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Export to Excel select * from life where title = 'Market Girl' order by date desc,ordinal ( Row)
Wed, Jun 13 2007 300 Market Girl This woman walked into the supermarket right after me,
just as I was passing the register line,
walking towards the milk cartons in the refridgerator
at the other end of the food corridor.
How can this woman afford a supermarket...
I quickly discarded the thought thinking of my milk.
She was dressed horribly ancient,
with much dust on her cloths,
and started yelling at everyone regarding
the cake that was stolen just minutes ago
The nice people at the supermarket tried to calm her down,
but became impatient quite quickly,
because every would be helper immediatly turned
into a cake thief the minute they approached,
because this cornered animal now wants her cake back.

Its a small local supermarket,
and she ran out of the three future helpers,
the entire supermarket staff,
before I got to my milk.

At this stage I can just listen to the proceedings,
no longer watching, trying to avoid the whole subject.

In an instance of neglect on my part,
suddnly she was crying like a baby,
and it turns out she had just managed to buy this cake in the
market for her daughter after long time saving
the 15 NIS it cost,
and now she can no longer go home,
of shame and depression of
coming back home to her daughter,
yet again empty handed.

The rest was for my body to control with zero volition.
I somehow took a U turn around the shelves
right next to the milk cartons,
and suddnly there she was.
Not like she approached me or anything,
I just lost track of time when approaching her,
as I asked how much the cake had cost.
I then placed the coins in her hand and asked her
to walk back to the market,
and get a new cake for your daughter.
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