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Fri, Dec 22 2006 500 Technology Here, see, put your finger in this device which mseaures
fine quantites of light and other radiation of all kinds,
and we'll see that when your girlfriend calls,
your finger becomes a light bulb.
Shows you you have the brains of a firefly.

Funny, I just read the same thing in an old book about evolution.
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Thu, Dec 21 2006 100 War D Day Blog There is probably one single very effective tool,
one that I find myself having a hard time defining,
a tool that helps me correlate evolution logic
with human psychology,
and for which I have just found a name, by a cascading definition:

1. Brain Muscles - (metaphorically muscle-like) entities in the brain that perform brain activity.

2. Brain Muscle memory -
much like muscle memory, portions of memory systems in the brain who's 'job' is like muscle memory,
but with respect to 'brain muscles'.

Brain muscle memory seems to be an effective analysis model for
human subconscious behavior.
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Wed, Dec 06 2006 200 Math Three years of irrelevant truths.
Ten years later,
Kathleen Turner reaches forty and teaches you that
the university was in highschool,
so you start studying politics.
Its really all about communication and psychology,
and that, nobody knows,
so you study evolution in animals for eight years,
and then you are happy for some lingering memories
of a small collection of irrelevant truths called math.
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Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids

Sat, Nov 11 2006 200 The Deer Story The 999 strong heard of cheetahs was chasing the 1000
deers and they all ate one deer each.
May the best deer live.
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Evolution Theory For Kids
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