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Wed, Jul 18 2007 300 Douglas Adams Being in the emotional state that I am this night,
I started crying when I just discovered you died,
some six years after the event.

Not sure if I was crying for you or for me or for my
miniscule being, not even knowing that you are already
not with us for some six years.

I felt I could at least express my feelings and appologies
for this unknown fact in public,
by paying some homage.

So let me tell you something, Doug,
you are not even remotely dead,
and you continue to copy my style of writing
every day that goes by,
and one day, when they invent your time machine,
I will sue you for this.

And thank you again for being such a huge inspiration
in my writings regarding the Theory of Evolution,
and you are also a huge part in my presumed new
findings and deductions from it,
and irrelvant as it may be,
the there is-no-god non-proof is but a small example.

The very short life of a whale in flight is the story
of almost all creatures in nature.

Douglas Adams
Douglas Adams


Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
Wed, Jun 20 2007 300 No God One can not proove there is no God.

You can not proove that which is not.

From Greek philosophy, you can still show it is not
by means of an alibi.

If you can show God is somewhere other than
where God is claimed to be,
it would constitute proof that God is not where God
is cliamed to be.

Aristotelian Logic, (1^) does not offer any other alternative
to prooving that which is not.

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Wed, Jun 20 2007 310 Yes God To proove there is a God is quite impossible too.

This one is distilled from the Guide:

If God is prooven to exist, then there is nothing left to believe in.
Proof of God defies faith.
Lack of faith defies the existence of God.

Russel calls it an antinomy.

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Sat, Jun 02 2007 100 Douglas Adams He was a Geologist.
And he looked at the rocks
and decyphered that more than ninty percent
of rock was wiped out by the oceans since
the begining of time.

And then he suddenly saw this huge dinosaur.

He raise his head high to look up at grandeur itself,
and asked:

Did you plant these?

God said no and disappeared in a puff of logic.

Thanks, Doug.

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Sat, Jun 02 2007 200 Douglas Adams At first the apples hung in the sky in much the
same way that bricks don't,
and then one apple started falling down.

By the time it hit the ground,
Newton had already instructed the
rest of the apples to do the same.

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Sun, Mar 18 2007 100 Insanity is when you look at the skies above you and see
apples and people floating in chaos.

The apples hang
in the skies in much the same way that bricks don't.
But don't panic yet.

While the apples are waiting obediently
for your instructions,
the people would prefer to stay up there,
and have you fight them for the cause.

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Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
Thu, Oct 05 2006 100 God Logic Puffs Its a proof, don't you get it, there is a God!
OK, I accept, so there is no God.
Say what?
Well, yeah, if you have proven there is a God than
you don't have to believe it anymore either, so why should I?
So you still don't believe in God?
And you just a bit less...
So can you prove there is no God?
You want Me to prove that You
don't believe in God? Anybody else on the list?
So what you're saying is,
we don't know if there is a God or not,
but we can't prove either.
Yep. Looks like he's here to stay for a while longer.

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Tue, Jul 18 2006 200 Google VS Wikipedia The entire Wikipedia,
somtimes compared to Asimov's
Encyclopedia Galactica,
also referred to by Douglas Adams
as the ancient beurocratic losing competitor to the Guide -
is like a single video casette on a shelf
of the Google video collection industry.

A collection Google themselves are daily busy
estimating and controlling its size.

To think Wikipedia is the future of the
true Encyclopdia Galactica,
is denying that things like Google,
Douglas Adams, George Lucas,
Magrathea and Galactic empires
can still exist long into the future.
Said denial is simply fear of shear magnitude.
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