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Sun, Jul 15 2007 1100 Adding Gauss was six years old when,
one day the teacher was fed up
with the paper airplanes, so she told the kids to
add up all the numbers from one to a hundred
while she is going out for coffee.

5050, he said, before she left for the door.

How did you know? she panicked.

Its simple really:
Add the first to the last, you get 101.
Add 99 to 2, still 101.
Add 98 to 3...
Add all the way to 50+51.

Counting 50 times 101 in all.

1+ 2 + 3 +...+ n = n*(n+1)/2

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Wed, Jun 06 2007 100 Galileo Darwin was like Newton.
He only knew evolution like most of the scientific crouds
at the time. He was at the top of knowledge.
Definitely an advantage.
The Origin of Species was already
a matter of discussion among the scientific community
for some time as well as the classification of animals
to groups that were for some reason called families.

It is true, but lets not be too vocal about it - said the comunity.

Darwin was mostly hiding his theories except from the
scientific community, at least until he collected his thoughts
enough to have the balls to publish,
in a world where there is not a single atheist on the planet.

During newton time, everybody knew the world is not flat,
and is not the center of anything,
and you can not walk all the way to the edge of this
seemingly flat surface and fall down,
because there is no up and down anymore,
and the world revolves around the sun and not vice versa,
and this means that regardless of where we stand on it,
we will continue to fall into its center,
and not to this day we know why,
but we call it Gravity.

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Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
Sat, Jun 02 2007 200 Douglas Adams At first the apples hung in the sky in much the
same way that bricks don't,
and then one apple started falling down.

By the time it hit the ground,
Newton had already instructed the
rest of the apples to do the same.

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Sat, Jun 02 2007 300 Relativity Theory By the shade of this apple tree,
while the apple was falling a few feet
in front of him,
a lightning was passing by,
crossing the apple's falling path,
aiming at the ground slowly towards
where the apple will hit much later.

Newton looked at this dot on the ground,
and collected his thuoghts.
Later the lightning hit.
Later the apple.
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Sat, Jun 02 2007 310 Newton VS Einstein At first there was G, which means apples
will slowly and gradually fall down at some low speed.

Then there was light, which means things can move a bit
faster than when they just fall down.

Then there were thoughts of smart people,
which is the net result of Evolution copying
the speed of light a gazillion times and compressing
it into a single skull,
with no similar copies for miles and ages around.
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Sat, Jun 02 2007 400 Newton Take 2 Boo-Ah.
This half worm in this apple is disgusting!
And he fell from the tree...

And thank you Sigmound for reminding me
it takes some misery to be creative,
but I'm getting better.

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Sun, Mar 18 2007 100 Insanity is when you look at the skies above you and see
apples and people floating in chaos.

The apples hang
in the skies in much the same way that bricks don't.
But don't panic yet.

While the apples are waiting obediently
for your instructions,
the people would prefer to stay up there,
and have you fight them for the cause.

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Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids