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Wed, May 24 2006 1100 Video Processing - Heisenberg take 2 Turns out it takes ages of CPU time to compress and decompress the files,
as compared with the near zero amount of work done by most filters.
So it goes like this, (Tir'eh):
you can due a step, saving a new file with just the resizing stage done,
which will take about 2 hours of cpu time, and once you got this part
over with, you are safe past that stage and can continue to the next, You do the math.
Heisenberg said:
You will grow old before your computer does, and die at young age of hunger so don't argue with me, please,
it can be fatal.

of course, if you have a culture of your own like I do,
you do argue of course,
and end up being convinced anyway,
after a long period of still excruciating mental pain,
when you don't have time to eat,
and later when you wake up from this nightmare
you smile and say:
"Yeah, but look how much more I know now"
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