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Export to Excel select * from life where story like '%imagin%' order by date desc,ordinal ( Row)
Fri, Aug 31 2007 100 Tutor Joy One day I was showing you how to play the Piano.
You were in your room,
I was in the living room with the Piano.
I put one finger on the high end of the keyboard
and ran it across to the lower end.
You ran frantically from your room with joy,
thinking I know how to play.
So disappointed you were to discover this was
just your imagination.
So distressed was I, not being able to cater to
my little angel's wishes.
I now play the Guitar.
Thank you Shira for having made me a musician.

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Sun, Jul 15 2007 300 A Day In The Life I never really concluded with myself
if this table called life is to be titled
reality and imagination, or just life.

Life comes from A Day in the Life,
and means this table is a blog.

Reality and Imagination,
named after Shira's song,
is supposed to deal with tough educational
and philosophical issues pertaining to the differences
in the way indivduals see and relate to reality and life.

This girl was hot for me, and she told me over the wires.
She saw my page where I advertise I am a smoker
and it turned her on.
So I called her up and she said she can not talk to me
at the moment because she is about to be busy walking,
and then she will be busy reading a book,
which she must finish to the end first,
and then she will call me back.
The Cello from Yair Trivalsky's hilarious book about
blind dating immediately came to mind.
She was also a musician, as it was. No relation.

She called me up to say she is now
done with her previous preoccupations,
and the conversation can flow:

She has chronic astma since birth.
Do I smoke? and will I stop? or else...

and besides, all the while we talked about non-smoking,
she had missed three calls that would probably
be people wanting to return her purse.
She had just lost it during her walk-away from dating.

Pavlov (1), Freud (2) and noSoul jumped me all at once.

Now I lost her wallet minutes after
we talked for the first time,
and she will be drooling forever when I ring the bell,
and be calling the police.

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Mon, Apr 09 2007 100 Heisenberg Principle Imagination is beleiving your reality is the same as everyone else's.

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