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Export to Excel select * from life where title = 'A Meeting of Angles ' order by date desc,ordinal ( Row)
Sat, Apr 26 2008 200 A Meeting of Angles On the grass at the park at night, the three of us took a stroll
and then laid down and looked at the stars together, talking about space.
"Save my soul", she whispered gently with her body language.
"I don't understand you", I gently replied with mine.
Her response was forceful.
" I am hardly 11 years old and am already in deep trouble as you can well see.
Are you an angel?
Did you come here to free us?
Or are you yet another ordinary man from those who left after the first ride!"
I was too shocked to analyze.
"I don't know right now, OK?" - I yelled.
"I think you have!" she said silently as her mother nodded motionlessly.

Her mother, pretending indifference, was watching
throughout this violent conversation.

Later that night, once we were in one room and the kid in the other,
I asked her about it immediately.
"Oh, that's nothing" she said, and told a few historical details.
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