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Thu, Jan 17 2019 700 Xanax So I came across this very odd piece of research:

xanax at 1/8 mg twice a day raises psychometric results in healthy students.


xanax is officially indicated for anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

who on earth would have the insight to try for such an odd research, and what for?

So here is this high school student about to take his psychometric in a few month,
as he wants to become a doctor.

All his friends have fun mostly from alcohol and marijuana,
and before the psychometric, they switch to Ritalin.

"Take some, it will help you concentrate and study all night."

"Well. I have my own problems. especially at night. I think I'll stick my xanax"

3 months later:

"wow, you did better then most of us Ritalin guys"

"Its the xanax, I tell you. And I already know what my thesis will be about"

Sun, Oct 28 2007 40 Folic Witchcraft You must execersize with it for two months first.
As it so happens, I did.
Ok, so you're a witch.
No, I mean for other reasons.
Well... Then truly a witch.
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Sun, Jul 15 2007 100 A Day In The Life While you were hugging your cat, my cat Nekko
had yet another FHS attack and I had to hug her with ADHD Holding
for a half an hour or else she would have started
killing herself as usual.

Tzartzarim is the name of the musical piece Shira
wrote, to which I accompany with the Guitar,
and is the concert of thirty minutes I wished to play for you.

I play the guitar with one hand only,
and there is only one person on the planet who does that,
so I have yet to potentially impress you with my
left hand only guitar playing.

Despite my false earlier declarations:
I don't think you will need to impress me much further.
You are a witch, no doubt, but I am not sure of what kind...

Boy, I haven't been scared since the last nearly successful attempt on my life,
while many have tried in silly vane later,
but you!
You I will need to watch out...

If we survive this,
we will probably both die young...

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Sun, Jul 15 2007 200 A Day In The Life Cats and Crickets
Last night you told me that my dick is thinking for my
otherwise empty skull content.

It is true that hormonal activity of the human brain works.
There has been much research on the subject
and I have no reservations.
If you have been one of us,
maybe you had been more tolerant and understanding.

I woke up this morning while looking frantically
in between the viagra junk mails
to see if the new witch in my life had noticed me,
now that she tried to hurt me,
and touched on the two most sensitive items of my being.

You touched me real close,
with no witchless intentions.

If you had truly known your powers,
you would have easily hurt me.

You are pure at heart,
but will your wizardry
do good rather than evil when put to the test?

Will you have my kids? and will they die old and happy?
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