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Sun, Dec 02 2007 100 Little Fingers The octaves version of wiwa3 is almost
ready to start making recordings again.
I'm probably no more than a month away.
There's a lot of two hands going on, mostly together,
an octave apart, or alternating at high speeds.

I also still miss a few fingers here and there,
especially with the little ones, even with the left hand.
So I developed a little exercise for the little fingers.
Stanley was right yet again.
Once each hand separately knows an exercise
to a reasonable basic slow level,
playing octaves is easy and I get to practice both hands
as well as coordination, all at the same time.
With alternating octaves the focus is more on
rythm and coordination,
at a relatively slower pace,
as it sounds double the pace.
Alternating octaves are great for practicing at low speed
while the outcome is a pleasant high paced rythmic melody.
The first wiwa2 solo has a little fingers 1/8 sequence
that has given me a hard time for quite a while now.
Combined with the original little fingers exercise
I put together a sequence I can better relate to,
and so make it a part of the list of regular exercises.
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