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Thu, May 01 2008 100 Cuills MENLO PARK, California, April 15, 2008
Cuill, a stealth start-up with a new approach to search, announced today that the company has secured a second round of equity financing of $25 million, led by Madrone Capital Partners. The Series B investment follows a previous $8 million funding round from Tugboat Ventures and Greylock Partners.

You guys must have a lot of money to spare
if you can afford travelling theora.com
twenty seven times more than Google.
Will you fix your software already!



Cuill Money
Cuill Money





Mon, Apr 21 2008 100 Infinite Technological Wisdom They ran out of numbers at the phone company.
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Sun, Jul 15 2007 100 A Day In The Life While you were hugging your cat, my cat Nekko
had yet another FHS attack and I had to hug her with ADHD Holding
for a half an hour or else she would have started
killing herself as usual.

Tzartzarim is the name of the musical piece Shira
wrote, to which I accompany with the Guitar,
and is the concert of thirty minutes I wished to play for you.

I play the guitar with one hand only,
and there is only one person on the planet who does that,
so I have yet to potentially impress you with my
left hand only guitar playing.

Despite my false earlier declarations:
I don't think you will need to impress me much further.
You are a witch, no doubt, but I am not sure of what kind...

Boy, I haven't been scared since the last nearly successful attempt on my life,
while many have tried in silly vane later,
but you!
You I will need to watch out...

If we survive this,
we will probably both die young...

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Fri, Dec 22 2006 200 Inventions Wow, a building block.
And if I put one on top of the other I get twice the height.
I bet non of the other kids thought of that ever.
I think I'll write a patent and start a company with the idea.
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Sun, Jul 02 2006 100 Smarts Its kind of confusing when you are smarter than almost everybody else.
Everywhere you go people look silly.
Whatever they do there is something you can improve upon.
You read a book about relatively theory and you
come up with an enhancement that will change the face of the earth.
It will help explode one more atom in the electron accelerator
at the lab and when world war three comes, well, then they'll know.
So you start up a company of your own to sell this idea because after all,
who else will be so smart and do just that.
And the investor has this minor issue with risk, and he says:
How much did you research the market probabilities
of world war three occurring during this round of funding?
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