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Mon, Jun 16 2008 100 Degree Absolute Kelvin was not a science fiction TV series script writer, nor a Cat Shrink.

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William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin
William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin

Degree Absolute
Degree Absolute

Sat, Jun 14 2008 200 Cat Shrinks In order to scientifically examine medium severity cases
it is sometimes easy to examine the extreme.
The cat owner brings the cat to a cat psychologist
once a week for a visit.
Next door he also brings his wife to see her shrink.
For the next hour he goes to do some shopping and later
he picks them both up and brings them back home healthier.
The cat psychiatrist makes a house call.
He sees the cat going totally crazy every time the owner
picks the cat up by the tail, spins it around,
and slams it against the wall.
Seeing this extreme craziness of the cat,
the psychiatrist decides it is time to put him away,
in a place safer for the rest of society.
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Fri, Apr 18 2008 200 Migration He was exchanging letters with the swiss ant expert
about this ant, that is just like the British ant, but not exactly.
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What does that mean?
Could the british ant in ancient times somehow have migrated
to England, and later evolved there to become slightly different?
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During those times, most mail with Europe was carried by pigeons.
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So fascinated was he with exchanging science ideas,
that he started hanging out with the postal servicemen.
The pigeon growers.
He even raised pigeons for six years just to see
if he can produce a pigeon with a red tail.
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But the letter from the swiss ant scientist is long overdue.
So he walks over to the local post office and demands:
Where is my pigeon?
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Uhm, well, we've been having some problems with that lately.
Along the coast there are hawks waiting for the exausted pigeons.
Your pigeon may have been someone's dinner.
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Furiously, he walks over to the beech,
endlessly searching for his pigeon.
With the eyes of the scientist that he is,
he spots their wedding ring in a regurgitated pellet of a hawk.
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All that is left of his pigeon are some seeds she picked
up for the trip and never managed to digest.
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So he takes the seeds, and lets them germinate,
and he sees the most beautiful flowers -
which he knows well from his back yard.
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So that is how they migrated to England!
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Mon, Oct 01 2007 170 Darwin and Mendel One can not stop death, he said,
there is just too much of it going on.

On the contrary, says the other.
We are human.
We can grow as many peas as we like.
As long as we remember each is like our own single child -
they will all survive.
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Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
Thu, Sep 13 2007 200 Seven Layer Communication Protocols It was always impossible to figure out why
the mediavel artists thought one can see the first
layer somehow, having covered it with six more.

The base is made of rusty iron, polished sparsly,
then covered with lacquer.
The tabletop is made of wood that used to be a closet.
It could use some work.
After the first layer it looked awesome.
The second already made it look a bit like a table top.
The third coat is where science fiction starts.

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Fri, Jul 13 2007 155 Gauss His true genious was to connect mathematics and reality,
by prooving and classifying from reality,
the true axioms of mathematics.

In math, we first take axioms for granted to be true.

If we use a system of logic where the axioms are not true,
then the system can only be used for teaching logic:

What is true then, in an axiom, if we can not proove it is true,
to make it different from the axioms that lead to
no Aristotelian logic constructs that we will ever use?

This is in fact the difference. They pertain to reality,
and Gauss has shown us that,
through mathematics.

In complexity theory -
a field in computer science theory that deals with
the complexisty of computer programs -
there is this set of very complex problems called
NP complete.
These are defined by means of a concept called Reduction.

A reduction is a logical transofrmation of one problem
to another.
If one can reduce problem A to problem B,
then B must be a harder problem or equal,
and if B were soleved,
then A is considered solved,
because it is reducible to a solved problem.

Computer science theorist have collected a large set
of such problems, showing reductions in both directions,
thereby establishing equivalence of the problems,
without ever solving any.
They are too complex, probably, to be actually solved.
But if one is ever solved in the future,
then automatically all others are solved too.
From a theoritical standpoint,
this concept is very powerful.
A world of logic consturcts with many reductions
after long research, has been built,
atop a foundation yet to be discovered.

Reduction is a mathematical construct, not just a concept.
It is a methemtical description of what logically
constitutes what is termed by this, and proof
of why it is logically correct.

Gauss connects math to reality. It is implied
by looking at his conclusions from the mathematical point
of view of reductions, and follow aristotelian logic.

The primary concept is obvious:
Reality can be counted,
and pure mathematical deductions can be drawn.

But if a certain demographic of reality can be
prooven statistically to be correct,
whereas we know this fact also to be correct
from other observations of reality,
then we can take the statistical conlusion from Gauss
to be inhetrently correct, because we know it to be true
from other sources.

This being the case we start a process of reduction
that will in the end up saying the follwing:

The axioms are prooven to be true, (in as far as reality is true,)
in all cases where the conclusions regarding reality,
which we otherwise know to be true somehow,
where the axioms are used in mathematically
arriving at the same known conclusion.

The details of the reduction process itself are not important
in this case, but it is worth noting
that the same can probably be prooven
by other means, even though mathematical proofs
in general do not necesserily work if you reverse
the order of deduction.
"A prooves B" does not necessarily imply "B prooves A",
and so a reversal may or may not be logically correct.

In other words, Gauss has classified the axioms
of mathematics that were used for prooving the central
limit theorem as correct.

The axiom, and the thorem are equivalent,
to the extent that conclusions from the theorem,
can be shown from other means to be correct.

For example, if election poles match statistical predictions,
then it is proof that A+B always equals B+A.

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Fri, Jun 22 2007 200 Movie Works A long time ago in a galaxy far far away,
they knew how to travel in an instant,
even through wasted time.
And then she fell to earth.
So dangerous, this childhood street.
Forty minutes later, on a dark street at night,
the men in black drove the truck and
crickets hit the windshield.
hakol shakuf
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Wed, Jun 20 2007 100 The Big Banging of God Any true beleiver knows that God created the planet by
having created the content of the universe
with the creation of the big bang,
that the bible is educational, not literal,
and that science
has advanced far more than enough
for believers and atheists alike
to continue banging God on this issue.
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Wed, Jun 06 2007 100 Galileo Darwin was like Newton.
He only knew evolution like most of the scientific crouds
at the time. He was at the top of knowledge.
Definitely an advantage.
The Origin of Species was already
a matter of discussion among the scientific community
for some time as well as the classification of animals
to groups that were for some reason called families.

It is true, but lets not be too vocal about it - said the comunity.

Darwin was mostly hiding his theories except from the
scientific community, at least until he collected his thoughts
enough to have the balls to publish,
in a world where there is not a single atheist on the planet.

During newton time, everybody knew the world is not flat,
and is not the center of anything,
and you can not walk all the way to the edge of this
seemingly flat surface and fall down,
because there is no up and down anymore,
and the world revolves around the sun and not vice versa,
and this means that regardless of where we stand on it,
we will continue to fall into its center,
and not to this day we know why,
but we call it Gravity.

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Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
Thu, May 31 2007 300 God If there is a God,
and we can proove there is a God,
then surely this scientific breakthrough
will bring with it technological advancment
that will enable us to phone him and ask him what he
wants and just do it rather than
fight over it since the beginning of time.

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Wed, May 24 2006 100 Video Processing - codecs ok, (after our conversation on the phone)
time for a quick lecture,
mostly for a shopping list, not to shop, but
for sequence of operations.
By now you know that are are codecs, emphasis on the the s,
as in plural. over time many compression systems were
invented and codecs are in fact small (relativly) libratries
of code (as in source code, libraries, everything you know of software)
and programs like winamp, media player and virtualdub must have the software (the codecs)
installed on the computer in order to display videos, and as each movie
might have a different codec, a diffrent codec might need to be there.
This is why you can watch downloaded movies and do everything for a while, and suddnely
discover that a certain movie doesn't work, all you see is black, or
you see it perfectly, only without sound, as sound codecs are separate.
Mp3 if you remember my verbiage, is a name of a codec, its short for Mpeg Layer three
in your travels you will see the word mpeg appearing many different
ways and may even discover its a video descendant of jpeg, an older compression
scheme for pictures, and mpeg4 which like divx handles video.
Just to make things complicated, bill gates wanted, at some point in ancient past of a few
years ago to control this market and possessing code to a codec he will make the world use
he can charge for software using this codec, and so if a movie on the Internet has
this codec, you can only view it in media player and everybody thinks "oh, must be a better program" it plays what everybody else doesn't" hence the control on the marketing side.
neat trick, but the Internet crowd has a collective brain of their own, and it didn't quite work,
the download community is mostly on a coo with codecs that don't work everywhere, and needless
to say with codecs that are not distributed for free.
as with all history of computer software, the better one survives, the rest become extict (Darwin)
and by now divx is dominant while most others are on their way to extinction, except,
that history of free software is long enough by now to know that some basics of evolution
normally unnoticed by the biologists,
are very dominant in how programs spread in the community.
Once something is made good enough and has established fitness to survive reaching dominance, such as dinosaurs and humans (Darwin would laugh at me and say,
comparing 65,000,000 years with 100,000 is simply not scientific to a point of childishness)
Divx is made a standard by habit of use,
and will not move or change to the better,
so better things might
not be able to wipe standards easily from the past,
this is the case with Philips and the digital recording, the silly cda audio files on a cd,
the http protocol, countless other examples in the history of standards in computer software,
and countless examples in Nature, like the tale bone you are still carrying
because you are too hung up on your mother, who in ancient times was a fish,
and the tail was the standard means of transportation at the time.

All in all its like this, divx is a standard still in the process of making all the others extinct,
and there are now countless codecs going around still,
and while ogg theora is probably
much better, it is still in development, and is not likely to survive mostly because
divx is a standard by now.
there are countless devices such as your LG that tomorrow
will read theora, maybe, but now they don't, and that is what really counts.

ok, to practice:

goal is divx in video and mp3 in audio, these are the de-facto stadards
for which it is easy to find content, i.e. movies, which in the end of day is what we really care about.
when you do the search, in emule you want to be concious of this goal.
you don't really want to start searching for codecs after a movie arrived after 2 months downloading.
this doesn't mean you can control it, stastistics do, we just go with the flow,
but the naming conventions of files on emule often have the codec written in (parenth..)
as part of the name of the file.
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