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Export to Excel select * from life where title = 'Gummy Snakes' order by date desc,ordinal ( Row)
Fri, Jun 02 2006 100 Gummy Snakes Its one of those quiet winter nights.
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Despite the thunderstorms,
Junior is tucked away safely in the crib,
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and Faye is fast asleep too.
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It is three in the morning.
Junior sneezed just a few minutes ago.
This was on or around midnight,
and we were both still awake
and made nothing of it.
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But it reminded me that I forgot to sum up the total
and it will crash tomorrow in front of everybody
in the meeting and embarrass him so,
and I can't let that happen,
so my eyes are bloodshot,
but I have to finish this
before they show up to the meeting,
and what is this gummy snake noise coming
from the bedroom to put a smile on my face?
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I am just stepping into my other shoe
when the bedroom door opens.
And what today? I say.
Just Ice Cream, nothing special, Faye says and puts
Junior's walkie talkie in her coat pocket.
Not that she doesn't trust me or anything,
she knows I hear every sneeze, even if I Am asleep.
It never hurts to have two rather than one.

This is so depressing, I say, if I don't join you I might collapse
and fall asleep before you return and never finish this.
will you let me this time?
We have long since agreed that the highest hysteria level
between us is what counts with everything titled Junior,
so in this case, I have to ask.
yeah, well, maybe the rain will do you good.

It took not fifteen minutes from the time we came back
until the bug was fixed.
Faye was still awake.

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