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Fri, Jul 13 2007 340 Benefit of the Doubt A student of this beautiful life, sometimes I get excellent,
and sometimes close enough.....
sometimes surprising even myself,
looking for love on the Internet?!
Yes, and maybe you Are here?

Final grade one gets just like everything else.
After it is over I will let you know.
And you had better not let Me know,
after all, your skin is so very smooth.

when I read your note I realized I am probably not as
intelligent as I had originally thought,
or in other words,

ok. I'll try in English, very slowly:

at first you said in your card that you get graded for LIFE
with sometimes Maspik Be Koshee, etc.

I then said, as for the true test of life, you passed,
from the benefit of the doubt.
In court, they would call it, lack of sufficient evidence.
So I then tried to explain, still making new riddles,
that I will give a complete grade for life,
and it will be tested just like one makes a true test of anything else:
you judge an event after it is over.
In the army and companies it is called: TAH KIR. (de-Brief)
then I said you will be given the grade for life after I die,
since will we be coupled for the duration,
starting yesterday of course,
and incidentally,
please don't die before I do,
because you are so young,
and it would mean you have died in my arms.

If this is still unclear I will translate to Hebrew and buy you I Scream.

Post Scriptum:

In short, all I meant to say is,
will we be coupled for the rest of life?
I promise I will never be able to grade you!

Nevertheless, it was a test, and you passed,
from the benefit of the doubt.

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