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Wed, Jul 18 2007 300 Douglas Adams Being in the emotional state that I am this night,
I started crying when I just discovered you died,
some six years after the event.

Not sure if I was crying for you or for me or for my
miniscule being, not even knowing that you are already
not with us for some six years.

I felt I could at least express my feelings and appologies
for this unknown fact in public,
by paying some homage.

So let me tell you something, Doug,
you are not even remotely dead,
and you continue to copy my style of writing
every day that goes by,
and one day, when they invent your time machine,
I will sue you for this.

And thank you again for being such a huge inspiration
in my writings regarding the Theory of Evolution,
and you are also a huge part in my presumed new
findings and deductions from it,
and irrelvant as it may be,
the there is-no-god non-proof is but a small example.

The very short life of a whale in flight is the story
of almost all creatures in nature.

Douglas Adams
Douglas Adams


Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
Tue, Oct 09 2007 100 Heisenberg and Prokofiev Each sees their own image of reality.
One sees facts and mathematical proofs
that show that the reality of the other is elsewhere.
The other sees emotions and perceptions.

And what kind of bird are You - said duck - if you can't swim.
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Fri, May 16 2008 30 Women A dying nation.
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Musicals are nice.
I have been watching my hair for the past week with intensity
every day nearly all day long.

Technology is nice too.
From virtualDub to a Sony Erricson k610i,
to a hospital virtual reality.
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Women always like men smart and funny.
I can tell you a joke and you will giggle to the ground,
beacuase it was really funny,
and for you, I am the funniest person in the world anyway.
But if I tell you the same joke again tomorrow,
suddenly I am not so funny anymore.
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With music, its not the same.
You can listen to the same piece over and over again.
You can listen to separate tracks or separate instruments
or separate emotions,
with time and again new and surprising variation.

With musicals you can do that with each square inch of the
screen separately, as each is separately choreographed.
And if you do you discover that so are the characters,
so you can watch each of them too.

So doing it the Ray way, like with the guitar, is a natural.
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Just watch Jean at the Donna scene.
Then Woof and Lafayette.
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George at least, I take it you already know to some degree,
not breaking a single glass and everything.
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