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Fri, May 16 2008 20 Women The problem, as usual,
is what do I do with the cat?
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As usual that is, because I have been looking for her
for some years now.
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As usual, because yet again reality gave
me less than 24 hours to make a decision.
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Thank God I'm quick,
or I will not have the seconds for this writing,
branula and all.
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And even have time to dress for the occasion,
given that the sabbath had already landed,
while I was injecting into my vein.
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They just told me I had a crab on dad's lefty the other day,
and later dropped it down to fifty,
then straight down to zero,
save a 50 for a cool mill -
not a bad deal at that.
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The golden haired angel thinks he just had a fight with me,
because I yelled at him to leave my hospital.
Thirty seconds later she showed behind the corner.
Yet another delirous Jacob.
I think I just started smoking again - for the same reason
he had started smelling life.
The black excuse is not even close.
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Fri, May 16 2008 30 Women A dying nation.
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Musicals are nice.
I have been watching my hair for the past week with intensity
every day nearly all day long.

Technology is nice too.
From virtualDub to a Sony Erricson k610i,
to a hospital virtual reality.
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Women always like men smart and funny.
I can tell you a joke and you will giggle to the ground,
beacuase it was really funny,
and for you, I am the funniest person in the world anyway.
But if I tell you the same joke again tomorrow,
suddenly I am not so funny anymore.
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With music, its not the same.
You can listen to the same piece over and over again.
You can listen to separate tracks or separate instruments
or separate emotions,
with time and again new and surprising variation.

With musicals you can do that with each square inch of the
screen separately, as each is separately choreographed.
And if you do you discover that so are the characters,
so you can watch each of them too.

So doing it the Ray way, like with the guitar, is a natural.
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Just watch Jean at the Donna scene.
Then Woof and Lafayette.
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George at least, I take it you already know to some degree,
not breaking a single glass and everything.
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Tue, Oct 09 2007 100 Heisenberg and Prokofiev Each sees their own image of reality.
One sees facts and mathematical proofs
that show that the reality of the other is elsewhere.
The other sees emotions and perceptions.

And what kind of bird are You - said duck - if you can't swim.
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Sun, Jul 15 2007 300 A Day In The Life I never really concluded with myself
if this table called life is to be titled
reality and imagination, or just life.

Life comes from A Day in the Life,
and means this table is a blog.

Reality and Imagination,
named after Shira's song,
is supposed to deal with tough educational
and philosophical issues pertaining to the differences
in the way indivduals see and relate to reality and life.

This girl was hot for me, and she told me over the wires.
She saw my page where I advertise I am a smoker
and it turned her on.
So I called her up and she said she can not talk to me
at the moment because she is about to be busy walking,
and then she will be busy reading a book,
which she must finish to the end first,
and then she will call me back.
The Cello from Yair Trivalsky's hilarious book about
blind dating immediately came to mind.
She was also a musician, as it was. No relation.

She called me up to say she is now
done with her previous preoccupations,
and the conversation can flow:

She has chronic astma since birth.
Do I smoke? and will I stop? or else...

and besides, all the while we talked about non-smoking,
she had missed three calls that would probably
be people wanting to return her purse.
She had just lost it during her walk-away from dating.

Pavlov (1), Freud (2) and noSoul jumped me all at once.

Now I lost her wallet minutes after
we talked for the first time,
and she will be drooling forever when I ring the bell,
and be calling the police.

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Fri, Jul 13 2007 155 Gauss His true genious was to connect mathematics and reality,
by prooving and classifying from reality,
the true axioms of mathematics.

In math, we first take axioms for granted to be true.

If we use a system of logic where the axioms are not true,
then the system can only be used for teaching logic:

What is true then, in an axiom, if we can not proove it is true,
to make it different from the axioms that lead to
no Aristotelian logic constructs that we will ever use?

This is in fact the difference. They pertain to reality,
and Gauss has shown us that,
through mathematics.

In complexity theory -
a field in computer science theory that deals with
the complexisty of computer programs -
there is this set of very complex problems called
NP complete.
These are defined by means of a concept called Reduction.

A reduction is a logical transofrmation of one problem
to another.
If one can reduce problem A to problem B,
then B must be a harder problem or equal,
and if B were soleved,
then A is considered solved,
because it is reducible to a solved problem.

Computer science theorist have collected a large set
of such problems, showing reductions in both directions,
thereby establishing equivalence of the problems,
without ever solving any.
They are too complex, probably, to be actually solved.
But if one is ever solved in the future,
then automatically all others are solved too.
From a theoritical standpoint,
this concept is very powerful.
A world of logic consturcts with many reductions
after long research, has been built,
atop a foundation yet to be discovered.

Reduction is a mathematical construct, not just a concept.
It is a methemtical description of what logically
constitutes what is termed by this, and proof
of why it is logically correct.

Gauss connects math to reality. It is implied
by looking at his conclusions from the mathematical point
of view of reductions, and follow aristotelian logic.

The primary concept is obvious:
Reality can be counted,
and pure mathematical deductions can be drawn.

But if a certain demographic of reality can be
prooven statistically to be correct,
whereas we know this fact also to be correct
from other observations of reality,
then we can take the statistical conlusion from Gauss
to be inhetrently correct, because we know it to be true
from other sources.

This being the case we start a process of reduction
that will in the end up saying the follwing:

The axioms are prooven to be true, (in as far as reality is true,)
in all cases where the conclusions regarding reality,
which we otherwise know to be true somehow,
where the axioms are used in mathematically
arriving at the same known conclusion.

The details of the reduction process itself are not important
in this case, but it is worth noting
that the same can probably be prooven
by other means, even though mathematical proofs
in general do not necesserily work if you reverse
the order of deduction.
"A prooves B" does not necessarily imply "B prooves A",
and so a reversal may or may not be logically correct.

In other words, Gauss has classified the axioms
of mathematics that were used for prooving the central
limit theorem as correct.

The axiom, and the thorem are equivalent,
to the extent that conclusions from the theorem,
can be shown from other means to be correct.

For example, if election poles match statistical predictions,
then it is proof that A+B always equals B+A.

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Mon, Apr 09 2007 100 Heisenberg Principle Imagination is beleiving your reality is the same as everyone else's.

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Sat, Dec 23 2006 200 True Lies What do you know about reality that makes
you say, 'This is a fact'?
and what do I,
to be negating you when you do?
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Fri, Dec 15 2006 100 Big Bang Bible In the beginning God created reality.
It was proven from ancient cave scriptures later to become the Bible.

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Sat, Nov 11 2006 400 Heisenberg The truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Electrons do not jump to the viewing area
whenever someone is watching.
It is implied that if you can not have the electron
be in the same place when you look at it,
and when you do not,
that the next person will not be able to see it
in the same place that you did either.

Each beholder has his own absolutely private and distinct
view of this same reality.
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Sun, Jun 04 2006 200 Humor Me Humor is just a descendant concept of a train of thought saying:
Look at reality your own way.
Some of its co-decedents are the metaphor, the fable and success.
If you can take a train of thought and look at it a different way,
and can put the train back on the tracks of thought, you get fiction.
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