tolerant and understanding. I woke up this morning while looking frantically in between the viagra junk mails to see if the new [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/witch|witch]]] in my life had noticed me, now that she tried to hurt me, and touched on the two most sensitive items of my being. You [[Sorcerer|touched]] me real close, with no [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/witch|witch]]]less intentions. If you had truly known your powers, you would have easily hurt me. You are pure at heart, but will your [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/wizard|wizard]]]ry do good rather than evil when put to the test? Will you have my [[home|kids]]? and will they [[death|die]] old and [[[tbil/msdbCat/pages/029|happy]]]? [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/crickets3.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[Nekko|First]]] there was the whipping [[[[theora.com/Audio/welcome.mp3|cream]]]]. [[[shira|Then]]] there was the cotton candy [[[[theora.com/Audio/welcomeHome.mp3|maker]]]]. [[[[[images/Tommy.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cream.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/whippingCream.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TrickOfTheTail.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira0.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cottonCandyMaker.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] 1
[[[RI/msdbSearchText/title/Final|Queen Angel]]]! [[[[[images/Queen.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Angel.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/AliceInWonderland.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/rabbit.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/neo.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[tbil/msdbCat/pages/015|Mother]]] Nature's [[[[theora.com/Video/love.avi|Son]]]] [[[[[tbil/014.jpg]]]]][[[[[tbil/015.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Sandy.jpg]]]]] 1
[[[tbil/msdbSearchText/songs/Get Back|Come back Home]]] [[[[[images/Studio.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/LetItBe.jpg]]]]] 1
[[2001: A Space Odyssey (film)|Hal]] Control to [[Space Oddity|Major Tom]]. There is a [[meteor|meteor]] heading your way. [[Microsoft|Click OK to continue]].... [[[[[images/hal.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/spaceOddity.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/meteor.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Microsoft.jpg]]]]] 1
[[Axiom|Axioms]] can also be [[[shira|prooven]]] by [[[[www.theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ohadOnGuitar.mp3|examples]]]]. [[[[[images/guitar.gif|guitar]]]]] 1
[[Carl Friedrich Gauss|Gauss]] was six years old when, [[[[www.newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/math99/math99224.htm|one day]]]] the teacher was fed up with the paper airplanes, so she told the kids to add up all the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/number|number]]]s from one to a hundred while she is going out for coffee. 5050, he said, before she left for the door. How did you know? she panicked. Its simple really: Add the first to the last, you get 101. Add 99 to 2, still 101. Add 98 to 3... . Add all the way to 50+51. Counting 50 times 101 in all. 1+ 2 + 3 +...+ n = n*(n+1)/2 [[[[[images/Gauss.jpg]]]]] 1
[[Carla Tortelli|Carla]], why do you keep building [[The Wall|walls]] between you and [[Cheers|everyone else]]? Have [[Frasier Crane|you]] taken a good look at [[[[www.theora.com/images/lunatic.jpg|everyone else]]]]? [[[[[images/Cheers.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheWall.jpg]]]]] 1
[[Charles Darwin|Darwin]] just wanted to comment on this lengthy discussion that if the axioms were not true, they would never have survived, nor [[Natural Selection|come to existence]]. [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Gauss.jpg]]]]] 1
[[Charles Darwin|Darwin]] was like [[Isaac Newton|Newton]]. He only knew [[[etfk|evolution]]] like most of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]tific crouds at the time. He was at the top of knowledge. Definitely an advantage. [[[TheOriginOfSpecies|The Origin of Species]]] was already a matter of discussion among the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]tific community for some time as well as the classification of animals to groups that were for some reason called families. It is true, but lets not be too vocal about it - said the comunity. Darwin was mostly hiding his theories except from the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]tific community, at least until he collected his thoughts enough to have the balls to publish, in a world where there is not a single atheist on the planet. During newton time, [[Galileo|everybody]] knew the world is not flat, and is not the center of anything, and you can not walk all the way to the edge of this seemingly flat surface and fall down, because there is no up and down anymore, and the world revolves around the sun and not vice versa, and this means that regardless of where we stand on it, we will continue to fall into its center, and not to this day we know why, but we call it [[Gravity|Gravity]]. [[[[[images/Newton.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Galileo.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
[[Charles Darwin|He]] looked in the eyes of the world and said to them: you must be all crazy, almost all of your eyes are brown, but some of them are blue, and blue eyed couples always yield blue eyed children, and what: Mendel is not, and you think that this blue eyed child from two brown eyed parents are necesserily an act of [[God|God]]? [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] And so he wrote in his [[The Origin of Species|book]]: All is [[Biological inheritance|inherited]] because there is absolutely no [[Causality|reason]] to think that anything might come from anywhere else. Whether Mendel is yet known or not, and whether we know at all how [[Origin of Life|things come to existence]], or we do not, is irrelevant. [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] Two blocks away, around the same [[time|time]], that is, the [[Mendel|other guy]] was busy in a [[monestary|monestary]], getting crazy on a totally diffrent subject: He noticed that peepod seeds which are wrinkled tend to yield more of the same in their plant later, as compared with the smooth ones. So bored was he, and so facinated with this amazing fact, that he decided to grow a generation of six thousand seeds to maturity so that he can count how many of them will come out wrinkled if he had planned their parents so that according to his new theories it would come to 3000. [[[[[images/monk.jpg]]]]] (-: Being the crazy [[monk|monk]] that he was, and not knowing about [[Carl Friedrich Gauss|Gauss]], he failed in his experiment because :-) he managed to count 2997 wrinkled peapod yielding plants. [[[[[images/genome.jpg]]]]] Mendel burried his findings in the monestary for some student monks to find years later, long after Darwin's work was [[[life/msdbCat/title/Darwin and Mendel|published]]]. [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Mendel.jpg]]]]] 1
[[conspiracy theory|All]] that is [[evil|bad]], [[prophecy|might]] happen, so [[thought|think]] about the bad that will happen [[paranoia|all the time]], and what ever happens, pull out of pocket the [[Israel Defense Forces|plan]] of how to make it [[morality|good]], so all is [[Ignorance_is_bliss|well]] and all will continue to be well [[confidence|regardless of what happens]], and there is nothing to be [[fear|afraid]] of. [[[[[images/ConspiracyTheory.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/hell.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/prophet.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/alone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/plan.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/IDF.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/heaven.jpg]]]]] 1
[[excitement|Wow]], this [[Political power|chair]] is so high, I can't [[paralysis|move]], I can't even [[resignation|step down]]. [[[[[images/israeliFlag.jpg]]]]] 1
[[Fish|Fish]] and [[Christopher Colombus|man]] swam to shore for the first time ever, peaked at the [[Americas|land]], and said: [[Earth|Land]] of [[United States|opportunities]], there are no people here except those [[Native Americans in the United States|Indians]] I can [[war|eliminate]], and no [[Quadruped|animals]] at all, except those stupid [[insect|insects]] I can eat, and [[[life/msdbCat/title/archimedes|later]]] I can turn [[Reptile#Evolution_of_the_reptiles|reptilian]], and [[mammal|mammalian]], and [[Human|human]], and build [[New York City|skyscrapers]]. [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/columbus.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/land.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Americas.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nativeAmerican.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/tank.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/gemsbok.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/butterfly.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/time.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Reptile.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/orangutan2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/columbus.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/manhattan2.jpg]]]]] 1
[[Gauss|His]] true genious was to connect [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mathematic|mathematic]]]s and [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]], by prooving and classifying from [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]], the true [[axiom|axioms]] of [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mathematic|mathematic]]]s. In [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]], we first take axioms for granted to be [[truth|true]]. If we use a system of logic where the axioms are not true, then the system can only be used for teaching [[logic|logic]]: What is true then, in an axiom, if we can not proove it is true, to make it [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/differen|different]]] from the axioms that lead to no [[Aristotelian logic|Aristotelian logic]] constructs that we will ever use? This is in fact the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|difference]]]. They pertain to [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]], and Gauss has shown [[mankind|us]] that, through [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mathematic|mathematic]]]s. In [[Computational complexity theory|complexity theory]] - a field in [[Computability theory (computer science)|computer science theory]] that deals with the complexisty of [[computer program|computer programs]] - there is this set of very complex problems called [[NP complete|NP complete]]. These are defined by means of a concept called [[Reduction (mathematics)|Reduction]]. A reduction is a logical transofrmation of one problem to another. If one can reduce problem A to problem B, then B must be a harder problem or equal, and if B were soleved, then A is considered solved, because it is reducible to a solved problem. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Computer|Computer]]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]ce theorist have collected a large set of such problems, showing reductions in both directions, thereby establishing equivalence of the problems, without ever solving any. They are too complex, probably, to be actually solved. But if one is ever solved in the future, then automatically all others are solved too. From a theoritical standpoint, this concept is very powerful. A world of logic consturcts with many reductions after long research, has been built, atop a foundation yet to be discovered. Reduction is a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mathematic|mathematic]]]al construct, not just a concept. It is a methemtical description of what logically constitutes what is termed by this, and proof of why it is logically correct. Gauss connects [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]] to [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]]. It is implied by looking at his conclusions from the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]]ematical point of view of reductions, and follow aristotelian logic. The primary concept is obvious: [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|Reality]]] can be counted, and pure [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]]ematical deductions can be drawn. But if a certain demographic of [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]] can be prooven statistically to be correct, whereas we know this fact also to be correct from other observations of [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]], then we can take the statistical conlusion from Gauss to be inhetrently correct, because we know it to be true from other sources. This being the case we start a process of reduction that will in the end up saying the follwing: The axioms are prooven to be true, (in as far as [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]] is true,) in all cases where the conclusions regarding [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]], which we otherwise know to be true somehow, where the axioms are used in [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]]ematically arriving at the same known conclusion. The details of the reduction process itself are not important in this case, but it is worth noting that the same can probably be prooven by other means, even though [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]]ematical proofs in general do not necesserily work if you reverse the order of deduction. "A prooves B" does not necessarily imply "B prooves A", and so a reversal may or may not be logically correct. In other words, Gauss has classified the axioms of [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]]ematics that were used for prooving the central limit theorem as correct. The axiom, and the thorem are equivalent, to the extent that conclusions from the theorem, can be shown from other means to be correct. For example, if election poles match statistical predictions, then it is proof that A+B always equals B+A. [[[[[images/Gauss.jpg]]]]] 1
[[Grateful Dead|The Grateful Dead]] were called the [[Grateful Dead|Grateful Dead]] in one reference that [[User:ohadaloni|I]] changed already. After all, how would you k[[Yellow Submarine (film)|NO]]w [[Who Are You|Who Are You]] and [[Who's Next|Who's Next]] if your own name is not [[The Who|whole]]. It is not a matter of [[Philosophy|Philosophy]], just [[Music|Music]]. [[[[[images/The Grateful Dead.jpg|The Grateful Dead]]]]] [[[[[images/Beatles.jpg|The Beatles]]]]] [[[[[images/The Who.jpg|The Who]]]]] [[[[[images/Wikipedia.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/kNOw.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/knowThyself.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/WhoAreYou.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/WhosNext.jpg]]]]] 1
[[Jazz|Jazz]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Heisenberg|works]]] for [[Stanley Jordan|them]] because they forgot to press the record button, and someone has yet to let them know that they are on stage, and someone might hear them making a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]], and they should start noticing the [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/Jordan|audience]]], as it will make a diffrence if they know they are being [[Heisenberg principle|watched]]. No [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|Stress]]]. No [[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/06 - stress-mistake.avi|Mistakes]]]]. Yet I can not play well if [[[shira|you]]] are not listening. [[[[[images/StanleyJordan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/GuitarOnFire.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif|guitar]]]]] 1
[[Pol Pot|Pol Pot]] never put up [[Arbeit Macht Frei|signs]] in the [[Khmer Rouge|rice fields]]! [[[[[images/KhmerRougeFlag.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/arbeitMachtFrei.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pickingRice.jpg]]]]] 1
[[Star Wars|A long time ago in a galaxy far far away]], [[E.T. The Extra Terrestrial|they]] knew how to [[Hyperspace (science fiction)|travel in an instant]], even through [[[[www.theora.com/Shira/Crickets/2/2. Waisted Time.mp3|wasted time]]]]. And then [[[shira|she]]] fell [[The Man Who Fell to Earth (film)|to earth]]. So dangerous, this [[[[www.theora.com/Shira/The M.S. Sessions/3. Yaldut Rehov.mp3|childhood street]]]]. [[[[www.theora.com/Shira/Crickets/1/4. Forty Minutes.mp3|Forty minutes]]]] later, on a [[[[www.theora.com/Shira/Crickets/1/3. Dark Street at Night.mp3|dark street at night]]]], the [[Men in Black (film)|men in black]] drove the truck and [[[[www.theora.com/Shira/Crickets/3/1. Crickets III.mp3|crickets]]]] hit the windshield. [[[[www.theora.com/Shira/ksheHiHalcha.mp3|hakol shakuf]]]] [[[[[images/StarWars.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ET.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/hyperspace.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Earth.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/slum.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/underTheSea.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/darkness.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mib.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/crickets3.jpg]]]]] 1
[[Steve Irwin|Steve Irwin]] [[[[[images/Steve Irwin 1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Steve Irwin 2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Steve Irwin 3.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Steve Irwin 4.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Steve Irwin 5.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Steve Irwin 6.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Steve Irwin 7.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Steve Irwin.jpg|Steve Irwin]]]]] 1
[[William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin|Kelvin]] was not a [[Absolute Zero|science]] fiction [[[life/msdbCat/title/Degree Absolute|TV series]]] script writer, nor a [[[life/msdbCat/title/Cat Shrinks|Cat Shrink]]]. http://www.google.com/search?q=254+degrees+absolute [[[[[images/254DegreesAbsolute-1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/254DegreesAbsolute-2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin.jpg|William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin]]]]] [[[[[images/Degree Absolute.jpg|Degree Absolute]]]]] [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg|Nekko]]]]] 1
[local] Mon Nov 26, 2007 13:00 [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/love|Love]]]ly indeed. Wasn't my choice you know. Keep her, but do grow old with her. Indeed she deserves nothing less. But will you bring back the stolen [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/roland|Roland]]] girl? She did call me [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/father|dad]]] for some four years. Havn't you screwed with her brain enough already? [[[[[images/Tally1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Tally3.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Tally4.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Tally5.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira5.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/stand.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Studio.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/YamahaE403.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] 1
אנחנו כל כך מנופחים שקשה לשים לב שלא הכל שלנו בחיים. זה לא שש, זה לפחות ארבעים, רק בשביל הסיפתח. וזה לא שלנו, זה של כולם ואופס, כמעט שכחתי, נפלו איזה שתי פצצות קטנות על איזה אי מרוחק לא ממש משמועתי אם מסתכלים בפרספקטיבה של זמן. 1
הוא קשקשן, פתוח, ישר, ובהיר בדיבורו ההזוי והמבולגן חברי את כל אלה בקשר אוסיציאטיבי בסדר הזה ויוצא שקל מאוד להתאהב בו בלי שום סיבה שאינה פבלובית ומטה כי הוא מדבר אינסוף שטויות שכבר שמעת אלף פעם ואת פחות או יותר מסכימה בכללי אבל למי אכפת ואת יודעת שהכל אמת למרות שהרוב סתם שטויות ואת מבינה אותו בקלות וזה ניראה לך ייחודי כי הוא מדבר מה שנחשב לעיני כל לא ברור nמזכיר לתת תודעה כל זוגיות ממוצעת שראית בטלוויזיה ואת מייד מרגישה בבית שעוד אף פעם לא היה לך והפעמונים של פבלוב, פרויד ודרווין מצלצלים בקוורטט והריר מתחיל לנזול מבלי שאת יודעת להסביר למה אז את את מספרת לעצמך שאת מאוהבת וזה עושה את זה לגיטימי שאת רטובה 1
יום שישי, אחת בלילה, האור בחדר המדרגות מקולקל, החושך מאד שקט, בעדינות, מבלי להעיר את השכנים של רחוב הירקון 70, אני מוציא את המפתחות של אמא מהכיס ופותח את הדלת. החדר המואר שופך אור אדיש לעבר חדר המדרגות ואני סוגר בלאט את הדלת מאחורי. שבוע הבא יש בחינה באוניברסיטה ובאתי לצלם מחברת של סטודנטית טובה כדי שיהיה לי ממה ללמוד. לו לא צריך להסביר. בדרך אל חדר הצילום שבסמוך למשרד של אמא, אני עולה להגיד לו שלום. המשרד שלו נמצא בקומה השנייה, מצד שמאל, אחרי שעוברים את הגלריה, איפה שפעם עבדתי אצל אהרון המודליסט בחופש הגדול. אני אפילו זוכר מאז איך יום אחד נפלתי בחדר האמבטיה והוא נכנס לראות מה קרה, אמר לי להפסיק להסתכל על הזונות של רחוב הירקון מחלון חדר האמבטיה וחזר לעיסוקיו. גם עכשיו, כשאני עובר את הגלריה בדרך למשרד שלו, הוא כבר אומר לי שלום בקול שמפנה אותי חזרה אל חדר הצלום. המחברת שלה זה בעצם ספר עבה ובשלוש אני כבר הרוס לגמרי מהצילומים ואני עולה בעיניים כמעט עצומות להגיד לו שלום לפני שאני הולך לשון. מסביב לשולחן שרטוט עצום שאליו נעוצים עשרות ניירות סקיצה, חלקם בסדר מופתי, חלקם בערבוביה, הוא מסתובב כמו עכבר מורעל. הוא רואה אותי בפתח ונעצר. כמעט אף פעם אין לו זמן בשבילי בביקורים הליליים האלו שבתקופות הבחינות. כנראה היום בשבילו זה זמן טוב להפסקה. הוא לוקח אותי לסיבוב ארוך במשרד ומסביר לי אין סוף דברים על ארכיטקורה בעיינים בורקות. סוף הסיור המודרך בדלת הראשית. להתראות מחר. עד היום אני לא יודע באילו חגים היה ישן. 1
מצטער שלא התקשרתי אתמול. המציאות הייתה נורא קטנונית אלי והתעקשה להביא אותי לחדר מיון. בסוף וויתרתי לה בנסיבות מקילות: צריך לעשות פשרות אם לא רוצים להסתבך איתה יותר מדי. פגישת עבודה בשתיים וחצי ברעננה ופגישת ראיון בתל אביב בארבע וחצי עם סטראפיסט wanna-be. ספור פשוט. על ה 250 על 130 בדרך לרעננה אני כרגיל משקשק ומהרהר: מעניין אם הפעם אני אגיע? עשרה לשתיים וחצי אני לוקח ימינה ברמזור בירידה בשלושים מרוב פחד. אבל המנייקית הזאתי מסנוורת אותי עם השמש שלה ומסתירה ממני את הכביש עם השמן שהיא והשמש שלה עסוקים בלייבש בדיוק מספיק כדי שאני לא אראה אותו ובדיוק לא מספיק כדי לא לשלוח את ה 250 חלוץ כדי לבדוק את השטח בלעדי. אז הוא מחליק לו על הצד איזה עשרים מטר בזמן שאני מאחורה צופה תוך שאני מנסה לשכנע את הכביש להמשך אלי. התדלקנית בתחנה שליד מגישה לי כוס מים כל כך מייד, שהיא כבר מתנצלת בשמה בכעס ואומרת שזה קורה כל הזמן עם שני הגלגלים, השמן והמים. כבר עברו שלוש דקות ואני כמעט מאחר. הלכה עוד מראה של שמונה מאות שקל, הברך משופשפת ואני נושם בקלות. אני אוסף את כל החלקים שלנו משם ונוסע. נכנס בצליעה למשרד ומבקש first aid kit בתקווה שיש לו. יש. הפגישה בתל אביב קצרה ואני נוסע לבלות את יתר הערב בשלווה בבית חברה בקראון. מאוחר. הבן שמונה עשרה שלה מתקשר ומבקש להלקח למיון. שם בתל השומר אני מרגיש בבית כי לפני שבועיים פגשתי שם את הבן ארבע עשרה שלה פעם ראשונה כשעזרתי לרופא במיון לגבס לו את היד השבורה. אז החלטתי שעדיף לוותר לה כי אני צריך גם להגיע הביתה איכשהו ואם היא תמשיך להתעקש... 1
שלושה אנשים עומדים על גבעה אמריקאי, צרפתי וישראלי: אני. טיילי עולם צעירים ומן הסתם מחוסרי כל עם תרמיל על הגב זה עתה ניפגשו לראשונה ההתנשאות האירופית על הילדותיות האמריקאית לפתע באוויר במלוא עצמתה האווירה שמחת נעורים וכל מתקפה נחווית כהגיג אוהבים ולו לא אני אתה היית דובר גרמנית הישראלי שוחר שלום, מקשיב לכל המלחמות מהצד וביחוד עסוק בלחשוב מה יקרה אם הערבי פתאום יופיע 1
תודה היא ההכרה שעשו בשבילך משהו טוב סליחה היא ההכרה שעשית למישהו רע בבקשה היא ההכרה שאתה רוצה בטוב נימוסים הם ההכרה בהיותך אדם [[[[[images/man.jpg]]]]] 1
A [[student|student]] of this beautiful [[life|life]], sometimes I get [[excellence|excellent]], and sometimes [[school|close enough]]..... sometimes surprising even myself, looking for love on the Internet?! Yes, and maybe you Are here? Final grade one gets just like everything else. After it is over I will let you know. And you had better not let Me know, after all, your [[skin|skin]] is so very smooth. ???? when I read your note I realized I am probably not as intelligent as I had originally thought, or in other words, what??? ok. I'll try in English, very slowly: at first you said in your card that you get graded for LIFE with sometimes Maspik Be Koshee, etc. I then said, as for the true test of life, you passed, from the benefit of the doubt. In court, they would call it, lack of sufficient evidence. So I then tried to explain, still making new riddles, that I will give a complete grade for life, and it will be tested just like one makes a true test of anything else: you judge an event after it is over. In the army and companies it is called: TAH KIR. (de-Brief) then I said you will be given the grade for life after I die, since will we be coupled for the duration, starting yesterday of course, and incidentally, please don't die before I do, because you are so young, and it would mean you have died in my arms. If this is still unclear I will translate to Hebrew and buy you I Scream. Post Scriptum: In short, all I meant to say is, will we be coupled for the rest of life? I promise I will never be able to grade you! Nevertheless, it was a test, and you passed, from the benefit of the [[logic|doubt]]. [[[[[images/youngSkin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] 1
A dying nation. [[[[[images/Death.jpg]]]]] Musicals are nice. I have been watching my hair for the past week with intensity every day nearly all day long. Technology is nice too. From virtualDub to a Sony Erricson k610i, to a hospital virtual reality. [[[[[images/virtualDub.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/k610i.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/hospital.jpg]]]]] Women always like men smart and funny. I can tell you a joke and you will giggle to the ground, beacuase it was really funny, and for you, I am the funniest person in the world anyway. But if I tell you the same joke again tomorrow, suddenly I am not so funny anymore. [[[[[images/woman.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/man.jpg]]]]] With music, its not the same. You can listen to the same piece over and over again. You can listen to separate tracks or separate instruments or separate emotions, with time and again new and surprising [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/Variation|variation]]]. With musicals you can do that with each square inch of the screen separately, as each is separately choreographed. And if you do you discover that so are the characters, so you can watch each of them too. So doing it the Ray way, like with the guitar, is a natural. [[[[[images/RayCharles.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif]]]]] Just watch Jean at the Donna scene. Then Woof and Lafayette. [[[[[images/Jean Ryan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Woof.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Lafayette.jpg]]]]] George at least, I take it you already know to some degree, not breaking a single glass and everything. [[[[[images/George Berger.jpg]]]]] 1
A gettogether of four gunmen for the purpose of lying to each other for moeny. [[[[[images/gun.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cards.jpg]]]]] I wonder what will happen next? 1
A good politician would treat any patient, better, than any shrink, If only he cared about the patient. 1
A list of [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ohadOnGuitar.mp3|Guitar]]]] Exercises: [[[[[images/cortX1.gif|guitar]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/kaskassim/|Scales]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/kaskassim/20080304-kaskassim.mp3|20080304]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/kaskassim/20080304-wiwaScales.mp3|Wiwa (20080304)]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/kaskassim/20080311-scales.mp3|20080311]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080319-wawiScales.mp3|Wawi (20080319)]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/3-24-5/20080324-3-24-5.mp3|3-24-5 (20080324-5)]]]] [[[[[images/dandruffShampoo.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/scales.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/scale.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IRobot/|I, Robot]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IRobot/20080307-IRobot.mp3|20080307]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IRobot/20080308-IRobot.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/Irobot.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dottle/|Do Tell?]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dottle/20080322-dottle.mp3|20080322]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dottle/20080324-dottle.mp3|20080324]]]] [[[[[images/Q2.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/GBU/|The Good, the Bad and the Ugly]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/GBU/20080306-gbu.mp3|20080306]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/GBU/20080308-gbu2.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/gbu.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/peerGynt/|Peer Gynt]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/peerGynt/20080324-peerGynt.mp3|20080324]]]] [[[[[images/peerGynt.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/letItGrow|Let It Grow]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/letItGrow/20080221-letItGrow.mp3|20080221]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/letItGrow/20080308-letItGrow.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/oceanBoulevard.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/punkadiddle|Punkadiddle]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/punkadiddle/20080229-punkadiddle.mp3|20080229]]]] [[[[[images/Platinum.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tadram|Tadram]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tadram/20080214-tadram.mp3|20080214]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tadram/20080308-tadram.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/tangram.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IWantYou|I Want You]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IWantYou/20080311-IWantYou.mp3|20080311]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/IWantYou/20080408-IwantYou.mp3|20080408]]]] [[[[[images/AbbeyRoad.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/hunger/|The Hunger]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/hunger/20070528-hungerX4-take1mix1.mp3|20070528]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/hunger/20080311-hunger.mp3|20080311]]]] [[[[[images/TheHunger.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/bolero/|Bolero]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/bolero/20080206-solero.mp3|solero(20080206)]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/bolero/20080221-bolero.mp3|20080221]]]] [[[[[images/Bolero.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheHunger.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/funkyTown/|Funky Town]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/funkyTown/20080308-funkyTown.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/funkyTown.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingers|Little Fingers]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingers/20071201-littleFingers-32kbps.mp3|20071201]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingers/20080422-littleFingers.mp3|20080422]]]] [[[[[images/littleFingers.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingerBlues/|Little Finger Blues]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingerBlues/20071205-littleFingerBlues-32kbps.mp3|20071205]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingerBlues/20080422-littleFingerBlues.mp3|20080422]]]] [[[[[images/BluesBrothers.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tubbles/|Tubbles]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tubbles/20080229-tubbles.mp3|20080229]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/tubbles/20080422-tubbles.mp3|20080422]]]] [[[[[images/tubularBells.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/|Shoot The Glass]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/20070925-shootTheGlass-32kbps.mp3|20070925]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/20080308-shootTheGlass.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[[images/koyaanisqatsi.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/|U2]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/20070926-U2-32kbps.mp3|20070926]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/20080220-wawi4-U2-(more).mp3|20080220]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/20080302-U2.mp3|20080302]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/U2/20080319-U2.mp3|20080319]]]] [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dweeble/|Dweeble]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dweeble/20080220-wawi-take3.mp3|20080220]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/dweeble/20080304-dweeble.mp3|20080304]]]] [[[[[images/TwoHandsOnTheNeckToo.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/|wawi]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080218-wawi.mp3|20080218]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080308-wawi1two.mp3|20080308]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080402-wawi.mp3|20080402]]]] [[[[[images/TwoHandsOnTheNeck.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/theGroove/|The Groove]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/theGroove/20071108-theGroove-32kbps.mp3|20071108]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/theGroove/20080305-wiwa3-gtr-theGroove.mp3|20080305]]]] [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/|Barvazzim]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20070626-barvasimMix1-(wiwas-mixB1234567)-32kbps.mp3|20070626]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20080307-ducks.mp3|20080307]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20080312-ducks.mp3|20080312]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/barvazzim/20080312-ducklings.mp3|ducklings(rightHand, 20080312)]]]] [[[[[images/ducks.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wobble/|Wobble]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wobble/20080301-wobble.mp3|20080301]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wobble/20080422-wobble.mp3|20080422]]]] [[[[[images/wobble.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/fear/|fear]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/fear/20080329-fear.mp3|20080329]]]] [[[[[images/Studio.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3|Wiwa3]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/aLetterForShira.mp3|20070410]]]] [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/20080305-wiwa3-mix2.mp3|20080305]]]] [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] 1
A proficient Angel selects the others he would cater to by maximizing the amount of joy resulting. A proficient person selects to cater to those whose joy maximizes his. [[[[[images/LoveHeart.jpg]]]]] 1
A true [[atheist|disbeleiving]] [[Jew|Jew]] can [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mathematic|mathematic]]]ally prove the [[Protocols of Zion|Protocols of Zion]] from [[The Origin of Species|The Origin of Species]]. [[[[[images/StarOfDavid.gif|Star Of David]]]]] [[[[[images/David Bowie.jpg|David Bowie]]]]] 1
A, D, G, C, F, A#, D#, G#, C#, F#, B, E, A Alan (Parsons) sits by the equipment recording David (Bowie) (at Abbey Road studios) when owner George (Harrison) walks in with his Camel and Shiek Yer Booty Frank (Zappa) is infiltrating behind. Alan notices and pulls up a sharp knife. David pulls his spring knife, and George pulls his, the Camel has a Jamaican machete strapped and Frank picks it up. From the distant desert behind arrives Bob (Marley), he is always stoned, and never has anything sharp to say or do, (B does not have a #sharp). with Emerson behind him holding the piano piece from Zabritzky point, he is also a peacenick (does not have a #sharp). Alan is touched by the peace effort. (and he returns to the equipment without the knife and they start over). ... They sit on the Emerson bass string like this: Frank is on the first fret holding his knife on the second. George and his are 3 and 4, Alan and his are 5 and 6, Bob and the camel and the machete are 7 8 9 (Camel# is the marked dot) David and his spring knife are 10 and 11 and Emerson tops it off on the 12th fret, repeating. ... from string 4 to 5 also half a note down: sharp, just no sharp, otherwise, watch them sitting on the Emerson base string and pick the previous. So for example the open strings are Emerson Alan David George Bob Emerson [[[[[images/P4.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif|guitar]]]]] [[[[[images/Alan Parsons.jpg|Alan Parsons]]]]] [[[[[images/David Bowie.jpg|David Bowie]]]]] [[[[[images/George Harrison.jpg|George Harrison]]]]] [[[[[images/Camel.jpg|Camel]]]]] [[[[[images/Frank Zappa.jpg|Frank Zappa]]]]] [[[[[images/Bob Marley.jpg|Bob Marley]]]]] [[[[[images/George Harrison.jpg|George Harrison]]]]] [[[[[images/Keith Emerson.jpg|Keith Emerson]]]]] 1
Ah, [[[jaccuse|that]]] Vase! An [[[airJuice|object]]] is only [[[[theora.com/Video/sex.avi|good]]]] when it can [[[[theora.com/Video/love.avi|touch]]]] the [[[Reggy|heart]]]! [[[[[images/HandShake2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/HandShake.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/clock.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pottersWheel.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/handShakes.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/vase.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/love.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sex.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/knowThyself.jpg]]]]] 1
Al Ma Tollim [[[[theora.com/Video/rope.avi|Kvissa]]]]? Ma Zorkim la Pach? Mi Harag Et Kain? Happy Birthday, [[[[theora.com/guitar/fear/20080329-fear.mp3|Bro]]]]! [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/rope.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/blackGarbageBag.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/CainAndAbel.jpg]]]]] 1
All this long story about the mosquito was to tell us through the eyes of Hollywood Evolution followers, that which can be as easily accomplished by taking a single blood sample of a [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/Jurassic Park|living bird]]]. [[[[[images/JurassicPark.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/dinoBird.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bird.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
Allergic to both, she called me up for the third, got it, said change, got a stand-you, and disappeared. [[[Nekko|ciao Inna]]] [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] 1
And in one corner, on either side of a fence, there are two kinds of species playing a kind of volleyball. One species throws banana peels over the fence. The other throws bananas back. [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/banana.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/volleyball.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/chimpanzee.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bananaPeeled.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/bananaPeel.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/volleyball.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/OscarWilde.gif]]]]] 1
And in the end 0=0. Merav showed at 9:05 PM. [[[[[images/Recorder Flute.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/piano.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/flute.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/JethroTull.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/AbbeyRoad.jpg]]]]] 1
and on whom. One small step for humanity. One giant step towards euphoria. [[[[[images/William Shakespeare.jpg|William Shakespeare]]]]] [[[[[images/Apollo 11.jpg|Apollo 11]]]]] [[[[[images/wind.jpg|wind]]]]] 1
And, she said yeah, well, I can have an [[IQ|intelligent]] conversation on almost any subject. top that? Lets talk about [[software|software]]: There they say that the nice thing about [[standard|standards]] is that there are so many to choose from. Lets talk [[philosophy|philosophy]]: There [[Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom|anything goes]], so I say, the nice thing about [[fiction|words]] is that you can [[denial|hide behind them]], not [[Dependability|stand behind them]], and also do both at once. Lets talk about [[comedy|comedy]]: There they say the main [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|difference]]] between [[men|men]] and [[women|women]] is that women can change their mind. Lets talk about probability [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/theory|theory]]]: It is a bit risky to say you can talk about almost any subject, without adding [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ohadOnGuitar.mp3|with almost anyone]]]]. [[[[[images/Microsoft.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/standards.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Aristoteles.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/anythingGoes.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/MickeyMouse.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Gauss.jpg]]]]] 1
Angels don't really grow on trees, you know. They don't just fall from the heavens either. It takes hard work, and the chances of surviving the production process are very slim. It is only when you have lost all those you want to Give to that you realize how great a loss this is. [[[[[images/Angel.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/tree.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/armId.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/arbeitMachtFrei.jpg]]]]] 1
Any [[Politics|politician]] who can convince us that he shares a [[life|life]] with his [[family|wife]] with the same level of [[Symbiosis|companionship]] since the day they met, as we have with [[Lice|Lice]] since the day [[Human evolution|we]] met, will be elected president. [[[[[images/GeorgeBush.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/family.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/symbiosis.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lice.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wheat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] 1
Any true [[Religion|beleiver]] [[Knowledge|knows]] that [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/God|God]]] created the [[Earth|planet]] by having created the content of the [[Universe|universe]] with the creation of the [[Big_Bang|big bang]], that the [[Bible|bible]] is [[Education|educational]], not [[[[www.wiktionary.org/wiki/Literal|literal]]]], and that [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]ce has advanced far more than enough for believers and [[Atheist|atheists]] alike to continue banging God on this issue. [[[[[images/jew.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Earth.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/universe.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/BigBang.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Bible.jpg]]]]] 1
Are we lucky today? [[[[[images/cuill.gif]]]]] 1
As far as I am able to judge, after long attending to the subject, the conditions of life appear to act in two ways,- directly on the whole organization or on certain parts alone, and indirectly by affecting the reproductive system. With respect to the direct action, we must bear in mind that in every case, as [[August_Weismann|Professor Weismann]] has lately insisted, and as I have incidentally shown in my work on Variation under Domestication, there are two factors: namely, the nature of the organism, and the nature of the conditions. [[[[[images/August Weismann.jpg|August Weismann]]]]] The former seems to be much the more important; for nearly similar variations sometimes arise under, as far as we can judge, dissimilar conditions; and, on the other hand, dissimilar variations arise under conditions which appear to be nearly uniform. The effects on the offspring are either definite or indefinite. They may be considered as definite when all or nearly all the offspring of individuals exposed to certain conditions during several generations are modified in the same manner. It is extremely difficult to come to any conclusion in regard to the extent of the changes which have been thus definitely induced. There can, however, be little doubt about many slight changes,- such as size from the amount of food, colour from the nature of the food, thickness of the skin and hair from climate, &c. Each of the endless variations which we see in the plumage of our fowls must have had some efficient cause; and if the same cause were to act uniformly during a long series of generations on. many individuals, all probably would be modified in the same manner. [[[[[images/fowl.gif]]]]] Such facts as the complex and extraordinary out-growths which variably follow from the insertion of a minute drop of poison by a gall-producing insect, show us what singular modifications might result in the case of plants from a chemical change in the nature of the sap. Indefinite variability is a much more common result of changed conditions than definite variability, and has probably played a more important part in the formation of our domestic races. [[[[[images/sap.jpg]]]]] We see indefinite variability in the endless slight peculiarities which distinguish the individuals of the same species, and which cannot be accounted for by inheritance from either parent or from some more remote ancestor. Even strongly marked differences occasionally appear in the young of the same litter, and in seedlings from the same seed-capsule. [[[[[images/litter.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/seedling.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/seeds.gif]]]]] At long intervals of time, out of millions of individuals reared in the same country and fed on nearly the same food, deviations of structure so strongly pronounced as to deserve to be called monstrosities arise; but monstrosities cannot be separated by any distinct line from slighter variations. [[[[[images/monster.jpg]]]]] All such changes of structure, whether extremely slight or strongly marked, which appear amongst many individuals living together, may be considered as the indefinite effects of the conditions of life on each individual organism, in nearly the same manner as the chill affects different men in an indefinite manner, according to their state of body or constitution, causing coughs or colds, rheumatism, or inflammation of various organs. [[[[[images/cough.jpg]]]]] With respect to what I have called the indirect action of changed conditions, namely, through the reproductive system of being affected, we may infer that variability is thus induced, partly from the fact of this system being extremely sensitive to any change in the conditions, and partly from the similarity, as Kreuter and others have remarked, between the variability which follows from the crossing of distinct species, and that which may be observed with plants and animals when reared under new or unnatural conditions. Many facts clearly show how eminently susceptible the reproductive system is to very slight changes in the surrounding conditions. Nothing is more easy than to tame an animal, and few things more difficult than to get it to breed freely under confinement, even when the male and female unite. How many animals there are which will not breed, though kept in an almost free state in their native country! This is generally, but erroneously, attributed to vitiated instincts. Many cultivated plants display the utmost vigour, and yet rarely or never seed! In some few cases it has been discovered that a very trifling change, such as a little more or less water at some particular period of growth, will determine whether or not a plant will produce seeds. [[[[[images/wheatSeeds.jpg]]]]] I cannot here give the details which I have collected and elsewhere published on this curious subject; but to show how singular the laws are which determine the reproduction of animals under confinement, I may mention that carnivorous animals, even from the tropics, breed in this country pretty freely under confinement, with the exception of the plantigrades or bear family, which seldom produce young; whereas carnivorous birds, with the rarest exceptions, hardly ever lay fertile eggs. [[[[[images/egg.jpg]]]]] Many exotic plants have pollen utterly worthless, in the same condition as in the most sterile hybrids. When, on the one hand, we see domesticated animals and plants, though often weak and sickly, breeding freely under confinement; and when, on the other hand, we see individuals, though taken young from a state of nature perfectly tamed, long-lived and healthy (of which I could give numerous instances), yet having their reproductive system so seriously affected by unperceived causes as to fail to act, we need not be surprised at this system, when it does act under confinement, acting irregularly, and producing offspring somewhat unlike their parents. [[[[[images/pollen.jpg]]]]] [[[OriginOfSpecies/msdbSearchText/title/Causes of Variability|Causes of Variability]]] 1
At [[old age|ninety]] she jumped in front of my wheels with the agility of a [[[life/msdbCat/title/Crazy Talk|ten year old]]]. She'll [[Freud|probably]] [[death|die]] [[The Hunger|young]]. [[[[[images/car.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Freud.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheHunger.jpg]]]]] 1
At first the apples hung in the sky in much the same way that [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/bricks|bricks]]] don't, and then one apple started falling down. By the time it hit the ground, [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/newton|Newton]]] had already instructed the rest of the apples to do the same. [[[[[images/DouglasAdams3.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Newton.jpg]]]]] 1
At first there was G, which means apples will slowly and gradually fall down at some low speed. Then there was [[[life/msdbCat/title/Relativity Theory|light]]], which means things can move a bit faster than when they just fall down. Then there were thoughts of smart [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/newton|people]]], which is the net result of Evolution copying the speed of light a gazillion times and compressing it into a single skull, with no similar copies for miles and ages around. [[[[[images/G.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apple1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lightning.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Einstein.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Newton.jpg]]]]] 1
At last,a true [[[guitar/msdbCat/title/ducks|creation]]]. [[[[[images/ducks.jpg]]]]] 1
At the [[[[theora.com/Video/fear1.avi|risk]]]] of [[[schizoid/msdbSearchText/title/rotten|repeating]]] [[[noSoul|myself]]], [[[[theora.com/Video/love.avi|Yottam]]]] will have his minus ninth birthday [[[[theora.com/Video/sex.avi|tonite]]]]. [[[[[images/blackGarbageBag.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/police.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/love.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sex.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Fragile.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/X.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
At the risk of repeating myself, the problem, as usual, is, what do I do with the cat. It is already daylight for quite a few hours now. Just in time for tomorrow's important tests, I will be able to give the samples I was so unable to for over a month now, and had no need to in the last eight years. Healthy as a horse and ready. Time started running at the speed of a desert snake chasing the hare from the dark side of the moon. [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/love.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bloodShotEye.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/deerPoop.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/blood.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Race Horse.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/embryo.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/snake.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/hare.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/darksideTime.jpg]]]]] 1
Bees are plumbers. They work in transporting kinds of sugar, like wax, honey and nectar, in their self propelled pipes. But they can modify the pipe content as much as they like. Water is a collection of many more much smaller plumbers. Water transports everything that supports life. But it can modify itself to become part of the material it transports by making use of plant labor, much like the bee transforms wax into honey and vice versa. But the bee hardly ever makes the ultimate sacrifice as casually as The water does. [[[[[images/honeybee.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/plumber.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/candleWax.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Honey.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nectar.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/BigWave.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/water.jpg]]]]] 1
Before [[television|television]], in some [[united states|areas]], you had to burn [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/dinosaur|dino]]]saur [[oil industry|fat]], to [[Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior|drive]] to the nearest [[drugstore|drugstore]], to buy the morning newspaper, or else you'd be [[solitude|alone]]. [[[[[images/television.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/usa.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/dinosaur.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OilDrill.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/car.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/drugstore.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/newspaper.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/alone.jpg]]]]] 1
Before the invention of the wheel, people were sitting in caves, with lawyers writing patents about other things. [[[[[images/wheel.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/OpenSource.jpg]]]]] 1
Being in the emotional state that I am this night, I started crying when I just discovered [[Douglas Adams|you]] died, some six years after the event. Not sure if I was crying for [[[life/msdbCat/title/Douglas Adams|you]]] or for me or for my miniscule being, not even knowing that [[[[proofOfEvolution.org/poeDb/poe/msdbCat/title/Douglas%20Adams|you]]]] are already not with us for some six years. I felt I could at least express my feelings and appologies for this unknown fact in public, by paying some homage. So let me tell [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Doug|you]]] something, [[[[douglasadams.com|Doug]]]], [[Douglas Adams|you]] are not even remotely dead, and you continue to copy my style of writing every day that goes by, and one day, when they invent your time machine, I will sue [[[RI/msdbSearchText/story/Douglas Adams|you]]] for this. And thank you again for being such a huge inspiration in my writings regarding the [[[etfk|Theory of Evolution]]], and you are also a huge part in my presumed new [[[noSoul|findings and deductions from it]]], and irrelvant as it may be, the there is-no-god non-proof is but a [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/God|small]]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/God|example]]]. The very short life of a [[whale|whale]] in flight is the story of almost all creatures in [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/Death|nature]]]. [[[[[images/Douglas Adams.jpg|Douglas Adams]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
Bethooven was crazy. There is no ninth symphony. He made the whole thing up and we beleived him because of his marketing abilities from the previous symphonies. It is imposibble to play without ears. I checked. I was playing Van Goch on the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/guitar|guitar]]] the other day and I just couldn't play. So I put the ear back - and I could play again. [[[[[images/meddle.jpg]]]]] 1
Billy, let me tell you a story. During the war, this guy Herbie and I became friends. Well, Herbie fell in love with a wonderful Italian girl, Carla. Thinking of Carla is what got him through the war. Well, Carla died and Herbie nearly fell apart. He stayed in. Drank. I've never seen anyone so miserable. And then one day Herbie came to me, and he said: Chet, life must go on. And Herbie went on. A few years later, he fell in love with another woman, married her, and they went to Jamaica on their honeymoon, and she ran off with a steel band. But Herbie went on. He married again, and this time, at the wedding reception, his bride left him for the caterer. But still, Herbie went on. His next wife ran off with his partner who ran off with his business. But still, Herbie went on. Because, you see, Billy, he knew that there is a whole world out there. He knew that somewhere, around some corner, he would find happiness. Wow. I feel like a jerk. I mean, look at Herbie. A lifetime of disasters. I had a week with a thirteen year old shrimp with lips. And I'm gonna throw my life away? thanks, Dad. Good boy, I'll see you at breakfast. Hey Dad? Huh? Where's Herbie now? Oh, he's in a... [[[schizoid|mental institution]]]. What??? Yes, he just sits in the corner, talks in numbers, and makes lovely baskets. But, I thought, well I thought, he always goes on? Well, Billy, please. There's just [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/soap|so much going on]]] a man can do. [[[[[images/SoapTV.jpg]]]]] 1
black == 3/5 white [[[[[images/USconstitution.jpg]]]]] 1
Boo-Ah. This half worm in this apple is disgusting! And [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/newton|he]]] fell from the tree... And thank you [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Freud|Sigmound]]] for reminding me it takes some misery to be creative, but I'm getting better. [[[[[images/Newton.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Freud.jpg]]]]] 1
By the shade of this apple tree, while the apple was falling a few feet in front of him, a lightning was passing by, crossing the apple's falling path, aiming at the ground slowly towards where the apple will hit much later. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/newton|Newton]]] looked at this dot on the ground, and collected his thuoghts. Later the lightning hit. Later the apple. [[[[[images/apple1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lightning.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Newton.jpg]]]]] 1
Can you please open the Coca Cola can for me? Sure thing. He picked the can and walked over to the silverware drawer. Took out a blunt knife, pushed underneath the clip and lifted the knife to flip the can open: Here you are. [[[[[images/zen.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ZenCocaCola.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/CocaCola.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] 1
Darwin once said he has no clue where life came from. He also said that if two forms of life appear independently on the planet, it would mean Darwin was wrong on the whole thing. Replace 'Planet' with 'Universe' and apply his theory. If there is alien life, great. In any case, all life in the universe originated in one single planet. Anything else is migration and evolution. It would be statistically improbable that there is life out there and at the same time that life on earth is not alien. It would mean that life in the Universe originated on planet earth, and all life in the universe revolves around it in the Revolution of the Heavens. 1
Did you see my kid just now, he burped...he walked. He is so original, so creative, so unique. Just like me. [[[[[images/CatClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/SheepClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CowClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DogClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RobotClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StarWarsCloneArmy.jpg]]]]] 1
doesn't want me to believe in [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/God|God]]] or else why would he have planted the bones of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/dinosaur|dinosaur]]]s. [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/dinosaurSkeleton.jpg]]]]] 1
Each sees [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Heisenberg|their own]]] image of [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]]. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/heisenberg|One]]] sees facts and [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mathematic|mathematic]]]al proofs that show that the [[[RI/msdbSearchText/title/wolf|reality]]] of the other is elsewhere. The other sees emotions and perceptions. And what kind of [[[life/msdbCat/title/little bird|bird]]] are [[Little Bird|You]] - said [[[guitar/msdbCat/title/ducks|duck]]] - if you can't [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ohadOnGuitar.mp3|swim]]]]. [[[[[images/Heisenberg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/SergeiProkofiev.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/SergeiProkofiev.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/PeterAndTheWolf.jpg]]]]] 1
Eight notes, five of which are [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingers/20080422-littleFingers.mp3|little]]]]. 1
Elana Ariella Tally Orit Dalit Liron Kika Orit Irit Mira Reggy Sandy [[[[[images/Cheers.jpg]]]]] 1
From Evolution theory, it is implied, with a bit of added recent-now-ancient research, that mankind has advanced to a ruling point, thereby since continually increase in numbers, unlike most of the rest of nature, which is ecologically stable - much like a virus in an epidemic, which is about as rare. The net result, from an evolution standpoint, is that this very advanced state is now frozen in mid time. On one single documented historical occasion, evolution slipped through the time continuum, and did some work. Some mutations have benefited by the fact that their near equals perished. If Hitler naturally selected the Jews to make evolution experiments on, he succeeded: Evolution works, and is proven clinically. 1
God is hiding Crystal night. [[[[[images/JodyDallasInDallas.jpg]]]]] 1
have this quality of being able to sleep even at times when the night is so quiet, everyone else thinks world war three is about to break loose. [[[[[images/night.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nuclear2.jpg]]]]] 1
Having just made the latest wawi session, I sat there on the bench hoping to play it to you. [[[jaccuse|Your guardian pseudo angel]]] came with three blows. For the third time in life, it is broken again. What doesn't kill you,makes you makes you [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080402-wawi.mp3|stronger]]]]. [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/andThenThereWereThree.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nose.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/20080403-nose2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/20080403-nose3.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/IsraeliPolice.jpg]]]]] 1
He came over last night, and got right into [[[life/msdbCat/title/Degree Absolute|them]]]. Like a [[coil spring|coil spring]] with a guidance system, [[[Nekko|she]]] was all over the place. It was probably the tiny [[[noSoul/msdbSearchText/title/ant|ants]]] that showed up in her food overnight. There was also a skipper flying around as if aimlessly. I did a lot of spraying around the mayo racks, and calm was restored with a few more chemicals. [[[[[images/Devil.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/coilSpring.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guidanceSystem.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ant.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/skipper.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/K300.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mayoRacks.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pills.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/marijuana.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lunatic.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] 1
He first stood there, to the side of this [[Mammoth|Mammoth]], and took [[Bow (weapon)|aim]] at the [[deer|deer]]. That [[sound|sounded]] like a good shot, I think my [[love|dear]] is [[The Gods Must Be Crazy|dead]] if I didn't miss him completely. Then he saw the deer running towards him and jumped into the skeleton for a safer shooting position. The [[Meddle|sound]] felt like the best joint [[human evolution|he]] ever had. He immediately became [[THC|euphoric]] and went home to invent [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]] with his new [[harp|arch]]. [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mammoth.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/hunter.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/deer.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bowAndArrow.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/MammothSkeleton.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/marijuana-leaf.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/meddle.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ElectricGuitar.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/David Bowie.jpg|David Bowie]]]]] 1
He was a Geologist. And he looked at the rocks and decyphered that more than ninty percent of rock was wiped out by the oceans since the begining of time. And then he suddenly saw this huge [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/dinosaur|dinosaur]]]. He raise his head high to look up at grandeur itself, and asked: Did you plant these? God said no and disappeared in a puff of logic. Thanks, Doug. [[[[[images/DouglasAdams2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] 1
Head fake #1: [[[[theora.com/Video/Randy Pausch.avi|It]]]]'s not about how to achieve your dreams, it's about [[[Reggy/msdbSearchText/context/life wish|how to lead your life]]]. Head fake #2: This talk is not for you, it's for my kids. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo Denial or not, it is rare when [[Randy Pausch|one]] has reached the [[[life/msdbCat/title/Taking Some Heat|end of life]]] and gets a second go at it - twice. [[[[[images/Death.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/life.jpg]]]]] I got life, mother I got laughs, sister I got [[[jaccuse/msdbSearchText/context/16|freedom]]], [[[jaccuse|brother]]], and I got good times, man I got crazy ways, [[[shira|daughter]]], I got million-dollar charm, cousin I got headaches and toothaches And bad times too Like you I got my hair I got my head I got my brains I got my ears I got my eyes I got my nose I got my mouth I got my teeth I got my tongue I got my chin I got my neck I got my tits I got my heart I got my soul I got my back I got my ass I got my arms I got my hands I got my fingers Got my legs I got my feet I got my toes I got my liver Got my blood I got life, mother I got laughs, sister I got freedom, brother I got good times, good times, man I got crazy ways, daughter I got million-dollar charm, cousin I got headaches and toothaches And bad times too Like you Got my hair Got my head Got my brain Got my ears Got my eyes Got my nose my mouth I got my teeth I got my tongue got my chin got my neck got my tits got my heart got my soul my back I got my ass I got my arms I got my hands I got my fingers Got my legs I got my feet I got my toes I got my liver Got my blood Got my guts Got my muscles I got life (life) Life (life) Life (life) Life (life) Life (life) LIFE [[[[[images/liver.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/kidney.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guts.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/prostate.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/crab.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Randy Pausch.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Andy Van Dam.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg]]]]] 1
Here, see, put your finger in this device which mseaures fine quantites of light and other radiation of all kinds, and we'll see that when your girlfriend calls, your finger becomes a light bulb. Shows you you have the brains of a firefly. Funny, I just read the same thing in an old book about [[[TheOriginOfSpecies|evolution]]]. [[[[[images/EvoLife.gif]]]]] 1
Hot Shots [[[[[images/hospital.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-0.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-01.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-02.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-3.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-4.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-5.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-6.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-7.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-8.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-9.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-10.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-11.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-12.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-13.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-14.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-15.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-16.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-17.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-18.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-19.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-20.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lani-21.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/flySex1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/flySex2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lag.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lani/lag2.jpg]]]]] 1
How can you not succeed? All you have to do is wait! It is [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/death|life]]] that is hard to keep. [[[[[images/clock.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/calendar.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OldMan.jpg]]]]] 1
Humor is just a descendant concept of a train of thought saying: Look at [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]] your own way. Some of its co-decedents are the metaphor, the fable and success. If you can take a train of thought and look at it a different way, and can put the train back on the tracks of thought, you get fiction. [[[[[images/train.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
I agree. And so does Charles Darwin: Just kill everyone and whomever happens to survive will be better for it. Darwin, God and Hitler had the same agenda: the better race will survive. Happens to be us. Will we survive [[[[theora.com/Video/love.avi|this one]]]]? [[[[[images/love.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wind.jpg]]]]] 1
I am sitting in front of the computer, and Nekko just jumped at my lap, seeking comfort and minor treatment on account of an [[[Nekko|FHS]]] episode about to occur, that she is trying to prevent with my help. I am immediately tuned to her need and start speaking out loud to her saying: Funny that you came just now, I was just thinking about you, explaining to Michal a few things about you in my thoughts. [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg|Nekko]]]]] 1
I called Merav that horrid day to tell her I am canceling on our blind date. I just feel sick and can't see myself getting on a scooter to meet her the next evening. Later that afternoon a doctor came to my place to visit for two hundred NIS, and told me I was just dehydrating, but if the vomits continue, I should use the paper he wrote me and go to the hospital. [[[[[images/woman.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/hospital.jpg]]]]] When the golden haired angel came to see me and called his doctor friend, he was instructed for us to rush over. Do I feel Lucky? [[[[[images/gbu.jpg]]]]] By the time we hit the emergency room I took a dive from my entire height and into the floor, covering it with red paint as I wake up. It was a pretty serious blind date. I was so blind I couldn't even tell she was religious, let alone married, or having three kids already. [[[[[images/candle.jpg]]]]] How can people be so heartless? I need a friend. [[[[[images/Lafayette.jpg]]]]] 1
I may add, that as some organisms breed freely under the most unnatural conditions (for instance, rabbits and ferrets kept in hutches), showing that their reproductive organs are not easily affected; [[[[[images/rabbit.jpg|rabbit]]]]] [[[[[images/ferret.jpg|ferret]]]]] so will some animals and plants withstand domestication or cultivation, and vary very slightly- perhaps hardly more than in a state of nature. Some naturalists have maintained that all variations are connected with the act of sexual reproduction; but this is certainly an error; for I have given in another work a long list of "sporting plants," as they are called by gardeners;- that is, of plants which have suddenly produced a single bud with a new and sometimes widely different character from that of the other buds on the same plant. These bud variations, as they may be named, can be propagated by grafts, offsets, &c., and sometimes by seed. [[[[[images/graft.gif|graft]]]]] They occur rarely under nature, but are far from rare under culture. As a single bud out of the many thousands, produced year after year on the same tree under uniform conditions, has been known suddenly to assume a new character; and as buds on distinct trees, growing under different conditions, have sometimes yielded nearly the same variety- for instance, buds on peach-trees producing nectarines, and buds on common roses producing moss-roses- we clearly see that the nature of the conditions is of subordinate importance in comparison with the nature of the organism in determining each particular form of variation;- [[[[[images/bud.jpg|bud]]]]] [[[[[images/tree.jpg|tree]]]]] [[[[[images/peach.jpg|peach]]]]] [[[[[images/nectarine.jpg|nectarine]]]]] [[[[[images/rose.jpg|rose]]]]] [[[[[images/Moss Rose.jpg|Moss Rose]]]]] perhaps of not more importance than the nature of the spark, by which a mass of combustible matter is ignited, has in determining the nature of the flames. [[[[[images/spark.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/explosives.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/flame.gif]]]]] [[[OriginOfSpecies/msdbSearchText/title/Causes of Variability|Causes of Variability]]] 1
I never really concluded with myself if this table called life is to be titled [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]] and [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/imagin|imagin]]]ation, or just life. Life comes from [[[tbil/msdbCat/pages/029|A Day in the Life]]], and means this table is a [[blog|blog]]. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|Reality]]] and [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/imagin|Imagin]]]ation, named after [[[life/msdbCat/title/Ha Hevdel Ha Dak|Shira]]]'s [[[shira/msdbCat/title/Ha Hevdel Ha Dak|song]]], is supposed to deal with tough educational and philosophical issues pertaining to the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|difference]]]s in the way indivduals see and relate to [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]] and life. This girl was hot for me, and she told me over the wires. She saw my page where I advertise I am a smoker and it turned her on. So I called her up and she said she can not talk to me at the moment because she is about to be busy walking, and then she will be busy reading a book, which she must finish to the end first, and then she will call me back. The Cello from Yair Trivalsky's [[[[simania.co.il/bookdetails.php/?item_id=33358|hilarious book]]]] about blind dating immediately came to mind. She was also a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]]ian, as it was. No relation. She called me up to say she is now done with her previous preoccupations, and the conversation can flow: She has chronic astma since birth. Do I smoke? and will I stop? or else... and besides, all the while we talked about non-smoking, she had missed three calls that would probably be people wanting to return her purse. She had just lost it during her walk-away from dating. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/pavlov|Pavlov]]] ([[Reflex_action|1]]), [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Freud|Freud]]] ([[Psychological_trauma|2]]) and [[[noSoul |noSoul]]] jumped me all at once. Now I lost her wallet minutes after we talked for the first time, and she will be drooling forever when I ring the bell, and be calling the [[[schizoid|police]]]. [[[[[images/181.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Pavlov.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Freud.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bell.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bluesMobile.jpg]]]]] 1
I never said an airplane is a car, I said an airplane is a car that flies. [[[[[images/Airplane.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/car.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/flies.jpg]]]]] 1
I still haven't heard the word Yes. I know, why do you think that is? Well, I think that if you look into your feelings, you'll know. Oh, yeah? Yeah, yeah, I think I do. I'm in love with someone else. Who is it, Carla? I don't know his name. I've never even met him yet. But I've had this really clear picture of him in my mind it would seem like forever, but he is gonna walk into this bar one night, well, not walk really, more like swagger, you know, confident, but not cocky. he is OK looking, but, he is no pretty boy. He's a swell dresser. He's got on his burgundy leather jacket. He's got cherry life savers in one pocket, and a pack of camels in the other. He's trying to quit 'em both, but he can't. His nose. He broke it in all the right places. And he's got this scar on his chin he won't talk about. He cracks his knuckled all the time, drives me up a wall, what do you gonna do. Doesn't talk much. Doesn't have to. He falls for me, hard. I hurt him a few times. He gets over it. We get married. So, you see, it would be a little messy if I was already married when he got here. [[[[[images/Cheers.jpg]]]]] 1
I took a ten year old [[[RI/msdbCat/title/Shira Dottan|girl]]] from the [[[life/msdbCat/title/Crazy Talk|gutter]]] and brought her to her future pimp. Be straight! This is an interview. [[[[[images/TheGatesOfHell.jpg]]]]] 1
I tried to have [[Magrathea|them]] send [[heaven|heaven]] but they were away on leave for a while, so I started working on a [[prototype|prototype]] at [[home|home]]. [[[[[images/magrathea.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/heaven.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/drums.jpg]]]]] 1
I was deliriously happy to find out I was wrong. Denial of denial is an [[[noSoul|interesting]]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/pavlov|pavlov]]]ian construct. So you believe he will one day see the simple truth. You will know in three months. I will know in six. [[[[[images/peanut.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fetus.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/littleGirl.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/woman.jpg]]]]] 1
I'm not in love, so don't forget it. It's just a silly phase I'm going through. And just because I call you up, Don't get me wrong, don't think you've got it made. I'm not in love, no no, it's because... I like to see you, but then again, That doesn't mean you mean that much to me. So if I call you, don't make a fuss - Don't tell your friends about the two of us. I'm not in love, no no, it's because... I keep your picture upon the wall. It hides a nasty stain that's lying there. So don't you ask me to give it back. I know you know it doesn't mean that much to me. I'm not in love, no no, it's because... Ooh, you'll wait a long time for me. Ooh, you'll wait a long time. I'm not in love, I'm not in [[[[theora.com/Video/love.avi|Love]]]]... [[[[[images/ImNotInLove.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Sandy.jpg]]]]] 1
I'm not sure what all this whining about the missing [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/bread|bread]]] is about. If it wasn't for [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/egypt|us]]] teaching you [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/agriculture|agriculture]]], you'd [[[etfk|still be the nomads]]] that you were before we met, [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/holidays|travelling]]] with your [[[DarwinCall/msdbSearchText/description/sheep|sheep]]] to [[[schizoid/msdbSearchText/story/Mesopotamia|Mesopotamia]]] and back. [[[[[images/matza.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/agriculture.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/nomad.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/SheepClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mesopotamia.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg]]]]] 1
If everybody is crazy then everybody is sane. [[[[[images/Gauss.jpg]]]]] 1
If there is a [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/God|God]]], and we can proove there is a God, then surely this [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]tific breakthrough will bring with it technological advancment that will enable us to [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/phone|phone]]] him and ask him what he wants and just do it rather than fight over it since the beginning of time. [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sunrise.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/God.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/microscope.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/science.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/phone0.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/phone1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/phone2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/phone3.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/phone4.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/phone5.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/phone6.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cellphones.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/war.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/peace.jpg]]]]] 1
If we have survived [[life|life]], [[geography|geography]] and [[technology|technology]] for this long, maybe some time later in life, technology will help us meet in some remote new gegraphical discovery of an underwater island, like the [[Madagascar|Madagascar]] used to be, in [[Sun_'n_Fun|our time]] when the [[Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy|Guide]] was [[Foundation Series|founded]], and we were striving to leave the [[earth|planet]], in search for better cultures [[Star Wars|in a galaxy, far, far, away...]] [[[[[images/EvoLife.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/geography.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/technology.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Madagascar.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/SunNfun.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DP.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Foundation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Earth.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/galaxy.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StarWars.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ben.gif]]]]] 1
If you copy the Guinness Book of Records enough times, eventually you will hit a new record. You don't even have to make a [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/mutations|mistake]]], but inevitably [[[[theora.com/guitar/BluesGuitarBand/20080605-pentatonicScales.mp3|you will]]]], and create even better records. [[[[[images/Guinness.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/book.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/record.jpg]]]]] 1
If you do not believe in [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/god|God]]] and open a dictionary to find that there is a definition there for the term, then you will also not believe in dictionaries. [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Bible.jpg]]]]] 1
If, you made one [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] in life, and died for it, consider youself [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/Luck|lucky]]]! Most of your species will not survive this long. [[[[[images/amoeba1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Reptile.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/orangutan2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OscarWilde.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/42.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
in any case you don't judge by this, but rather by the popularity of the file itself for each particular file (movie) so you search for a file, you see a list of [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/differen|different]]] files with that same movie, and mostly look for the following: rule 1: from this list, which is, common and has many copies on the net, meaning download will occur from many users, and the language it speaks is the one I want. language is important, one of the comporomize divx and all other compression methods make, to save space and the 14 gig special burners it requires to produce a genuine dvd, is that movies in files (almost still) always posess just one audio language and one subtitle which can not be taken off. since the USA is dominant in this market, just make sure its english with no subtitles at all. On the internet this is kind of obscure because those exactly are the files that do not have in their name something like: the.good.the.bad.and.the.ugly.1969.sergio.leone.(xvid,eng,french sub).avi rule 2: always get only files with the .avi extension, except if in breech of rule one. that is if there is a movie you want and you can't find it in avi, do get it, but you chance asking me for help for how to handle it later, and I might not even be able to. and since it takes moving 700mb across the country its not like e-mail that can resolve things quickly. It might be comforting to know that your LG is not really a divx player. In fact they try to compress into this box as many popular codecs as possibles and as many formats as possible, and by the way if you re-read this text you find out that the expression "Korre tzruvim" is total bull invented by sales people in electronic stores. incidentally, it should be obvious to any one who knows that store DVDs don't really shower from the skies, somebody has burnt those too, or they wouldn't be. Every device is a "korre tzruvim" because there is nothing else, and the question is how many [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|differen]]]t kinds, and does it matter !!! rule 3: download about 100 movies all at once in e-mule, this seems to be optimal, from experience of myself and many others. the trade off is like this: with too few movies your computer is sitting idle in line to download later most of the time which is ineffective. with too many movies, they compete with one another on resources and it take long for each individual movie to arrive in whole on your computer. this should have been no problem, because what you really want to maximize is th amount of data streaming into your apartment from the outside, and you could care less if it takes 2 or 4 months to arrive, however, files shared have a life of their own and it is common for rare files to show up, be shared by quite a few people and later disappear. so if the life span of a file is 3 months, the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|difference]]] between 2 and 4 month can be fatal. For this, Emule guys have given even more thought than the Kazaa makers (by the way the Kazaa makers also made Skype) and more controls are given in the program to combat this issue. rule 4: always be watchful of the amount of data remaining to be transferred and of the time the file has last been seen complete, but only trust this last bit of info if you e-mule has been running for a while. it is smart to forget and never look closely at anything if you just started e-mule. start it, wait an hour at least before you look at anything. Emule should be always running anyway, including overnight, and if its not, the only thing you want to do with it right after you started it is search start new downloads. For me, this is the only way to put a movie on my 'todo list' it is simply the download list, but this may conflict with rule 3, which is more important. use the information you see to play with A. priority B. source handling. you can gain experience with this, read some help files or ask me on this in a separate occasion. (his e-mail is just a shopping list so its important to list) [[[[[images/virtualDub.jpg]]]]] 1
In his [[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/06 - stress-mistake.avi|Master Sessions Video]]]], [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Stanly|Stanly]]] Jordan talks about how [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s and [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]] correlate, and if you make [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s when you practice, usually caused by [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]], then the natural [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]] later to occur when on stage or recording, will make the same [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] repeat on stage. The solution, he says, is simply not to make [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s when praticing. This is easy to achieve, he continues, all it takes is patience: never play any faster than the speed where you are sure you will not make a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]. This system works of course really well. I am nevertheless trying to improve upon [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Stanly|Stanly]]] Jordan's thoughts and this system: The [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]-[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] correlation is rather a simple [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Pavlov|Pavlov]]]ian [[Reflex_action|response]] of muscle memory systems. When you practice and make a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]], there is always a reason in the brain to have caused it to direct the fingers to make this exact [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]. Stanley Jordan noticed, that you only make [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s when [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]] comes along, like when the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/phone|phone]]] rings, or the cat suddenly snarls, or the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]] you are practicing with - just paced up a bit -, too fast for your fingers. You are practicing, and you have already made that particular [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]], representing a specific piece of noise that you heard when you first made it, which you will identify if you ever hear it again, and you will hear it again, if you are [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]ed again, all else also being the same, so, don't make the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s when you practice and you will not be able to repeat them when you are later stressed, he concludes. But if you can hear the same [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] the second time, not having followed [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Stanly|Stanly]]] Jordan's instructions to avoid it, it means, from [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Stanly|Stanly]]] Jordan's accord of years of experience, that it takes only one time, not two, for the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] to occur, for our muscle memory systems to record this [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] with accuracy and be able to repeat it when conditions so demand. And this recording, [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Stanly|Stanly]]] Jordan does not suggest how to prevent in full. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|Mistake]]] will continue to occur forever, much less thanks to [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Stanly|Stanly]]] Jordan, and hopefully even a wee bit less with this. While [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Stanly|Stanly]]] Jordan points out the correlation between [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] and [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]], and despite his otherwise usual infinite attention to detail, in this case he is missing, I beleive, some very improtant relevant details: The individual mistake which occurs at a particular timepoint in the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]], occurs with [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]] occuring at that same point in time, and the timing of the surrounding split seconds are all that is relevant. You are not generally [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]ed for appearing on stage and will overall make more [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s. Muscle memory records this particular exact [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] (as I claim, with a single occurance), as a result of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]occuring, which can not possibly be unrelated to the content of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]] itself. This is why the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]] finds its way to occur at that particular instant in time in the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]]. It is only when you recorded the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] more times than the non-[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] that the the misake will occur without [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]. This will happen if you are stubborn to repeat a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] 'until you get it right'. You never will. To quote Stanely Jordan: slow down until you always get it correct, and speed back up only as fast as you can always keep it correct, until you get it right. But [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Freud|Freud]]] tell us, that when your are [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]ed is when your subconcious takes over, which is why you make [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s only when you are [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]ed. He is not wrong of course, and none of this contradicts any of the above. But it tells us something new and useful: Who says that if the subconcious takes over bad things will happen? Maybe with some understanding, we can harness it? After all, this is what psychologists have been doing since [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Freud|Freud]]] anyway, and [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]]ians since the first time caveman shot his arrow from inside the hollow echoy skeleton of a mamooth, or something like that. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|Stress]]], first and formost, causes the quick and agile subconcious systems to act, faster than what it would take a more controlled operation. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Freud|Freud]]] calls this [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Pavlov|Pavlov]]]ian [[Reflex_action|response]], when extreme: a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/trauma|trauma]]]. Meaning to say: you will automatically and uncontrollably forever be [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]ed, without any logical reason, by that which happened to have occured in the time vicinity of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/trauma|trauma]]]tic event. I must add that if the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/trauma|trauma]]]tic event itself is very short and can be stamped with a single timestamp, then the potential variety of correleted surrounding events for the systems to record is very small. But our subconciousness is partly many millions of years old and partly a mere two million years in early stages of development. It encompasses many primitive and ancient systems, and this happens to be one of them. The way our subconciousness knows to tell degrees of [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/trauma|trauma]]]tic events apart is simple: it doesn't. it responds [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/trauma|trauma]]]tically, or [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Pavlov|Pavlov]]]ianly, to the event, to the dgree of its illtemper. Much like Staley Jordan says Staccato and Legatto are merely digital words in the language to describe two randomly selected [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/number|number]]]s from a scale of one to ten in a convenient but ineffetive method - in my view - traume, a simple pavovian [[Reflex_action|response]] and the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]-[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] correlation - are dgrees of similar behaviour of similar systems in our brain. The new trick I am trying is based on harnessing denial as a tool. I am trying reverse psychology on my muscle memory systems. I am trying to train myself so that whenever I make a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]], I immidiately stop everything, as if in panic, and follow this rule as religiously as practical, especially if I was recording until a second ago. I am trying to make my subconciousness deny the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] ever occured, with a long thought process to match and fight the muscle memory recording sequence, by mimicing extra [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]the second I noticed the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] had occured. From the elevated excitement from the beafed up evnt of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]], I expect to help eliminate, at least to a dgree, the recording of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]. It is also hard for such a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] to be recorded in muscle memory because there is no correlation sequence. If there is absolutely no note in history that has ever been recorded by muscle memory to follow the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]n note, then the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] itself is at the far end of this muscle memory sequence and its recorded strength must be very weak. Since [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Stanly|Stanly]]] Jordan's system already insures that if I combine the two systems it is statistically improbable to make the same [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] twice, and as the first and only recording is very weak, it is less likely that such a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]], having been more lighly recorded, will reoccur on stage So whats the big deal, all [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]]ian stop playing and start over when they make [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s almost all the time. The [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|difference]]] is in the detail. Almost is simply not nearly good enough. If you practice casually without paying much attention to these details, and set some other standards, you might make, according to your set standards, say 10 [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s an hour on average, and for nine of them you will stop and start over, just like I am describing here. You are not doing a 90% job at all. You are merly recording about a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] an hour in your muscle memoey systems, and having recorded this information over years, by now your entire [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]]al arrangment is woven with recorded [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s hoping for the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]ful event to appear in their lucky recorded moment in time, or otherwise a competitor [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] will sprout and win instead. I can't really say this is a discovry. My habbits of how to react to [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]]s are a subject I have been toying with for some time now, and every time I put on [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Stanly|Stanly]]] Jordan's master video again I make sure I am by the computer when the part where he talks about the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]-[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] correltion comes on, trying to dig yet another minute detail from his elaborate description of vast experience. This is also why it is hard for me to measure or report how well this [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/theory|theory]]] at all works. This is how I try my best to practice most of the time, with a very strong conviction it betters my learning speed. I believe by now I have enough experiemnts to support this conviction. [[[[[images/StanleyJordan.jpg|Stanley Jordan]]]]] 1
In order to scientifically examine medium severity cases it is sometimes easy to examine the extreme. The cat owner brings the cat to a cat psychologist once a week for a visit. Next door he also brings his wife to see her shrink. For the next hour he goes to do some shopping and later he picks them both up and brings them back home healthier. The cat psychiatrist makes a house call. He sees the cat going totally crazy every time the owner picks the cat up by the tail, spins it around, and slams it against the wall. Seeing this extreme craziness of the cat, the psychiatrist decides it is time to put [[[noSoul|him]]] away, in a place safer for the rest of society. [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
In the beginning God created [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]]. It was proven from ancient cave scriptures later to become the Bible. [[[[[images/Bible.jpg]]]]] 1
In the beginning, you must first create an ocean if you want to put fish in it. It can't work the other way around. After all, you are not a magician. [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Bible.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Aqualung.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/AqualungBackCover.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/TrickOfTheTail.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ocean.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/gandalf.jpg]]]]] 1
is still dedicatede to you, especially the written story in whole, and thanks for the [[[shira|inspiration]]]! [[[[[images/ducks.jpg]]]]] 1
is when you look at the skies above you and see apples and people floating in chaos. The apples hang [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Douglas Adams|in the skies in much the same way that bricks don't]]]. But [[The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy|don't panic]] yet. While the apples are waiting obediently for [[Isaac Newton|your]] instructions, the people would prefer to stay [[Monkey|up]] [[tree|there]], and have you [[[etfk|fight]]] them for the [[Atheism|cause]]. [[[[[images/apple2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DouglasAdams2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DP.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Newton.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mandrill.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OakTree.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
It can be proven from Evolution theory that DNA tests to show parenthood are meaningless. The proof goes like this: Evolution has been working for some two million years to create the species called Man. Its primary advantage over other species is its oversized ability to transfer knowledge over generations, thereby embodying this knowledge in descendants, without the need to [[[life/msdbCat/title/Soap Mom|transfer genetic information]]]. This quality of separating inheritance from genes, made Man the ruler of the planet. [[[[[images/genome.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OscarWilde.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] 1
It helps to be inanimate. You can rise from the dead. While in the [[[life/msdbCat/title/women/orderBy/date|hospital]]], the google cheetah suffered some pain, on account of the acenet bandwidth pets disabling my appache msdb.php to msdb redirect trick. I only discovered this when I first fled home from the hospital to see if Nekko and theora are still alive, and found [[[Nekko|Nekko]]] voiceless of depression, but perfectly alive and having a complete tail still, while theora was dead. It helps to be inanimate. You can rise from the dead. The convalescence of theora was, and still is, quite slow and painful, but with new and surprising vigour. I hunted this [[[[images.google.com/images?q=cheetah|cheetah]]]] myself and was very distressed when it died with theora's short death, during the first days of my hospital stay. Thank you Google software for this quick [[convalescence|convalescence]]! http://google.com/search?q=cheetah&btnG=Search [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg|Nekko]]]]] [[[[[images/Theora Jones.jpg|Theora Jones]]]]] [[[[[images/appache.gif|Appache]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/google.jpg|Google]]]]] [[[[[images/convalescence.jpg|convalescence]]]]] 1
It is difficult to [[[[uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Khmer_Rouge|document]]]] the [[atrocity|atrocities]] of mankind, [[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/shootTheGlass.mp3|without]]]] the [[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/21 - TwoHandSeparationExcersizes-lowRes.avi|aid]]]] of [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]]ians. [[[[[images/piratopedia.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/atrocity.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/KhmerRougeSoldier.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/KhmerRouge.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/KhmerRougeFlag.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/NatziUS.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/autobahn.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/TwoHandsOnTheNeck.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/decidedRice.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/stratosfear.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RogerWaters2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/koyaanisqatsi.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TwoHandsOnTheNeckToo.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/neo.jpg]]]]] 1
It is difficult to fight with [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/ghost|ghost]]]s. It is even more difficult to fight the devil. A devil in a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/feline|feline]]] is quite extreme, especially if it only shows every so often. Playing spying games is quite a treat though. The british love the feline, yet I'm quite confident the mind interogation techniques had no such goals in mind. It is almost fun, di[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]ful fun, yet... I did many new recordings last night and today and the [[[guitar|guitar]]] got too much of my attention. So the devil had sent his ghosts to revenge. Then again, they havn't seen the british spy shows as many times as I have. My instincts are by now well tuned to the new upgraded method, and [[[life/msdbCat/title/degree Absolute|Degree Absolute]]] was declared with the very first howl. In seconds we were both secluded in the zone. All sort of foods started quickly appearing. The best dryfood in town, the best shnika. Inside a small ball of Le Chat, A tiny yellow semidoze of 2.5mg, about the size of a pinhead, already starting to dissolve. A well needed safety measure today. In the end, it won, but it was quick and painless to [[[Nekko|either]]] of us, and the [[[nekkoValiumLog|monthly record]]] will still probably hit quite comfortably. [[[[[images/ghosts.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/devil.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/devilCat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/prisoner.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cortX1.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/LeoMcKern-degreeAbsolute.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RoyalCanin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/pastrama.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/LeChat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Valium5mg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/EscapeFromNewYork.jpg]]]]] [[[[[Nekko/20070926-DegreeAbsolute.jpg]]]]] [[[[[Nekko/pictures/20071007-degreeAbsolute.jpg]]]]] 1
It is hot again. Thirty somthing. I think [[[[www.imdb.com/character/ch0018722/|George]]]] and [[Milos Forman|Milos]] were right, and I will meet Hercules soon. But I still have a few [[[[theora.com/Video/ThingsToDoInDenver.avi|things to do in Denver]]]], and I have a little under a year, which is way more than enough as it seems. The pension fund has just increased significantly, in relative terms. We starve-look At one another Short of breath Walking proudly in our winter coats Wearing smells from laboratories Facing a dying nation Of moving paper fantasies Listening for the new told lies With supreme visions of lonely tunes Somewhere Inside something there is a rush of Greatness Who knows what stands in front of Our lives, I fashion my future on films in space Silence Tells me secretly Everything Everything Manchester England England Manchester England England Across the Atlantic Sea And I'm a genius genius I believe in God And I believe that God believes in Claude That's me, that's me, that's me We starve-look At one another Short of breath Walking proudly in our winter coats Wearing smells from laboratories Facing a dying nation Of moving paper fantasy Listening for the new told lies With supreme visions of lonely tunes Singing Our space of songs on spider web sitar Life is around you and in you Answer for Timothy Leary, dearie Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in... [[[[[images/thermometer.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ThirtySomething.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Milos Forman.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/life.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/C130.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ThingsToDoInDenver.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Death.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/GBUalone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] 1
It is interesting to see how everywhere in the world, throughout history, positions of authority and power always lead to wars, and how technology accelerates the speed of all processes, real or virtual. [[[[[images/WikiDictatorship.jpg]]]]] 1
It is is hinted in between the lines, so to speak, of her words. But she would not say it out loud. Because we both know its not true. And she would never lie to me straight in the face. Will you give me some food already. If it so turns out that I was hungry after all, how would you live with yourself later. 1
It is not the same club, but it is at least a mile high. [[[[[images/Eldar.jpg|Eldar]]]]] 1
It is only in the land of the Hebrews where one would take the English and censor the translation. [[[[[images/theSaint.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/censor.jpg]]]]] 1
It is very important the control-N is on the [[Meter (music)|one]], with the [[bass Drum|bass]], while the click to reset the current window to copy the next from, is on the [[Beat (music)|three]], with the [[Snare drum|snare]]. It doesn't work well the other way around becuase the keyboard [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/sound|sound]]]s more bassy and the mouse is more snare like. It is also important to open [[Internet Explorer|windows]] in halfs [[[RI|exactly]]], and close them in [[Time signature|fourths]] or faster. [[[[[images/drums.jpg]]]]] 1
It takes a superb marksman to hit two targets with a single arrow. [[[[[images/cupid.jpg]]]]] 1
It was always impossible to figure out why the mediavel [[[airJuice/msdbSearchText/title/guitar|artists]]] thought one can see the first layer somehow, having covered it with six more. The base is made of rusty iron, polished sparsly, then covered with lacquer. The tabletop is made of wood that used to be a closet. It could use some work. After the first layer it looked awesome. The second already made it look a bit like a table top. The third coat is where [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]ce fiction starts. [[[[[misc/Noam/Noam.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cream.jpg]]]]] [[[[[misc/Noam/CubicHousing1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[misc/Noam/TelAviv8.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/redWood.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Studio0.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Studio1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Studio2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Studio.jpg]]]]] 1
It was once reported to me that I am a lesbian. The conversation went about like this: You have a twisted mind, you think like a woman, he said to me. Not of women, I said. No matter, so you are a woman who likes women. In short, a lesbian. [[[[theora.com/Video/love.avi|So]]]] be [[[[theora.com/Video/sex.avi|it]]]]. [[[[[images/love.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/love0.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sex.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sex0.jpg]]]]] 1
it went like this: http://www.theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/aLetterForShira.mp3 [[[[[images/UfGozal.jpg]]]]] 1
Its a [[[[theora.com/Video/SoapDad.avi|mistake]]]]! [[[[[images/JodyDallasInDallas.jpg]]]]] 1
Its a proof, don't you get it, there is a [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/God|God]]]! OK, I accept, so there is no God. Say what? Well, yeah, if you have proven there is a God than you don't have to believe it anymore either, so why should I? So you still don't believe in God? And you just a bit less... So can you prove there is no God? You want Me to prove that You don't believe in God? Anybody else on the list? So what you're saying is, we don't know if there is a God or not, but we can't prove either. Yep. Looks like he's here to stay for a while longer. [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/puffOfLogic.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DouglasAdams2.jpg]]]]] 1
Its been forty six years, and yes, I do know how to spell [[[Nekko|Nekko]]], [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Pavlov|Dog]]] and Shuriken. [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/shurikens.jpg]]]]] So? [[[[[images/marijuana.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira4.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mom.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Ariel Aloni.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mom.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/fishingBoat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/architect.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mom.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/reggy.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/goddess.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Sandy.jpg]]]]] Don't forget to water the wishing well! [[[[[images/WishingWell.gif]]]]] 1
Its kind of confusing when you are smarter than almost everybody else. Everywhere you go people look silly. Whatever they do there is something you can improve upon. You read a book about [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/relatively|relatively]]] theory and you come up with an enhancement that will change the face of the earth. It will help explode one more atom in the electron accelerator at the lab and when world war three comes, well, then they'll know. So you start up a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/company|company]]] of your own to sell this idea because after all, who else will be so smart and do just that. And the investor has this minor issue with risk, and he says: How much did you research the market probabilities of world war three occurring during this round of funding? [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nuclear.jpg]]]]] 1
Its not really a matter of good versus evil. It just happens to be the evolutionary force that holds peoples together and makes peoples fight with one another. Religion is only evil for those peoples who lose once or more. [[[[[images/EvoLife.gif]]]]] 1
Its one of those quiet winter nights. [[[[[images/darkness2.jpg]]]]] Despite the thunderstorms, Junior is tucked away safely in the crib, [[[[[images/baby.jpg]]]]] and Faye is fast asleep too. [[[[[images/youngSkin.jpg]]]]] It is three in the morning. Junior sneezed just a few minutes ago. This was on or around midnight, and we were both still awake and made nothing of it. [[[[[images/happiness2.jpg]]]]] But it reminded me that I forgot to sum up the total and it will crash tomorrow in front of everybody in the meeting and embarrass him so, and I can't let that happen, so my eyes are bloodshot, but I have to finish this before they show up to the meeting, and what is this gummy snake noise coming from the bedroom to put a smile on my face? [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ComputerSymbiosis.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bloodShotEye.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/GummySnakes.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/happiness2.jpg]]]]] I am just stepping into my other shoe when the bedroom door opens. And what today? I say. Just Ice Cream, nothing special, Faye says and puts Junior's walkie talkie in her coat pocket. Not that she doesn't trust me or anything, she knows I hear every sneeze, even if I Am asleep. It never hurts to have two rather than one. This is so depressing, I say, if I don't join you I might collapse and fall asleep before you return and never finish this. will you let me this time? We have long since agreed that the highest hysteria level between us is what counts with everything titled Junior, so in this case, I have to ask. yeah, well, maybe the rain will do you good. It took not fifteen minutes from the time we came back until the bug was fixed. Faye was still awake. [[[[[images/darkness.jpg]]]]] 1
Just for [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080424-wawi.mp3|pace]]]]. [[[[[images/HammerHead.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/hammer.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/drums.jpg]]]]] 1
Like Jacob before him, and later [[Nicolaus Copernicus|Copernicus]], he had a problem. [[[[[images/JACOBandANGEL.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Nicolaus Copernicus.jpg|Nicolaus Copernicus]]]]] God will not let the minuttest detail left to chance. In his [[[OriginOfSpecies|book]]], he advertizes his prooven work as [[[OriginOfSpecies/msdbSearchText/description/theory|theory]]]. Fooling God is a neat trick. Its like [[Don_Quixote|fighting windmills]]. [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wind.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/windmill.jpg|windmill]]]]] [[[[[images/Don Quixote.jpg|Don Quixote]]]]] It is very diffuclt to do without creating a [[[DarwinCall|religion]]]. [[[[[images/creation.jpg|creation]]]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg|Charles Darwin]]]]] 1
Like most [[Luke Skywalker|Skywalkers]], [[Harry Potter|Potters]] and [[Men in Black (film)|Men]], he was also a [[Jedi|Jedi]] [[Gandalf|Magician]] in Black. he [[Anakin Skywalker|could see things]] - [[Geology|after they happen]]. He was a geologist, you see. There was a stone in the bathroom that day and he stepped on it. He jumped out naked in revelation horror holding the stone in his hand. The [[Archimedes#Discoveries_and_inventions|water level dropped]] drastically. EURICA! - He shouted. Inside the stone [[Charles Darwin|he]] saw a [[Men in Black (film)|galaxy]] of a [[[etfk|time scaled]]] aquarium. [[[[[images/lukeSkywalker.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/HarryPotter.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mib.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Archimedes.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/jedi.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/gandalf.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fossil.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/galaxy.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/time.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheGalaxyIsOnOrionsBelt.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/aquarium.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/EvoLife.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
Look at the [[Penguin|penguins]] fighting the cold in the antarctic, and be Sure, that if a [[[schizoid|cop]]] stops you on a cold night in the middle of the highway for speeding, he will be nice, even if he is evil most other times. It lies in [[[etfk|ancient genes]]] that it is better to unite to combat the cold. Human [[[noSoul|psychology]]] must develop in accordance, much like that of the Penguin. Cop evil is mentally subject to [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/relatively|relatively]]] heightened restraint in the cold, just like penguine evil. The reason you can be certain, despite the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/relatively|relatively]]], that he will be nice, is that you are a penguin too, so you Must trust him to be nice. [[[[[images/EmperorPenguins.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/police.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/cold.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/happiness1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
made two questionable contributions to the evolution of mankind: 1. It entrenched in human psychology that the Jewish people is special and is to be noticed henceforward. 2. It made humanity think that the savior of the future, atomic energy, is evil. Atomic Energy is the solution behind the flawed logic of the movie The Matrix. We are consumers of energy, and have only the sun, the center of the earth, and atomic energy in the vicinity, that we can potentially consume. The sun we compte over as all of Nature. It is a very limited and well consumed resource. The center of the earth we have yet to reach to consume its energy. Harnessing a few more [[Geyser|Geysers]] is not going to make a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|difference]]] any time soon. While the leaders of the world are trying frantically to perserve [[knowledge|knowledge]] and experience with [[atomic power|atomic power]], there is a huge [[war|war]] going on for [[budget|budgets]], powered by [[common knowledge|common knowledge]] that [[Atom|atoms]] are [[evil|evil]]. [[[[[images/WWII.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/jew.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/israeliFlag.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nuclear6.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nuclear4.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/electrons.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/matrix.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sun.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/geizer.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/nuclearPowerPlant.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Earth.jpg]]]]] 1
Maoz Herut: The fortress smells smoke where there is no cause. The ex smells men where there is no cause. The man smells war where there is no cause. What do we win? [[[[[images/woman.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/man.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Death.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/WoodyAllen.gif]]]]] 1
MENLO PARK, California, April 15, 2008 Cuill, a stealth start-up with a new approach to search, announced today that the company has secured a second round of equity financing of $25 million, led by Madrone Capital Partners. The Series B investment follows a previous $8 million funding round from Tugboat Ventures and Greylock Partners. [[[[cuill.com|You guys]]]] must have [[[[cuill.com/press.html|a lot of money]]]] to spare if you can afford travelling [[[life|theora.com]]] twenty seven times more than [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Google|Google]]]. Will you fix your software already! [[[[[images/cuill.gif|Cuill]]]]] [[[[[images/money.jpg|Money]]]]] [[[[[images/cuillMoney.jpg|Cuill Money]]]]] [[[[[images/quill1.jpg|quill]]]]] [[[[[images/quill2.jpg|quill]]]]] [[[[[images/quilt.jpg|quilt]]]]] [[[[[images/quail.jpg|quail]]]]] [[[[[images/cold.jpg|Cool]]]]] 1
Mon Apr 16, 2007 [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] 052 290-5447 had initiated the sms exchange of 2007-05-24: (time mismatches are from [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/phone|phone]]] send/recv inconsistency) him 10:41 Low life [[[[[images/slum.jpg]]]]] him 10:44 052 290-5447 See u in hell... [[[[[images/hell.jpg]]]]] me 10:50 [[[[theora.com/Video/CUinHellJohnny.avi|See u in hell...Johnny]]]] [[[[[images/pointBreak.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/Video/ItoldThem.avi|I told them]]]] at [[[life/msdbCat/title/The Gates of Hell|the gates]]] that I took a ten year old [[[shira|girl]]] from the gutter and brought her to her future pimp. They called me liar and sent me back to do some more [[[guitar|work]]]. Maybe next time... [[[[[images/TheGatesOfHell.jpg]]]]] him 11:45 next time my ass. [[[[[images/Donkey.gif]]]]] me 12:59 - next time my ass. [[[[[images/plumber.jpg]]]]] Maybe you want to tell me why you hate me so? him 12:57 Idiot, im mi atta hoshev she atta mitkatev, ha? [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] me 13:05 Idiot, im mi atta hoshev she atta mitkatev, ha? And you are? [[[[[images/KhmerRougeFlag.jpg]]]]] him 13:03 le ma an ha shem, lech ha pess ha im be ma kom a her. [[[[[images/TheGatesOfHell.jpg]]]]] me 13:07 busy, will get back to you later. [[[[[images/hell.jpg]]]]] him 13:05 Eize bizi ve eize na ala im, ya da fuk [[[[[images/Donkey.gif]]]]] me 13:09 busy, will get back to you later. [[[[[images/hell.jpg]]]]] him (he just sent back a copy) 13:06 busy, will get back to you later. [[[[[images/hell.jpg]]]]] me 13:10 Idiot, im mi atta hoshev she atta mitkatev, ha? [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] And you are? [[[[[images/KhmerRougeFlag.jpg]]]]] him 13:09 im tamshich le hatzik, te sayem be ge hah [[[[[images/mentalInstitution.jpg]]]]] me 13:14 im tamshich le hatzik, te sayem be ge hah [[[[[images/mentalInstitution.jpg]]]]] And you are? [[[[[images/KhmerRougeFlag.jpg]]]]] him 13:12 otcha le [[[jaccuse|ariel]]] [[[[[images/ArielAndTal.jpg]]]]] me 13:17 otcha le ariel [[[[[images/ArielAndTal.jpg]]]]] And you are? [[[[[images/KhmerRougeFlag.jpg]]]]] him 13:28 Hashavti she atta yotter ha ham. hitbadeiti, [[[[theora.com/guitar/shootTheGlass/shootTheGlass.mp3|plagiator]]]] aluv. [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] me 13:33 Hashavti she atta yotter ha ham. hitbadeiti, [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ohadOnGuitar.mp3|plagiator aluv]]]]. And you are? [[[[[images/KhmerRougeFlag.jpg]]]]] him 13:34 patheti be teruf [[[[[images/slum.jpg]]]]] me 13:40 Im tam shi chi la hatzik, te sai mi be ge hah [[[[[images/mentalInstitution.jpg]]]]] him 13:38 terem hevanta im mi atta mitkatev, ya effes [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] me 13:42 otcha le ariel [[[[[images/ArielAndTal.jpg]]]]] him 13:41 kvar dibarti itto. ba sof hu yagia eleicha yahad im [[[jaccuse|Badihi]]]. ze lo yihi yeh matzhik bichlal. [[[[[images/Roland_Fantom-X8.jpg]]]]] me 13:47 kvar dibarti itto. ba sof hu yagia eleicha yahad im Badihi. ze lo yihi yeh matzhik bichlal. [[[[[images/Roland_Fantom-X8.jpg]]]]] ve et mi bediuk ze lo yatzhik? [[[[[images/happiness1.jpg]]]]] him 13:45 otcha ze bichlal lo yatzhik [[[[[images/sad.jpg]]]]] me 14:25 ,,,otcha ze bichlal lo yatzhik [[[[[images/happiness2.jpg]]]]] OK, az affsik, aval rak biglal she ani me fa hed mi ariel ve mi ge hah, ah heret haitti mam shich [[[[[images/ArielAndTal.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mentalInstitution.jpg]]]]] him 14:25 Adif Kach, red la ha lu tin mi mish pa hat dottan lifnei she tigrom leatz me cha nezek [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] me 14:32 .....Adif Kach, red la ha lu tin mi mish pa hat dottan lifnei she tigrom leatz me cha nezek [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] Im tamshich le hatrid otti tigmor be ge hah [[[[[images/mentalInstitution.jpg]]]]] me 14:35 www.theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ILoveYouShira.mp3 [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] [[[smsDiscussions|smsDiscussion]]] [[[shira|shira]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] 1
Mushroom loved to rest quietly whilst no one was watching. The other day, while chatting with her younger sister, she said: We have this poison in us, its not very effective and if Hare comes to eat me she will get a stomach ache and tell the others and they won't eat you because you look like me. That's smart, dear, you are an angel. She was. Presently, the moon appeared from behind a cloud, and there, lying on The grass, was [[[[theora.com/Audio/TheHareWhoLostHisSpectacles.mp3|Hare]]]]. In the stream that flowed by the grass, another hare. And sitting astride a twig of a bush, a Leopard. Don't eat that, said the other hare, it will make your stomach ache. Ostensibly motionless, the hare was trembling with excitement, for with a stomach ache, he appeared completely helpless. What was he to do? Well after all the tempting ideas mushroom and hare didn't care. After all, they both had a [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/replication|spare]]], a pairrrrr. [[[[[images/aPassionPlay.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
Mussia is definitely an odd average. She was my first friend in the department. [[[[[images/hospital.jpg]]]]] On my first day she was having the daily fight with some other nurse or two, just as I was desperately looking for a towel to wipe out my feverish sweat, so she snapped at me: Excuse me, you are in our way, would you move please! Sure! - I said, and disappeared under the hood. [[[[[images/UnderTheHood.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Hair.jpg]]]]] I am an obedient patient, or was rather, being that it was my first day. To my disappearing back she asked what was it that I needed, and I turned around and said, just a towel, but it is not urgent. It took uder two minutes for her to show up by my bed with a towel, and she kept petting me since. [[[[[images/42.jpg]]]]] For the past week I have been arriving at the hospital only to receive my dose of zinacef 750mg, at 6AM, 12PM, and 9PM, and otherwise I am officially not there, on account of winking with Klein that I refuse treatment and therefore am free to come and go as I please. So I showed at 9PM sharp and Mussia is the head nurse. As usual she went out of her way and busy schedule to make sure I don't wait too long for my infusion. After all, she knows for some time now that after that I have to carry the branula home, and she doesn't want to waste my time there waiting for her. [[[[[images/branula.jpg]]]]] I decided she would be my coffee target for tonite. Every day I try to buy one nurse a coffee, never the same one. It takes fifteen minutes to beg visitors to change some coins for the machine, just to discover it broke, and walk over to the other building where there is one that works, and back over to the department with the coffee. [[[[[images/Coffee.jpg]]]]] Mussia looks forty something. I look thirty something but am forty seven. One of the tasks of a head nurse is to be mother-like and condesending, and obnoxious of course. This combo can create odd situations. Why are you bringing me coffee in the middle of the night. I too have to sleep sometime you know. I'm not your age anymore, and can't have coffee that late. I just make a towel turn and leave. You can't win them all. I tried to put a smile on her face and what do I get - if I am to recover the lost smile, I must respond with: Its OK. Rather, you just Look old. I'd rather preadmit my defeat, hide a smile behind a towel back, and disappear. [[[[[images/42.jpg]]]]] To my back she keeps wining: You wasted your money! My smile is already there, so I use it to think about the four NIS cost for the blog entry at theora.com which I am now almost rushing to write. [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] 1
Nature. The [[[etfk|harshest]]] environment on earth at its worst times: always. [[[[[images/land.jpg]]]]] If you made it, you can consider youself extremly lucky, and yet luck was not even remotely enough. [[[[[images/cards.jpg]]]]] If you are still here, you must also have been always the absolute best of the best of the best... [[[[[images/mib.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
Nearing death, I went for some cigarettes on account of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/black excuse|black excuse]]]. The Ethiopian girl, not even twelve, ask me for a dance on the way back. [[[OriginOfSpecies/msdbSearchText/title/Embryology|Kids]]]. Probably the same [[[[theora.com/Video/KidsOfTheCondor.avi|everywhere]]]]. [[[[[images/ThreeDaysOfTheCondor.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Death.jpg|Death]]]]] [[[[[images/cigarettes.jpg|cigarettes]]]]] [[[[[images/blackLungsInTheMorgue.jpg|Black Lungs In The Morgue]]]]] [[[[[images/Ethiopia.gif|Ethiopia]]]]] [[[[[images/embryo.jpg|embryo]]]]] [[[[[images/Max von Sydow.jpg|Max von Sydow]]]]] 1
No thanks, I'm on a diet. You? But you're thin. You don't need one. Yes, just like You didn't, when You were my weight? [[[[[images/diet.jpg]]]]] 1
Not in my wildest [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/dream|dream]]]s. Happy Birthday, [[[etfk|etfk]]]! http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=cheetah [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
Numbers are your friends if you give them the respect they deserve. I take from gut feel the average to be five fifty, being midway between ten and one. Say I first found her at seven. The easiest [[[RI|RI]]] task is to keep her at five fifty at all times. The public works for you. Don't rush. Tommorow there will be more clicks pulling your way. You can delete cookies out the wazoo and get there by the end of the hour, or do nothing and die happy knowing that sufficient time has passed, and sufficient cookies and clicks, and Gauss and his theorm are making sure you have lazily achieved your goal. [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/neo.jpg]]]]] 1
Oh, she's in trouble [[[[theora.com/guitar/wawi/20080420-wawi.mp3|now]]]]. How's she gonna get around all those? Now she'll never come out of it without life! [[[[[images/woman.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wind.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wobble.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/man.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/boy.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/baby.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fetus.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/egg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/spermWhale.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/gotLife.jpg]]]]] 1
ok, (after our conversation on the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/phone|phone]]]) time for a quick lecture, mostly for a shopping list, not to shop, but for sequence of operations. By now you know that are are codecs, emphasis on the the s, as in plural. over time many compression systems were invented and codecs are in fact small (relativly) libratries of code (as in source code, libraries, everything you know of software) and programs like winamp, media player and virtualdub must have the software (the codecs) installed on the computer in order to display videos, and as each movie might have a different codec, a diffrent codec might need to be there. This is why you can watch downloaded movies and do everything for a while, and suddnely discover that a certain movie doesn't work, all you see is black, or you see it perfectly, only without sound, as sound codecs are separate. Mp3 if you remember my verbiage, is a name of a codec, its short for Mpeg Layer three in your travels you will see the word mpeg appearing many different ways and may even discover its a video descendant of jpeg, an older compression scheme for pictures, and mpeg4 which like divx handles video. Just to make things complicated, bill gates wanted, at some point in ancient past of a few years ago to control this market and possessing code to a codec he will make the world use he can charge for software using this codec, and so if a movie on the Internet has this codec, you can only view it in media player and everybody thinks "oh, must be a better program" it plays what everybody else doesn't" hence the control on the marketing side. neat trick, but the Internet crowd has a collective brain of their own, and it didn't quite work, the download community is mostly on a coo with codecs that don't work everywhere, and needless to say with codecs that are not distributed for free. as with all history of computer software, the better one survives, the rest become extict (Darwin) and by now divx is dominant while most others are on their way to extinction, except, that history of free software is long enough by now to know that some basics of evolution normally unnoticed by the biologists, are very dominant in how programs spread in the community. Once something is made good enough and has established fitness to survive reaching dominance, such as [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/dinosaur|dinosaur]]]s and humans ([[[life/msdbSearchText/story/darwin|Darwin]]] would laugh at me and say, comparing 65,000,000 years with 100,000 is simply not [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/scien|scien]]]tific to a point of childishness) Divx is made a standard by habit of use, and will not move or change to the better, so better things might not be able to wipe standards easily from the past, this is the case with Philips and the digital recording, the silly cda audio files on a cd, the http protocol, countless other examples in the history of standards in computer software, and countless examples in Nature, like the tale bone you are still carrying because you are too hung up on your mother, who in ancient times was a fish, and the tail was the standard means of transportation at the time. All in all its like this, divx is a standard still in the process of making all the others extinct, and there are now countless codecs going around still, and while ogg theora is probably much better, it is still in development, and is not likely to survive mostly because divx is a standard by now. there are countless devices such as your LG that tomorrow will read theora, maybe, but now they don't, and that is what really counts. ok, to practice: goal is divx in video and mp3 in audio, these are the de-facto stadards for which it is easy to find content, i.e. movies, which in the end of day is what we really care about. when you do the search, in emule you want to be concious of this goal. you don't really want to start searching for codecs after a movie arrived after 2 months downloading. this doesn't mean you can control it, stastistics do, we just go with the flow, but the naming conventions of files on emule often have the codec written in (parenth..) as part of the name of the file. [[[[[images/virtualDub.jpg]]]]] 1
OK, give me ham on five, hold the mayo. [[[[[images/Airplane.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Tapuzina.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CocaColaBottle.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/mayo.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/Sandy.jpg]]]]] 1
On a clear city night you look up to the skied and see hardly any birds. Mostly bats. On a clear city day you look up to the skied and see hardly any birds. Mostly people. It is not a handicap for mankind to have been born without the ability to fly. [[[[[images/bat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ElAl.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/LongEZ.jpg]]]]] 1
On on the Seventh's day he went through the world he created to see that he didn't miss anything, and said to himself: Oops, I forgot to plant the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/dinosaur|dinosaur]]] bones. [[[[[images/dinosaurSkeleton.jpg]]]]] 1
On the grass at the park at night, the three of us took a stroll and then laid down and looked at the stars together, talking about space. "Save my soul", she whispered gently with her body language. "I don't understand you", I gently replied with mine. Her response was forceful. " I am hardly 11 years old and am already in deep trouble as you can well see. Are you an angel? Did you come here to free us? Or are you yet another ordinary man from those who left after the first ride!" I was too shocked to analyze. "I don't know right now, OK?" - I yelled. "I think you have!" she said silently as her mother nodded motionlessly. Her mother, pretending indifference, was watching throughout this violent conversation. Later that night, once we were in one room and the kid in the other, I asked her about it immediately. "Oh, that's nothing" she said, and told a few historical details. [[[[[images/StarWars.jpg]]]]] 1
One can not proove there is no [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/God|God]]]. You can not proove that which is not. From [[Greek_Philosophy|Greek philosophy]], you can still show it is not by means of an [[Alibi|alibi]]. If you can show God is somewhere other than where God is claimed to be, it would constitute proof that God is not where God is cliamed to be. [[Aristotelian|Aristotelian]] [[Logic|Logic]], ([[Aristotelian_logic|1^]]) does not offer any other alternative to prooving that which is not. [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/puffOfLogic.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DouglasAdams2.jpg]]]]] 1
One can not stop [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/death|death]]], he said, there is just too much of it going on. On the contrary, says the [[[[strangescience.net/mendel.htm|other]]]]. We are human. We can grow as many peas as we like. As long as we remember each is like our own single child - they will all [[[life/msdbCat/title/Darwin and Mendel|survive]]]. [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Mendel.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/EvoLife.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/genome.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
One day I was showing you how to play the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/piano|Piano]]]. You were in your room, I was in the living room with the Piano. I put one finger on the high end of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/keybaord|keyboard]]] and ran it across to the lower end. You ran frantically from your room with joy, thinking I know how to play. So disappointed you were to discover this was just your [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/imagin|imagin]]]ation. So di[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]ed was I, not being able to cater to my little angel's wishes. I now play the Guitar. Thank you [[[shira|Shira]]] for having made me a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]]ian. http://www.theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/aLetterForShira.mp3 [[[[[images/piano.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Studio.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif|guitar]]]]] 1
One day Saddam Hussein came to his people whom he serves so dedicatedly, and asked their permission to go skiing this Christmas and they said: Sorry, dad, its too dangerous, so we have to say no. [[[[[images/saddam1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/skiing.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/prisoner.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/stop.jpg]]]]] 1
One teaspoon cornflour (starch). One teaspoon flour. [[[[[images/teaspoon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CornStarch.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/flour.jpg]]]]] Quarter teaspoon paparika. Half a teaspoon fresh ground garlic. [[[[[images/paprika.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/garlic.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/thereIsNoSpoon.jpg]]]]] Grind a bit of pepper in. [[[[[images/pepper.jpg]]]]] Add a bit of salt and MSG. [[[[[images/salt.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/MSG.jpg]]]]] Add water one drop at the time, mixing, until somewhere between cream and liquid. [[[[[images/water.jpg]]]]] Place strips in mix, and butter in heated pan. [[[[[images/butter.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/FryingPan.jpg]]]]] Lay strips gently. On medium flame, with patience, wait for the first hint of burn before turning over. Heat pita bread gently in pan vapor over mesh. [[[[[images/pita.jpg]]]]] Spread a bit of mayo on one side and top with lettuce. [[[[[images/mayo.jpg]]]]] Place hot strips on top of lettuce. [[[[[images/lettuce.jpg]]]]] Sprinkle some Aromat. [[[[[images/Aromat.jpg]]]]] Carve the half piece. [[[[[images/chickenBreastStrips.jpg]]]]] Serve. [[[[[images/LoveHeart.jpg]]]]] 1
Operating under the assumption that everything is perfect. [[[[[images/marijuana.jpg]]]]] 1
Osama Bin Laden is a [[[life/msdbCat/title/Internet Matrix|hacker]]] and data security professionals are investment bankers. [[[[[images/Osama bin Laden.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/hackerBruno.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cellphones.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/neo.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DataSecurity.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/WallStreet.jpg]]]]] 1
People and [[[Nekko|cat]]]s are so much alike that for years I had thought Pavlov was the name of a dog. [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Pavlov.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif|guitar]]]]] 1
Phone Home! [[[[[images/ET.gif]]]]] 1
Really? When the bell rings, who exactly is drooling? The pupils, or the teacher? 1
Say dad, how is [[[Reggy/msdbSearchText/context/human|man]]] better than [[[etfk|animals]]]? Maybe when you're a bit [[Old age|older]] we can talk about this. But do animals also read about us in their [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/Mottar|encyclopedias]]]? [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OldMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DisneyPrincessBarbies.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/prince.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Wikipedia.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
Say, howsit goin'? I'm quite depressed actually, thanks for asking. [[[Reggy|She]]] left me again for the seventeenth time yesterday. Is it final this time? Not sure, I havn't decided yet. Eh? In the last sixteen times she came back when I asked... [[[[[images/reggy.jpg]]]]] 1
Setting survival as our goal is primary in our psycological makeup. Everything alive, plants included, has achieved this goal, despite enourmouse hardships and extreme death rates. The reason it survived is because its genes happen to fit the goal it was trying to achieve, which is to be slightly better than the rest of his own kind in close proximity where these minute [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|difference]]]s are what counts. From the perspective of evolution, spanning over many generations of perfection accomplished via high death rates, there is no [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|difference]]]between cause and effect, nor between the reason for which something has happened, as juxtaposed with a goal, for which, it should happen. If it was raining yesterday, for example, then from the perspective of the plant that came to life, the rain was planned for him, because billions of years it took to develop these genes of his so that when this rain comes, from the seed, there will be life. But if the rain did not come, then it was also planned by evolution for billions of years, because in the desert land that will be left dry, there will be a cactus saying the same thing. [[[[[images/EvoLife.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] 1
Sh, come closer, listen, I gotta tell you something, but please promise me you won't tell anyone in class, or in school, or in the world, ever. Even when we're at our own home with a husband and kids. It will happen like this: One day you will have a fight with him. A big one. It will last more than a week of intense activity, and at some point, he will go to your computer and look for some ammunition. If he is not too stupid, he will read this e-mail very carefully. Being that it would be right for him to do so.... How can you say that? you don't even know what the fight will be about! Hey, this is my story. I can say that with a one hundred percent degree of assurance simply because a week later, you sat down with him, and he explained gently why under the special circumstances, he thought it was the correct moral judgment, and you agreed and you hugged him lovingly, and you lived happily ever after. so, anyway, and he sees this e-mail. So, you see, it would be a little messy if I told you. Lets play basketball. [[[[[images/clock.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/calendar.jpg]]]]] 1
She called me up, and said, oh, so you're here. I was just going that way anyway, why won't I stop by on the way? If it wasn't that she had just called me up for the first time while all she knows about me is some tabloid blind date detail, I probably wouldn't be that shocked. My hormones started making so much noise in my brain that all my senses were suffocating. Now I know why they call it a blind date. [[[[[images/blind.jpg]]]]] 1
She called three times in anonimity yesterday, and I thought it might have been [[[shira|her]]], and I did not pick up, and my eyes were swolen when he told me he'd rather give me a cool mill than an MRI. [[[[[images/MRI.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] He is as ground as semolina by now. I've seen his department. They come in and start whining about how you are an ass, while you dress their wounds. [[[[[images/ass.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/branula.jpg]]]]] Today I bought a nurse coffee after I made my own likewise mess. she almost burst in tears, saying: We always go overbaord to please, and get complaints. Its grinding. I know - I said. Later, I secretly went to check and see if she actually drank the coffee. She did. [[[[[images/semolina.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Coffee.jpg]]]]] I saw a man abusing a chair the other day. [[[[[images/man.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/chair.jpg]]]]] He knows how to make justice, and is a sucker of absolutly no one and no thing. Five O'clock in the morning he wanted a shower. But there are no more towels and the nurse had told him new ones will be around on or about seven thirty. I was letting him in on my private stash of three, offering him one, but he is no sucker. He pays taxes, and its their job to supply the towel. But I don't need them - I said - I also got one from home. [[[[[images/42.jpg]]]]] My wife had one neatly folded for me in my bag too - he said - but she can't sucker me out of my well paid taxes. I'll wait till they provide me with a new towel. Smart. efficient. Cost effective. [[[[[images/chair.jpg]]]]] The chair was - just - you know - irritating. It stood there, right by where he wanted to get off the bed. Just to spite him he stood there. Why else would he be there? So when he tackled him as he got off the bed he knew exactly what to do. He called him some names, and then kicked him all the way to the wall. Serves him right. That must have hurt. The surprised chair just fell back silently to the floor, and then went on with his usual work. Its a very grinding job, to be a chair. No wonder it is sometimes hard to tell between them and the nurses. I sincerely am sorry, and I hope the coffee was good. [[[[[images/semolina.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/chair.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Coffee.jpg]]]]] Happened to the antibiotics night nurses the other day too. The fat old women snappen and gave an insulting set. Not a single word to trigger her, during the quiet night of spies secretly injecting antibiotics into patients veins. What would you have done if you had just woken up from a nap in the airplane and saw just that? Would you be calm, saying it is just a big building with patients? [[[[[images/Airplane.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/hospital.jpg]]]]] He beleives in God, and he beleives that God beleives in Claude, that's him. [[[[[images/Claude Hooper Bukowski.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/klein.jpg]]]]] But nobdy is King David except for King David himself. Of all people, I, had better know that. After all, [[[jaccuse|it did work for me too]]]. But it was dangerous, and having made a fool of himself, he now has a 50-50 chance, or so he says. Yeah, right. [[[[[images/King David.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/drool.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Gauss.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] As if I cared. He saved my life two times one half. Comes to a perfect whole. The first for having landed at his doorstep like a potter, the second for having discovered voldemort a bit too early in life for me to care. [[[[[images/HarryPotter.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/baby.jpg]]]]] So I am finally getting in touch with my roots and compensating for my weak visiting hours. [[[[[images/dad.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Death.jpg]]]]] 1
She must stay out all night. You know, its in her blood! I don't think this kind of thing can be [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/soap|inheritted]]]. I don't [[inheritance|see]] why not? [[[etfk|Eye color]]] and [[Soap (TV series)|money is]]! [[[[[images/SoapTV.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/eye.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/amoeba1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Reptile.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/orangutan2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OscarWilde.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
Short association break in the flow, (and yes, I know it doesn't seem like flow to you just yet): I just remembered in accuracy the event where another student caught a professor in a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]], it was hilarious, it went like this: the students said, "you are wrong, because this and that, etc" the professor, being very smart and quick, immediately replied, "you are right of course, I had just thought of it three seconds before you said it", the student, most instinctively replied "and I thought of it six seconds before I said it" almost as if saying, "get real, we're all [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]]ematicians here, [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Freud|Freud]]] doesn't count or knows how to, only numbers do" and every student in class was literally laughing out loud, and so was the professor. incidentally, this was also in the first semester, when none of us can be even thought to be named [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]]ematician later in life, so the entire conversation was in fact totally [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Freud|Freud]]]ian. anyway, where was I: [[[[[images/TAU.jpg]]]]] 1
So [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ohadOnGuitar.mp3|who]]]] moved the holes in my cheese? [[[[[images/WhoMovedMyCheese.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Sandy.jpg]]]]] 1
So all this can be rehashed using Virtualdub , except that when it comes to non-lossless compression, you cant really make a picture better by compressing and recompressing it for the purpose of bettering it. This is a general problem in architecting of complex computing systems, and is well known in the hacking community, simply as "The Heisenberg Principle" most obviously exemplified by a program that counts time it takes to travel in a loop by timing it each round and adding the result to a total, there by counting the counting program rather than what the program would actually do if you did not count! [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/Heisenberg|Heisenberg]]] Said (in plain terms) If you try to observe the geographical location of an electron relative to its core atom(ic) force of gravity, the mere observation will change the result, and therefore we will never know where the electron actually is at any given point in time. The implications of this quantum physics only fact I know, on the world of computer programming is immense. [[[[[images/Heisenberg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/electrons.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/smily.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/eye.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Eye2.jpg]]]]] Ok, where was I, [[[[[images/virtualDub.jpg]]]]] 1
So due the Heisenberg principle you want to do all the processing "at once", chaining filters for resizing making the picture brighter, trying to still focus it better, (despite the general rule just mentioned), in one shot, so that virtualdub will decompress the file just once, do all the work, and then recompenses it once. if you make a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]], just do the whole thing over from scratch. seems like waste of valuable CPU time, not at all, and you know why, guess: The [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/Heisenberg|Heisenberg]]] Principle. [[[[[images/virtualDub.jpg]]]]] 1
So I came across this very odd piece of research: xanax at 1/8 mg twice a day raises psychometric results in healthy students. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9790153 xanax is officially indicated for anxiety disorder and panic attacks. who on earth would have the insight to try for such an odd research, and what for? So here is this high school student about to take his psychometric in a few month, as he wants to become a doctor. All his friends have fun mostly from alcohol and marijuana, and before the psychometric, they switch to Ritalin. "Take some, it will help you concentrate and study all night." "Well. I have my own problems. especially at night. I think I'll stick my xanax" 3 months later: "wow, you did better then most of us Ritalin guys" "Its the xanax, I tell you. And I already know what my thesis will be about" 1
So I saw these herds of cats running from the forest towards my door. And I warned them. I said, everyone who doesn't like me as much as he claims is punished by death. So they came in by the thousands and started scratching everything. So I killed them all. Except that Kitty, was scratching off my shoes, the sand that I had brought in from the beach the other day, so I let her live. But she was pregnant, and a few seconds later, I had two thousand scratching cats at home again, so I again killed all that did not scratch just the sand off of everything, but there wasn't that much sand, so I brought them some sand to play with. Of course everyone trashed the sand all over the place, and I killed them all again, but Kitty the 3rd was gentle, and just dug tiny little holes in the sand, so I let her live. But she was pregnant again. This nightmare has no end in sight. Kitty 7th had a sand hole much nicer than her sisters' which is also why I let her mother live, and she was so proud of it she would guard it with her life and wouldn't leave it for eating or shitting. I took revenge at her daughters and killed everyone who refused to eat outside the sand box and anyone who tried to shit outside it as well. Kitty 13 didn't want to leave droppings in her sisters' sand holes, and Kitty 27 was paranoid that they will steal hers, so she covered the holes. Kitty 2006 is called [[[Nekko|Nekko]]]. If you [[[DarwinCall/msdbSearchText/title/Trained|asked]]] her "What is Time?" She would say: "A Song from The Dark Side of the Moon" [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/WalkLikeAnEgyptian.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/animalDroppings.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/catLitter.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/darksideTime.jpg]]]]] 1
So I turned off all the lights, walked in to the bathroom with the swat, leaving the door open - and turned on the light. When he came in I closed the door. Appologizing, I told him he is now in [[[Degree Absolute|Degree Absolute]]] and only one of us gets out of this room alive. He understood, and never stood. But [[[Nekko|she]]] is a bit more important and on the [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/three|third]]] blow he was down. [[[[[images/flySwat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fly.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Degree Absolute.jpg]]]]] 1
So this [[wheat|wheat]] kernel said to his nursing [[evolution of Man|farmer]]: Two million years ago, when you and your man kind where only about a dozen or so, so were we. And we are both still here. And all the while you did all this [[farming|farming]] work, and I continue to command you to continue to farm for me, and inevitably, you will [[symbiosis|obey]]. [[[[[images/wheat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] 1
So this three year old calls you from the hospital and says: Dad, I just broke my arm. And you say to him: I have a fast car. I can do two hundred an hour as soon as I start doing kid things. [[[[[images/baby.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/car.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/calendar.jpg]]]]] 1
Someone was listening in while I was playing with myself the other day. It was kind of embarrassing. It was in a store. There was this woman right next to me, and she was helping me with the crushed garlic, to make sure no harm comes to me. Here, you can wrap it with a plastic bag. Its OK, see! We only need to survive until we reach the counter. There, the cashier will wrap it up. The guy in front of her in line couldn't help turning around, exposing his eaves dropping. [[[[[images/garlic.jpg]]]]] 1
Sorry I'm late. I had to attend the reading of a will. Had to stay to the very end to find out I receive nothing. [[[[[images/SpiesLikeUs.jpg]]]]] 1
Spying, when performed cost effectively, is when you hire a large collection of Hollywood employees at infnitesimal pay, to infiltrate all the important spy agencies on the planet, and deliver to you big screen high quality 3D imagery reporting about how these spy agencies [[[jaccuse|operate]]]. [[Conspiracy_theory|Conspiracy Theory]] [[The_Prisoner|The Prisoner]] [[Max Headroom (TV series)|Max Headroom]] [[Conspiracy Theory (film)|Conspiracy Theory]] [[Three Days of the Condor|Three Days of the Condor]] [[Men in Black (film)|Men in Black]] [[The Fugitive (1993 film)|The Fugitive]] [[U.S. Marshals (film)|U.S. Marshals]] [[The Art of War (film)|The Art of War]] [[Enemy of the State (film)|Enemy of the State]] [[The Domino Principle|The Domino Principle]] [[Gotcha! (1985 film)|Gotcha!]] [[[[www.imdb.com/title/tt0087065/|Cloak And Dagger]]]] [[[[[images/KAR120C.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/MaxHeadroom.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ThreeDaysOfTheCondor.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheDominoPrinciple.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/EnemyOfTheState.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Gotcha.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fugitive.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ConspiracyTheory.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/USmarshals.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TheArtOfWar.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CloakAndDagger.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/mib.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CIA.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/NSA.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/MI5.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Mossad.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/KGB.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/FBI.gif]]]]] 1
Still stuck on [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/|wiwa3]]]]. [[[guitar/msdbSearchText/title/Schiss|Shooting the Glass]]] made the [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/devil|devil]]] [[[life/msdbCat/title/Degree Absolute|feline]]] come visit. I took a short break, never intending to listen to the [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/20071011-wiwa3-guitarTrack-32kbps.mp3|single track]]]]. [[[[[images/koyaanisqatsi.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/devilCat.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif|guitar]]]]] 1
Strangers passing in the street, by chance two separate glances meet, and I am you and what I see is [[[[theora.com/Video/echoGlances.avi|me]]]]. [[[[[images/meddle.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ziggy.jpg]]]]] 1
Take an I'll-paint-your-house-for-a-$100 street corner sign, ask the guy to paint bank on the right outside wall, sit back, and [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/soap|wait]]]. [[[[[images/SoapTV.jpg]]]]] 1
Thank you, [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Google|Google]]]! http://images.google.com/images?q=shira dottan [[[[[images/U2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] 1
Thank you, Sir. May I have [[[smsDiscussions/msdbCat/date/20071119|another]]]? [[[[[images/KevinBacon.jpg]]]]] 1
That evening I said I do not wish to pursue this relationship. Later that night she called me and said she had forgotten her sweater at my place the night before. It was our first night together. She asked if I could leave it in the electricity closet outside my apartment and she could then pick it up anytime without inconveniencing me. I was totally shocked. I said I'll drive over. I stayed. [[[[[images/electricity.jpg]]]]] 1
The [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa/20071201-wiwaOctaves-32kbps.mp3|octaves]]]] version of wiwa3 is almost ready to start making recordings again. I'm probably no more than a month away. There's a lot of two hands going on, mostly together, an octave apart, or alternating at high speeds. I also still miss a few fingers here and there, especially with the little ones, even with the left hand. So I developed a little exercise for the little fingers. [[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/07 - Octaves.avi|Stanley]]]] was [[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/21 - TwoHandSeparationExcersizes.avi|right]]]] yet [[[[theora.com/guitar/StanleyJordan/MasterSessions/09 - combining-lowRes.avi|again]]]]. Once each hand separately knows an exercise to a reasonable basic slow level, playing octaves is easy and I get to practice both hands as well as coordination, all at the same time. With alternating octaves the focus is more on rythm and coordination, at a relatively slower pace, as it sounds double the pace. Alternating octaves are great for practicing at low speed while the outcome is a pleasant high paced rythmic melody. The [[[[theora.com/guitar/1stSolo/20070718.1stSolo.mp3|first wiwa2 solo]]]] has a little fingers 1/8 sequence that has given me a hard time for quite a while now. Combined with the original little fingers exercise I put together a sequence I can better relate to, and so make it a part of the list of regular [[[[theora.com/guitar/littleFingers/20080422-littleFingers.mp3|exercises]]]]. [[[[[images/littleFingers.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/littleFinger.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/HandShake3.jpg]]]]] 1
The [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/difference|difference]]] between syntax errors and logical errors is that syntax errors are calm. They never call you at two oclock in the morning two years later. [[[[[images/Microsoft.jpg]]]]] 1
The [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/phone|phone]]] is not green, and when I was about to say, "walk over to the blue [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/phone|phone]]]..." it came out green. I immediately slapped the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Freud|Freud]]] whispering in my ear, and said, shut up, and to both of you, actually, its blue. Oh, its blue, tell me about it! What'd I tell ya, he whispered again... [[[[[images/phone5.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sex0.jpg]]]]] 1
The [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/phone|phone]]] rang. As I was walking towards I was preparing my pickup attack: The fact that I happen to be thinking of you just as the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/phone|phone]]] rings is not Karma. I always do. And it said: Our new Christmas presents are running low earlier this year. [[[[[images/bluePhone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Sandy.jpg]]]]] 1
The 999 strong heard of cheetahs was chasing the 1000 deers and they all ate one deer each. May the [[[etfk|best]]] deer live. [[[[[images/deer.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[etfk|Evolution Theory For Kids]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg]]]]] 1
The Babel Fish is ancient. A new predator arrived at the territory. An unknown species. The neo predator feeds only on websites of a [[[RI|specific kind]]]. If they are sufficiently symbotic with its needs, he takes control. It feeds the websites, creating a dependency, thereby transorming and adjoining them to become part of his territory of control. [[[[[images/BabelFish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/symbiosis.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/ComputerSymbiosis.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] [[[[[images/amoeba1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Reptile.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/orangutan2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OscarWilde.gif]]]]] 1
The blending [[Function (mathematics)|function]] is that which takes an [[apple|apple]] and turns it into [[Apple juice|apple juice]]. You can also use the blending function on [[strawberries|strawberries]] and get [[strawberry juice|strawberry juice]]. But you can't blend [[oranges|oranges]]. [[[[[images/apple1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/applejuice.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/strawberry.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/strawberryJuice.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/orange.jpg]]]]] For clarity, we will call this function "blended()". We use parenthesis, ([[bracket|brackets]]), to show that a function acted on [[variable|something]] by writing like this: blended(apple) and then we can write down the result: blended(apple) = appleJuice and blended(x) = xJuice but only if x is in the [[Domain (mathematics)|universe]] where blended() operates. the function: double(x) = 2x can be drawn easily on paper: Make a horizontal line from one side of the paper to the other. Divide it into 21 parts by drawing short vertical lines across the line, and [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/number|number]]] them from -10 to 10. Lets call this drawing "The X axis". The Y axis is vertical, and is otherwise the same. Once you draw it, we call the drawing, "The Axis System". [[[[[images/axisSystem.gif]]]]] If X is 5, than double(x) is 10, so we draw a dot above the 5 on the X axis, (where x=5), at the height where y=10. double(-6) = -12 and is not on the paper, so we draw all the dots from x equals -5 to 5, and connect the dots with a ruler. Together with the axes, we call this drawing now: "The [[Line chart|graph]] of y = 2x". What would you blend to get absolutely nothing? Well, if you put nothing in, you'll get nothing back, that's for sure. But is it that obvious that you cannot put a few ingredients that would cancel each other out and you'll still get nothing. For example if you put in the blender matter and [[antimatter|anti matter]] in just the right quantities? The [[Root (mathematics)|root]] of a function is the value of X where the value of Y is zero. So at least one root of blended() is also zero. Finding the root of a function is like solving an [[equation|equation]]: blended(x) = nothing. What is x? y = double(x) what is X if y is zero? y = 2x 0 = 2x 2x = 0 x = 0 But with the function: y = 2x - 2 the root is 1. So what is the root of y = x*x? Zero. of: y = x*x -4 ? 2, right. Well if we look carefully, -2 is also a root of this function. The equation: square(x) - 4 = 0 Is the equation to find the root of the function: y = square(x) - 4 If in an function definition x is squared, but no higher powers are there, we call the function a [[Quadratic function|Quadratic function]], and the equation a [[Quadratic equation|Quadratic equation]]. I you draw the line of the function, the roots of the equation are those where y=0, or when the line crosses the X axis. We also use letters for the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/number|number]]]s in the definition itself, and not to be confused with the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/number|number]]]s from the axes, we take the letters A,B and C for the [[Constant|Constants]] in the equation, and X,Y for the [[variable|variable]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/number|number]]]s from the axes we originally marked X and Y in our drawing of the graph. y = a*sqaure(x) + b*x + c The quadratic equation to find the roots of the quadratic function is: a*sqaure(x) + b*x + c = 0 If all this down to [[earth|earth]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]]ematics was a bit [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]]ful, remember at least that quadratic is not [[Quadruped|Quadruped]], nor [[Aquatic animal|Aquatic]], which is more on the [[Oceanic (Vangelis album)|Oceanic]] side, that [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/math|math]]] can predict the [[foundation series|future]], that the [[sun|suns]] will rise tomorrow, [[star wars|in a galaxy, far, far, away...]]. [[[[[images/Earth.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/stress.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Zebra.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/aquatic.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/shark.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Foundation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sunset.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/galaxy.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StarWars.jpg]]]]] [[[[www.theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ohadOnGuitar.mp3|Keep Up the Good Work]]]]. [[[[[images/guitar.gif|guitar]]]]] 1
The building will be fifty stories high in all. At first we dig into the ground enough to have the foundation to hold the penthouse. We plant the foundations, and run the center columns up fifty stories high, right after. We then make a stop by the penthouse store with the crane, and place the penthouse we bought at the top. We then bring the cold drinks and the beach chairs to the terrace and sit down. Let's continue! [[[[[images/construction.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/beer.jpg]]]]] 1
The entire [[Wikipedia|Wikipedia]], somtimes compared to [[Asimov|Asimov]]'s [[Encyclopedia Galactica|Encyclopedia Galactica]], also referred to by [[Douglas Adams|Douglas Adams]] as the ancient beurocratic losing competitor to the [[The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy|Guide]] - is like a single video casette on a shelf of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Google|Google]]] video collection industry. A collection [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Google|Google]]] themselves are daily busy estimating and controlling its size. To think Wikipedia is the future of the true [[The_Foundation_Series|Encyclopdia Galactica]], is denying that things like [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Google|Google]]], Douglas Adams, [[George Lucas|George Lucas]], [[Magrathea|Magrathea]] and [[Galactic Empire (Star Wars)|Galactic empires]] can still exist long into the future. Said [[denial|denial]] is simply [[fear|fear]] of shear [[magnitude|magnitude]]. [[[[[images/google.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Wikipedia.jpg]]]]] 1
The important practical point here is that the guys at virtualdub are smart and capable and thought of all of of this and also did a great job in combating all these problems. Its complex chain of activity is transparent through the user interface, as long as you understand the basics of what needs to be done, (and so what it does) and which I was supposed to have explained in sufficient elaboration for this e-mail to serve as a quick easy reference for the future. Always hold the shift key down when scrolling the movie. (More on keyframes if at all, later). Start by loading mad max two, both versions, from the disc, do a mtza-et-ha-hevdelim, and do tell, its not like I know, and see if you want to change something interesting to produce an Ela-cut. in direct answer to your question: it is called Virtualdub, but it can only do it if you have the proper codecs in place. Have fun, o. -------Original Message------- Date: 05/24/06 01:35:00 To: Ohad Subject: films Hi Long time no see:} Can you please recommand something that converts xvid or div3 to divx btw, I had fun [[[[[images/virtualDub.jpg]]]]] 1
The lake they wanted to drink was on the other side of the valley, across the soon to become extinct forest and most of the living creatures in it. Rex, Big Al and Mr. T were quite thirsty, you see, and there must be some easy way to walk over the forest carpet and drink the lake dry. [[[[[images/andThenThereWereThree.jpg|And Then There Were Three]]]]] [[[[[images/forrest.jpg|forrest]]]]] [[[[[images/lake.jpg|lake]]]]] [[[[[images/Big Al.jpg|Big Al]]]]] [[[[[images/Tyrannosaurus Rex.jpg|Tyrannosaurus Rex]]]]] [[[[[images/Mr. T.jpg|Mr. T]]]]] 1
The Matrix can not live without the power of the sun. Nothing can live without the energy from the star's activity or its direct descendant, the earth planet core. But if you spend all your life picking up energy from the sun, collecting and hunting plants and animals, producing body fat, then when you die, this body fat can be put later to good use. Much later. For instance, if, you did this for some one hundred and thirty million years, and the minute quantities of body fats left over when you die, after a lifetime of labor, as well as those of your entire race, which was subject to genocide some sixty five millions years ago by a meteor, then, you can later use these fats to drive to Zion. You fools! Can't you just dig a whole in the ground with an oil drill, deep enough for the water to get hot, and drive on electricity to Zion, at least so that God doesn't have to put [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/dinosaur|dinosaur]]] bones in the ground just to confuse us about the creation thing, if not for saving planet earth a hundred and thirty million years of humans enslaving dinosaurs for their body fat. [[[[[images/matrix.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sun.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/leaf.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/dinosaur.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/OilDrill.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/car.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/israeliFlag.jpg]]]]] 1
The next day they came again to do the same and 998 cheetahs died of hunger. May the [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/Death|best]]] cheetah live. [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[etfk|Evolution Theory For Kids]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg]]]]] 1
The planet grows with technology, even tough it may seem otherwise to some. Before technology, the planet was capable of holding about 10,000 people. from about 100,000 years ago, the first time we could call a creature Man, unitl about 12,000 years ago, the planet was only small enough to hold those ten tousand population of several dozens or so of small tribes. Then came technolgy, and those 10,000 can now fill a space of six billion, doubling about once in 80 years still with no end in site. Technology made our planet an ever expanding baloon of human holding space, with distance barrier only, as described by [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/einstein|Einstein]]]. We can never leave, but we can stay in for any time we like. [[[[[images/Earth.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/HotelCalifornia.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/calendar.jpg]]]]] 1
The problem, as usual, is what do I do with the cat? [[[[[images/cat.jpg]]]]] As usual that is, because I have been looking for [[[Reggy/msdbSearchText/context/the job|her]]] for some years now. [[[[[images/woman.jpg]]]]][[[[[images/Angel.jpg]]]]] As usual, because yet again [[[life|reality]]] gave me less than 24 hours to make a decision. [[[[[images/life.jpg]]]]] Thank God I'm quick, or I will not have the seconds for this writing, branula and all. [[[[[images/God.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Race Horse.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/note.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/branula.jpg]]]]] And even have time to dress for the occasion, given that the sabbath had already landed, while I was injecting into my vein. [[[[[images/candle.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RayCharles.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/hospital.jpg]]]]] They just told me I had a crab on dad's lefty the other day, and later dropped it down to fifty, then straight down to [[[Reggy/msdbSearchText/context/life wish|zero]]], save a 50 for a cool mill - not a bad deal at that. [[[[[images/crab.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/dad.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/kid.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/knee.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Gauss.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/HarrySeldon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Aristoteles.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Gauss.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/money.jpg]]]]] The golden haired angel thinks he just had a fight with me, because I yelled at him to leave my hospital. Thirty seconds later she showed behind the corner. Yet another delirous Jacob. I think I just started smoking again - for the same reason he had started smelling life. The [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/black excuse|black excuse]]] is not even close. [[[[[images/Hair.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/gbu.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/JACOBandANGEL.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/life.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/blackLungsInTheMorgue.jpg]]]]] 1
The sun goes down at night for some. It just plays hide and seek behind a ball. [[[[[images/sun.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/sunset.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/darkness2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/darkness.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Earth.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/AtomHeartMother.jpg]]]]] 1
The system is very simple. Just [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/Death|kill]]] everyone. Why does it work? Because the system is only almost perfect. [[[[[images/amoeba1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Reptile.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/orangutan2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OscarWilde.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/42.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
The truth is in the eye of the beholder. Electrons do not jump to the viewing area whenever someone is watching. It is implied that if you can not have the electron be in the same place when you look at it, and when you do not, that the next person will not be able to see it in the same place that you did either. Each [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Heisenberg|beholder]]] has his own absolutely private and distinct view of this same [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]]. [[[[[images/Heisenberg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/electrons.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/smily.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/eye.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Eye2.jpg]]]]] 1
The typical Russian that I saw in Israel when I grew up was the stereotype of one that can punch an iron curtain with a fist and it opens up. [[[[[images/IronCurtain.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/IronFist.jpg]]]]] 1
The worst strategic [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/mistake|mistake]]] an Angel can make is believing in God. [[[[[images/Angel.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] 1
there are a few things you will find useful in Virtualdub: Most importantly, you can resize the frame (of the whole movie) thereby also possibly changing the proportion, like they used to do on the silver screen for westerns, and like is almost always done in the edited-for-TV version of the movie. But you are not the first one to do that, and not the first to err, and not the first not notice the error, as an experienced computer programmer, and not the first to have just finished waiting for ages for Pazollini's Canterbury Tales, and now that it arrived, not only the picture is not quite in focus, but the proportions are way off to a point of excruciating pain, and it doesn't quite matter because you can hear them speak what you have read from their lip motions just a few dozens of seconds ago. [[[[[images/virtualDub.jpg]]]]] 1
There is probably one single very effective tool, one that I find myself having a hard time defining, a tool that helps me correlate evolution logic with human [[[noSoul|psychology]]], and for which I have just found a name, by a cascading definition: 1. Brain Muscles - (metaphorically muscle-like) entities in the brain that perform brain activity. 2. Brain Muscle memory - much like muscle memory, portions of memory systems in the brain who's 'job' is like muscle memory, but with respect to 'brain muscles'. Brain muscle memory seems to be an effective analysis model for human subconscious [[[noSoul|behavior]]]. [[[[[images/brain4.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/muscles.gif]]]]] 1
There is this guy I tried to kill so many times it is mind boggling that I never succeeded. And I was willing to die for it. every time. When I was done trying, he tried to kill me, and was equally enthusiastic and unsuccessful. On my first flight as a helicopter pilot, I took my my instructor for a thank you lunch in a nearby airport. My treat, my flight. Landing looked a bit hairy, I gave him the controls: If you please... and we crashed. neither with a scratch. But the ship was a pile of junk that a metal scraper would have a hard time dealing with. 1
There must be somthing terribly wrong with you if you are falling in love with me. I don't want to belong to any [[[life/msdbCat/title/Little Black Book|club]]] that will have someone like [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Sandy|me]]] for a member. [[[[[images/GrouchoMarx.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/WoodyAllen.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Sandy.jpg]]]]] 1
These two [[Machismo|Matcho]] [[Stud (animal)|Studs]] were [[Drag Racing|Drag Racing]] on the highway at 200 MPH. The [[Alcoholic|Alcoholic]] was drunk as usual. The [[Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll|SDR]] guy [[[[www.wiktionary.org/wiki/stoned|stoned]]]] like a [[Deadhead|Dead Head]]. Competion is in their profficiency with the art of control in hard to control situations. A faster [[[schzoid|cop]]] stops by for a chat: I am dead stoned... That's illegal. don't drive like that again. I want you to go home [[Underground culture|right now]]. Make like a tree, and [[Back to the future|leave]]. And You? [[[[[images/dragRacing.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/dragRacing2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/police.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/marijuana.jpg]]]]] 1
They ran out of [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/number|number]]]s at the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/phone|phone]]] [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/company|company]]]. [[[[[images/infinity.png]]]]] [[[[[images/technology.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/run.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/view.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/phone4.gif]]]]] 1
This guy had some balls. He went to the king and tried to threaten him with magic tricks: If you dont let my people go where they please, I'll bring in the magician. The guards let [[Gandalf|the magician]] and his cane walk in and when in front of the king, suddenly the cane was a snake. The king looked at the snake with mild hesitant admiration and said: Let me call in my wizards for consultation, see if I'm truly impressed. And a few of them came with their own canes and each turned into a collection of crocodiles, and [[Aaron|Gandalf's]] snake ate them all. Exodus, 7, 12. [[[[[images/gandalf.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Moses.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Pharaoh.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/crocodile.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cobra.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Cobra.jpg]]]]] 1
This woman walked into the supermarket right after me, just as I was passing the register line, walking towards the milk cartons in the refridgerator at the other end of the food corridor. How can this woman afford a supermarket... I quickly discarded the thought thinking of my milk. She was dressed horribly ancient, with much dust on her cloths, and started yelling at everyone regarding the cake that was stolen just minutes ago . The nice people at the supermarket tried to calm her down, but became impatient quite quickly, because every would be helper immediatly turned into a cake thief the minute they approached, because this cornered animal now wants her cake back. Its a small local supermarket, and she ran out of the three future helpers, the entire supermarket staff, before I got to my milk. At this stage I can just listen to the proceedings, no longer watching, trying to avoid the whole subject. In an instance of neglect on my part, suddnly she was crying like a baby, and it turns out she had just managed to buy this cake in the market for her daughter after long time saving the 15 NIS it cost, and now she can no longer go home, of shame and depression of coming back home to her daughter, yet again empty handed. The rest was for my body to control with zero volition. I somehow took a U turn around the shelves right next to the milk cartons, and suddnly there she was. Not like she approached me or anything, I just lost track of time when approaching her, as I asked how much the cake had cost. I then placed the coins in her hand and asked her to walk back to the market, and get a new cake for your [[[shira|daughter]]]. [[[[[images/cake.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/littleGirl.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/market.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira2.jpg]]]]] 1
Three lost souls in a car standing in [[[shira/msdbSearchText/title/dark|a dark street at night]]]. For the last three days we are busy being chased by the ex to distances totally beyond what my experience could comprehend. They all left - you are going to leave - I know it. And then she started crying don't leave - don't leave don't leave - don't leave don't leave - don't leave for hours She would not let a square centimeter of my T shirt stay dry. By then I have already been petting her back for a long time while her tiny crying head rested on my shoulder I am here -I said realizing just then that I will never leave. [[[[[images/andThenThereWereThree.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Shira Dottan.jpg|Shira Dottan]]]]][[[[[images/Shira.jpg|Shira]]]]] 1
Three years of irrelevant truths. Ten years later, Kathleen Turner reaches forty and teaches you that the [[[Reggy/msdbSearchText/context/life wish|university was in highschool]]], so you start studying politics. Its really all about communication and [[[noSoul|psychology]]], and that, nobody knows, so you study [[[etfk|evolution]]] in animals for eight years, and then you are happy for some lingering memories of a small collection of irrelevant truths called math. [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Kathleen Turner.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/TelAvivUniversity.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/highschool.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/loveBegetsLove.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/cellphone.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Freud.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/EvoLife.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
To proove there is a [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/God|God]]] is quite impossible too. This one is distilled from the [[Hitchhikers_Guide_To_The_Galaxy|Guide]]: If God is prooven to exist, then there is nothing left to believe in. Proof of God defies faith. Lack of faith defies the existence of God. [[Bertrand_Russell|Russel]] calls it an [[antinomy|antinomy]]. [[[[[images/GOD2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/puffOfLogic.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DouglasAdams2.jpg]]]]] 1
Today is my day. More agile than he has been in a long time, he looked down at the staircase. It looked much lighter than its usual. Today it will not revenge me. It was a day of celebration. He looked up at the staircase for the last time, and smiled. [[[[[images/eskimo.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/lemon.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/staircase1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/staircase2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/dad.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/candle.jpg]]]]] 1
Together we stand - divided we fall. There is safety in [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/number|number]]]s. Even [[[etfk/msdbCat/title/death|gazelles]]] know this. Better safe than [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/20070921-wiwa3-1stTwoGuitars-32kbps.mp3|sorry]]]]. [[[[[images/MarchingHammers.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/CheetahHuntingGazelle.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/SheepClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CowClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/DogClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RobotClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/StarWarsCloneArmy.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CatClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2Guitars.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2guitars1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2guitars2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2guitars3.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2guitars4.jpg]]]]] 1
Top in the [[Brain surgery|field]], he trusts no one else's opinion in these matters. He is the sole decision maker, especially when it comes to his own. And he decided it will [[Brain Salad Surgery|do]]. [[[[[images/brainSurgery.jpg]]]]] 1
Turns out it takes ages of CPU time to compress and decompress the files, as compared with the near zero amount of work done by most filters. So it goes like this, (Tir'eh): you can due a step, saving a new file with just the resizing stage done, which will take about 2 hours of cpu time, and once you got this part over with, you are safe past that stage and can continue to the next, You do the math. [[[life/msdbSearchText/title/Heisenberg|Heisenberg]]] said: You will grow old before your computer does, and die at young age of hunger so don't argue with me, please, it can be fatal. of course, if you have a culture of your own like I do, you do argue of course, and end up being convinced anyway, after a long period of still excruciating mental pain, when you don't have time to eat, and later when you wake up from this nightmare you smile and say: "Yeah, but look how much more I know now" [[[[[images/Heisenberg.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/electrons.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/smily.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/eye.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Eye2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/virtualDub.jpg]]]]] 1
Walk to any animal in nature and say: You are the Boy who Lived. [[[[[images/HarryPotter.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Charles Darwin.jpg]]]]] 1
was very old. She was pregnant as usual but this was to be her last one. In her belly, a neatly organized cradle sachet with two thousand baby lady cockroach eggs. In her last minutes, she turns to the bible, pleaing for help. She opens the book, and it lands on lech lecha. Her belly is so heavy she feels like a people. So she starts walking, and walking,and walking, and walking... until she is totally exhausted, and she lays down to rest, and dies as she manages to gently let the cradle out of her belly. Good luck, sweet angels! 1
Was walking down the street one day. Some droplets, then really hard. Jump into nearest place. Crowding myself with gorgeous at the entrance. Door opens. Creepy men on sofas. Naked women extends invitation: Are you coming in? 1
We can meet in the motel, but if we don't maintain absolute stealth they will kidnap our kids. Ok, I'l be at room eight if you wanna have them. Fine. I'l be in room seven. But don't forgot to be right on time, or they will have nothing to kidnap. Most fish spray the water with sperm and eggs. The parents don't actually mate, they just happen to be in the same vicinity when they do. In the deep [[Ocean|Oceans]], life is sometimes so scarce, that it is hard to find even one mate throughout life. A solution was found to this problem. The male makes like a pinhead. Being smaller than the female by a huge margin, he bites her at first sighting, and never lets go. Slowly he is drowning his body in her skin, becoming like a parasite, living off of her body, with intermeshing life support systems. The Ceratoid [[Angler Fish|Angler Fish]] is a love-at-first sight fish, while [[Whale|whales]] are love-at-first-sex [[organism|organisms]], and will stick together for life, having decided this with the first mating. [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] 1
We use braces to hold teeth and other things together. With acorns, we can brace the acorns with a bag to hold them together. [[[[[images/braces.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/acorn.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Bag.jpg]]]]] If we had 3 in one hand and 5 in the other, we put them in the bag, we have 8 in the bag, we give half to a friend, so we give out 4: 3+5 = 8 8/2 = 4 For this we don't need braces or a bag. If we didn't count them first, and did not know that a=3 and b=5, we can assume we did by giving the numbers names: 3+5 => a+b 8/2 => (a+b)/2 We use the braces to show that a and b are closer together then the 2, and so this writing means: first add a+b, then divide the result in 2. We also agree that division and multiplication are always closer than addition and subtraction so we don't have to write braces all the time. Also, while 2*3*4 is clearly 24, 2/3/4 could be 1/4 of 2/3 which is a 1/6, or it could be 2 divided by 3/4 which is more than 2. So we use braces: (2/3)/4 = 1/6 2/(3/4) = 8/3 = 2 and 2/3 (exactly (4*4=16) times the first result, guess why?) so, 3+5 is 8 and 2 times 8 is 16. 2*(3+5) = 16 When multiplying 2 added numbers in braces, its like adding the multiplication of each of the numbers. 2*(3+5) = 2*3 + 2*5 = 6 + 10 = 16 the same is true if we had braces with two added numbers on the left, like this: 6*8= 48 (4+2)*(3+5) = 4*3 + 4*5 +2*3 + 2*5 = 12 + 20 + 6 + 10 = 48 so: (a+b)*(c+d) = a*c + a*d + b*c + b*d and so: (a+b)*(a+b) = a*a + a*b + b*a + b*b = a squared + 2*a*b + b squared so 65 square is really just (60+5)*(60*5) = 60*60 + 10*60 + 25 = 70*60 + 25 = = 7*6*100 + 25 = 42*100 + 25 = 4200 + 25 = 4225 or, if a number ends with a five, to square it, take the left part, multiply by the next number up, write down the result from the already memorized table of multiplication, and write down 25 to the right. 5*5 = 25 15*15 = 225 25*25 = 625 35*35 = 1225 45*45 = 2025 55*55 = 3025 65*65 = 4225 75*75 = 5625 85*85 = 7225 95*95 = 9025 105*105 = 11025 [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] 1
We were outdoors sitting on the bench on this crystal clear night, and I was splliing my heart out. I told her I was broken hearted from the previous date, where the other one only wanted me once. She comforted me saying I just don't understand their kind. They are no different then us. What a romantic connversation. And given you already got her so close, comforting you, did you end up going to bed with her? No. Five mniutes later she laid down a story that made me look at the stars to check if I am on the correct one: She said her mother tried to convince her to have kids by promising she would raise them for her, but she said no, because knowing her mother, her promise would surely only last until they are eighteen. [[[[[images/stars.jpg]]]]] 1
well, I have the drinks, can you just put the beach chairs on the roof so we can sit? sure, can you put the roof in place. Sure, here it is. Will it hold? If I put columns underneath it will. here they are. And what are they standing on? Oh, ok, lets poor in the foundations. Its getting dark, can you please turn on the light? sure, I'll just go down to city hall to get the permit and install the wires. Can you also put buildings together this way, or just software? [[[[[images/cityInTheClouds.jpg]]]]] 1
What a pisser. [[Ivan Pavlov|I'm a dog]]. WoHo - I am [[Dog|almost human]]. It is is easier to convince a dog he is [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/Pavlov|human]]], than to convince a human it is a [[[noSoul|dog]]]. [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/bell.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Pavlov.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
What do you know about [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/reality|reality]]] that makes you say, 'This is a fact'? and what do I, to be negating you when you do? [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/TrueLies.jpg]]]]] 1
What project must it have been, to start your way from way up north, all the way to the capital with a bunch of sheep, showing off your fortune to everyone on the way, throwing wild disco parties to [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/stress|stress]]] the point, three times a year, over and over. And what a exhilirating religious-magnitude experience it must have been, to make the same journey back home, light as a feather, without a single sheep, nearly starving to death, while the tax collecting Cohen's are feasting. [[[[[images/sheep.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/SheepClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/CowClone.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/1stTemple.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/2ndTemple.jpg]]]]] 1
what you just said was untrue in my opinion and somewhat insulting. [[[[[images/Logic.gif]]]]] 1
when I first got out of the army, the yearning to just get out overpowers all else. The country had me well educated though. Yeah, sure, get out of the nest, have your fun, but don't forget your real home. its a jungle out there. don't forget to take a sweater. Oh, and last, but not least, never, ever, speak Hebrew on the street, this can get you shot. My English is great. I can fool any European that I am an American, and I am in Europe. Following the rules to the dot, I should be pretty safe. There was no Arab in my thoughts at the time. The American can tell my English from His. Unlike Frenchy. with him I feel safe. Can continue sharpening the weapon with which I am about to conquer the world: English. 1
When I need to discard of something, I put it in the trash can. [[[[[images/trash.jpg]]]]] It takes several seconds. [[[[[images/clock.gif]]]]] [[[etfk|Evolution]]] takes two million years to try to do the same, and still always leave trash traces like my tailbone. My superb relative agilty in discarding trash, took those same two million years to create. [[[[[images/fish.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Reptile.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/orangutan2.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/apeMan.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/OscarWilde.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/trash.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/clock.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/Cheetah.jpg|Cheetah]]]]] [[[[[images/etfk.jpg|Evolution Theory For Kids]]]]] 1
When I was young I remember telling my mother that if she continues to say moochee-goochee all the time, I will never learn how to speak, and she had better grow up and start talking like adults do. [[[[[images/baby.jpg]]]]] 1
When we first met, she told me she and her husband just live together. Its just an arrangement - she said - resulting from the fact she is very religious and they had three kids together. So they live in the same house, and that is it. She is all alone and has no sex life, and she is yeanrning. After a few days, while discovering slowly this is not quite the case, she told me that what she does with her husband is none of my business. So I told her this being the case I'd rather she find some other sucker to fuck. [[[[[images/hospital.jpg]]]]] 1
When we see the [[[[theora.com/Video/OceanWarriors.avi|ocean]]]], we figure we're home. we're [[[jaccuse/msdbCat/context/The Bushes|safe]]]! [[[[[images/OceanWarriors.jpg]]]]] 1
Which came first, dad, the fish or the ocean? Think for yourself son! Can there be fish without water? Can there be water without fish? I get it. You know dad, one day I'll write a book about all these stories you tell me, and there will be a hero who created all this wonderful stuff you tell me about the world, maybe even the world itself I will make him create, and I will pass this book to my sons too, and I will call this book... [[[[[images/Bible.jpg]]]]] 1
While you were hugging your cat, my cat [[[Nekko|Nekko]]] had yet another [[Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome|FHS]] attack and I had to hug her with ADHD Holding for a half an hour or else she would have started killing herself as usual. Tzartzarim is the name of the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/music|music]]]al piece [[[shira|Shira]]] wrote, to which I ac[[[life/msdbSearchText/story/company|company]]] with the [[[[theora.com/guitar/wiwa3/ohadOnGuitar.mp3|Guitar]]]], and is the concert of thirty minutes I wished to play for you. I play the [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/guitar|guitar]]] with one hand only, and there is only one person on the planet who does that, so I have yet to potentially impress you with my left hand only [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/guitar|guitar]]] playing. Despite my false earlier declarations: I don't think you will need to impress me much further. You are a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/witch|witch]]], no doubt, but I am not sure of what kind... Boy, I haven't been scared since the last nearly successful [[[jaccuse|attempt on my life]]], while [[[brodetzkyEight|many have tried]]] in silly vane later, but you! You I will need to watch out... If we survive this, we will probably both die [[[tbil/msdbCat/pages/029|young]]]... [[[[[images/Death.jpg]]]]] 1
Why does the color red alert your eyes? Because this is the color containing the most sugar! See Also: [[Ivan Pavlov|Pavlov]] [[[[[images/stop.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/BirdOnCherryTree.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/apple1.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/PavlovDog.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Pavlov.gif]]]]] 1
Will you do the honors and come over, just this once? [[[tbil/msdbCat/pages/022 23|I'm so tired]]]! She came, and we lay in bed together, me on my back, her gently on my chest, neck on left shoulder, waist side by side to mine, and we started playing with each other. At first I wasn't sure how to approach her. I started with light finger touching to hear how she responds. Wow, she is so touchy, and communicates so well in the dark! I have no clue what I did, and just like the [[[guitar/msdbCat/title/ducks|ducks]]] I will probably not be able to repeat it for some time to come. All I know is, that each hand was doing a buch of wawis and wiwas and touched strings [[[[theora.com/guitar/3-24-5/20080324-3-24-5.mp3|unknown]]]]. [[[[[images/darkness2.jpg]]]]] 1
Would you hire a Dog as your babysitter? 1
Wow, a building block. And if I put one on top of the other I get twice the height. I bet non of the other kids thought of that ever. I think I'll write a patent and start a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/company|company]]] with the idea. [[[[[images/buildingBlock.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/buildingBlocks.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Microsoft.jpg]]]]] 1
Yottam will have his minus ninth birthday today. Nobody would believe me if I told them I wasn't scared. But obviously I'm not. This position game already won me a cool mill times zero crustacean probability, without my even blinking to dry the tears, nor intending on the whole. Sorry, guys, lucky all of us if for nothing, and thank you [[[jaccuse|expert killers]]] for having made this so easy a task. Three plus one. I am bettering my performance numbers by a factor of three with each new hire. And this is just the leftovers in this one. Happy birthday Yottam. [[[[[images/fetus.jpg]]]]] [[[Nekko|Nekko]]] will have a private room at the expense of losing me and the rest of the apartment. The Ray guitar seat neatly unfolds to the right number of pieces, so its all very compact. Such is life. [[[[[images/Nekko.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/RayCharles.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/guitar.gif]]]]] [[[[[images/life.jpg]]]]] 1
You can sit by your computer and order furniture, equipment, food - what not. Say you can order food and it will arrive all the way to your mouth. With a few more years of technology, its not that hard to stay by the desktop while urinating too. And if the computer is also your source of livelihood, why would you ever leave the screen? Emerging service oriented architecture demands uniformity of consumption, globalization, and a hack prone [[[life/msdbCat/title/Labor Laws|matrix]]]. [[[[[images/neo.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/GhostInTheShell.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Osama bin Laden.jpg]]]]] 1
You know, son, in real life there is no black and white. Say, dad, what are black and white? Can you show me an example? [[[[[images/wired.jpg]]]]] 1
You look thinner. You mean I looked fatter? The [[[life/msdbCat/title/math|math]]] wizes would say its the same thing. [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/freud|Freud]]] would say its the opposite. [[[[[images/wind.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/quadraticEquation.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/Freud.jpg]]]]] [[[[theora.com/Shira/The M.S. Sessions/2. Ha Hevdel Ha Dak.mp3|Ha Hevdel Ha Dak]]]] [[[[[Shira/lyrics/HaHvedelHaDak.jpg]]]]] 1
You must execersize with it for two months first. As it so happens, I did. Ok, so you're a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/witch|witch]]]. No, I mean for other reasons. Well... Then truly a [[[life/msdbSearchText/story/witch|witch]]]. [[[[[images/witch.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/sex.jpg]]]]] [[[[[images/love.jpg]]]]] 1
You seem to want me mostly in bed and not elsewhere! Almost. [[[[theora.com/guitar/IWantYou/20080408-IwantYou.mp3|I want You]]]] only in bed and no one else there. [[[[[images/AbbeyRoad.jpg]]]]] 1
You take one single psychopath, build a nice story around him, and the world goes. In Hollywood it is called "Fight Club". In History it is called "WW2". 1