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Tue, Jun 05 2007 100 Benno Benno is the most wonderful soul I have ever met
who survived the haulacaust.

He is about to die of cancer.

Thirteen years ago the doctors discovered it
and told him he has six months to live.

It is now creaping in again,
and three months ago they told him the same.

And so he tells me this story and says that now it is
serious and now he is truly dying,
and I joke and say he can not possibly beleive them
after such a long failure in experssing their vast
knowledge, and yet I feel he feels already dead inside,
and I feel my jokes are just for my own denial too,
and not just to share his joking and to comfort him
as he is dying while we talk.

Make no mistake, he is very much alive today.

After he told me all this, a month or so later,
he visited me for some neighbor issue,
and we hung out chatting by my doorstep
as I was greeting him with a Shabbat Shalom for goodbye.

Shabbat, he said, strong concept!
If I last the next step
in this staircase I will consider myself lucky,
but thanks anyway for the grand hopes.

We never got to analyse Shalom,
and he went down the staircase and disappeared.

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