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Sun, Dec 02 2007 100 Little Fingers The octaves version of wiwa3 is almost
ready to start making recordings again.
I'm probably no more than a month away.
There's a lot of two hands going on, mostly together,
an octave apart, or alternating at high speeds.

I also still miss a few fingers here and there,
especially with the little ones, even with the left hand.
So I developed a little exercise for the little fingers.
Stanley was right yet again.
Once each hand separately knows an exercise
to a reasonable basic slow level,
playing octaves is easy and I get to practice both hands
as well as coordination, all at the same time.
With alternating octaves the focus is more on
rythm and coordination,
at a relatively slower pace,
as it sounds double the pace.
Alternating octaves are great for practicing at low speed
while the outcome is a pleasant high paced rythmic melody.
The first wiwa2 solo has a little fingers 1/8 sequence
that has given me a hard time for quite a while now.
Combined with the original little fingers exercise
I put together a sequence I can better relate to,
and so make it a part of the list of regular exercises.
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Sun, Dec 24 2006 500 Evolution Psychology Look at the penguins fighting the cold in the antarctic,
and be Sure,
that if a cop stops you on a cold night
in the middle of the highway for speeding,
he will be nice,
even if he is evil most other times.

It lies in ancient genes that
it is better to unite to combat the cold.
Human psychology must develop in accordance,
much like that of the Penguin.

Cop evil is mentally subject to relatively
heightened restraint in the cold, just like penguine evil.

The reason you can be certain,
despite the relatively,
that he will be nice,
is that you are a penguin too,
so you Must trust him to be nice.

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Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
Sun, Jul 02 2006 100 Smarts Its kind of confusing when you are smarter than almost everybody else.
Everywhere you go people look silly.
Whatever they do there is something you can improve upon.
You read a book about relatively theory and you
come up with an enhancement that will change the face of the earth.
It will help explode one more atom in the electron accelerator
at the lab and when world war three comes, well, then they'll know.
So you start up a company of your own to sell this idea because after all,
who else will be so smart and do just that.
And the investor has this minor issue with risk, and he says:
How much did you research the market probabilities
of world war three occurring during this round of funding?
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