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Fri, Jul 13 2007 130 Real Time Computer Systems Hal Control to Major Tom.
There is a meteor heading your way.
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Thu, Jan 04 2007 100 Robert Heinlin Dinosaur Matrix The Matrix can not live without the power of the sun.
Nothing can live without the energy from the
star's activity or its direct descendant, the earth planet core.

But if you spend all your life picking up energy from the sun,
collecting and hunting plants and animals,
producing body fat,
then when you die,
this body fat can be put later to good use.

Much later.

For instance,


you did this for some one hundred and thirty million years,
and the minute quantities of body fats left over when you die,
after a lifetime of labor,
as well as those of your entire race,
which was subject to genocide some
sixty five millions years ago by a meteor,


you can later use these fats
to drive to Zion.

You fools!

Can't you just dig a whole in the ground
with an oil drill, deep enough for the water to get hot,
and drive on electricity to Zion,
at least so that God doesn't have to put dinosaur bones
in the ground just to confuse us about the creation thing,
if not for saving planet earth a hundred and thirty million years
of humans enslaving dinosaurs for their body fat.
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