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Mon, Oct 01 2007 170 Darwin and Mendel One can not stop death, he said,
there is just too much of it going on.

On the contrary, says the other.
We are human.
We can grow as many peas as we like.
As long as we remember each is like our own single child -
they will all survive.
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Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
Fri, Jul 13 2007 170 Darwin and Mendel He looked in the eyes of the world and said to them:
you must be all crazy, almost all of your eyes are brown,
but some of them are blue, and blue eyed couples
always yield blue eyed children, and what:

Mendel is not, and you think that this blue eyed child
from two brown eyed parents are necesserily an act
of God?
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And so he wrote in his book:
All is inherited because
there is absolutely no reason
to think that anything might come from anywhere else.
Whether Mendel is yet known or not,
and whether we know at all how things come to existence,
or we do not, is irrelevant.

Two blocks away, around the same time, that is,
the other guy was busy in a monestary,
getting crazy on a totally diffrent subject:
He noticed that peepod seeds which are wrinkled
tend to yield more of the same in their plant later,
as compared with the smooth ones.
So bored was he,
and so facinated with this amazing fact,
that he decided to grow a generation of six thousand
seeds to maturity so that he can count how many of them
will come out wrinkled if he had planned their parents
so that according to his new theories it would come to 3000.

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(-: Being the crazy monk that he was,
and not knowing about Gauss,
he failed in his experiment because :-)

he managed to count 2997 wrinkled peapod yielding plants.
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Mendel burried his findings in the monestary
for some student monks to find years later,
long after Darwin's work was published.

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